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ooooooh, don't tell us that. I just bought oldest dd a velvet skirt that is just soooooo soft and sweet. I just need leggings or tights, nothing else..really.
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I really like nice quality kids clothing, too. For other Hanna lovers---if you call the outlets directly, they will ship. Sometimes they have amazing sales, too. Late last winter, I caught a huge sale and got lots of things off a $5 rack---sweatpants, snapsuits, turtlenecks, even a dress set. Just $5 each! They'll resell on eBay higher than that. Those big sales aren't really common, but they often have good deals; I've had the best luck with the Maine outlet. Just try to call during the week and earlier in the day, so that they're not crazy busy.
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I have this problem too, I rationalize it by saying stuff like, "She's my only child... I have to get cute stuff" and "I didn't almost die bringing her into the world to put ugly clothes on her" : It's sick, I know.

Anyhow, I 2nd (3rd) yard sales. Find block sales in well-to-do neighborhoods that have young families. You can spot them by the trampolines and pimped out jungle gyms in the backyards. :LOL

And I also agree that you can find amazing deal on clearance racks if you are devoted to checking back often. Personally, I am not - but my mother is! She checks back weekly and snags amazing deals.

Another thing that has helped me enormously is nannying for a family that has much more $$ than I do, they give me all their Gymboree and other name brand hand-me-downs.
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LOL at Attila and her scoping out the pimped out jungle gyms!!

We did the same thing of nannying for a well-to-do family when I was preggo with DS#2. Got loads of Sweet Potatoes, Zutano, soft-soles shoes, etc. I don't mean to sound like I did it solely for the clothes! Just a fringe benefit
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Oh, I am incorrigible on this. I don't buy stuff for myself unless I absolutely have to, but I go nuts for baby clothes for my two kids. And I have one boy and one girl, too, so they don't even have that many handmedowns from one to the other. It's my one indulgence.
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LOL I am so guilty of wanting my ds to be wearing the cutest outfit at Baby & Mom group. I can't help it....really
I will say though that I get %90 of the cute clothes as gifts or on ebay....
I just scored a babygap snowsuit brand new for $12 canadian. So I don't think I am spending much more money than the other mums in my town
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I'm seriously addicted too, if fact I have 3 other screens up shopping : . I justify it by telling myself that I have to do justice to my dd's cuteness :LOL . I just can't pass up a good deal! I have serious shopping issues
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my kids wear mostly brand name clothes too. i get them all from yardsales or consignment shops and the majority of the time i purchase them with the tags still on them!! i got my daughter a ton of hannah anderson and gymboree clothes yesterday for less than 5 dollars. a few weeks ago i got my sons whole school wardrobe (old navy, gap, hannah anderson, ll bean, tommy hilfiger) all brand new (the lady bought her son all the clothes off season thinking they would fit and they didnt!!) so i got a garbage bags full of brand new clothes for 5 dollars!
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I really go for the softness, and the more basic the better. I agree with the Hanna Andersson clothing. Alot of times if it has been passed down many times or really old, then it seems to be less quality. But I can truly pledge on Hanna Items that have been a staple here at our house. I do wash all the time, and the children are very hard on their clothing. Year after year no snags, hems coming undone, or buttons falling off of the playdresses, baby through adult long johns, baby zippers ( I LOVE these)

With having 2 children already I have found zippers are faster, and are not a pain like snaps. I was not too impressed with their socks, or jackets. I do want to check out LL bean's long johns, and I might splurge, and try a pair, and see how they compare. I do also love carters baby clothes, the cotton is buttery soft, and also child of mine (Walmart) made by carters, have really held up well. George brand at Walmart has also seemed to hold as well for the little I have.

I will have to try that Hanna Andersson number though.
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Oh my! I am not alone. I was so shocked to find this thread here!! I love Hanna and Gymbo. I just put $257 worth of stuff on hold today so I could get first dibs on goodies before Gymbucks are redeemed tomorrow

How do you get the coupon codes for Hanna?? I see the other one expired already, but how about for the future? Thanks!
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