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Can you give me some Trader Joes prices?

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We live about an hour from the nearest one. We are going to be getting food stamps starting Oct 1. I want to do big bulk shopping, so I was thinking that tjs would be a destination. But, I need some real numbers to work with!
Here are the kinds of things I will be buying:
peanut butter, oil, honey, wheat free pasta, organic milk.
I also shop at Discount Grocery OUtlet and our local coop. I am trying to do some comparison shopping.
I am in Washington, I dont know how much TJs prices vary
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Organic milk at TJ's is comparable to what it is at the regular stores here - about $3 for a half gallon. Their peanut butters are pretty reasonable, probably in the $2-$3 range, and they don't have all of the junky additives.
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is the price on pb for organic? And what size is the container?
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I don't think it's organic, but I could be wrong. But it doesn't have all of the junky stuff that most store bought PB has. They also have a lot of different nut butters. The jars are normal PB jar size - 16 oz, I guess.
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The regular peanut butter (I prefer crunchy unsalted myself) is $1.69 for 16 oz. The organic milk is $3. The almond butter is much cheaper than other health food stores around here at $3.99. I would also recommend checking out their rices and frozen veggies.

You can check out their current ad by clicking on your state here: Fearless Flyer. There's a little popup saying to check back in November, but you can still see the current one.
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I am in Oregon (Portland) and the conventional, but natural PB is $1.99/jar. The organic is somewhere between $2.50-$3, if I remember correctly. TJs carries non-organic, but non-rBGH for $3.29-3.69/gallon. Orgainic milk is closer to $5/gallon. Olive oil is about $4.59/liter, which is the best price I've found. I buy my honey locally so I have no idea there. They have a decent selection of wheat-free pastas at what seem to be good prices, but I really don't know because I buy wheat pastas. I may be going there today for snacks for playgroup tomorrow. I can look for you if I remember.
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blah, when I go near WA on the fearless flyer map I get a popup that says that they are working on the next edition of fearless flyer and it will be available in november.
Hm, mamadaisy, I am wondering if it is going to be worth my gas money to go there. I can get non-organic, non-rbgh at our Discount Grocery OUtlet for $2.99. And it is local, I believe. I think we might pay $5 or $6 for olive oil there, but the drive to trader joes would be about 30 miles one way. Also, our coop has organic milk for just around $4 a gallon, unless the price has gone up.
That would be great if you could check on the price and size of the pasta
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