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Okay - pg symtoms for those in 2ww pls.

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I am 7dpo (days past ovulation) and already losing my mind.

Quick update - I had my third month of clomid doing artificial insemination with my son's father's sperm last July. My partner of 17 years is a woman). We are about to start intrauterine inseminations after another hypsolapingyagram (I did NOT spell that correctly, lol) to make sure my tubes aren't blocked. I just had to visit the province where my son's father lives unexpectedly and happened to be ovulating the day I arrived. I did a self insemination (the same way I conceived our son). We have been trying to conceive for 3 years!!! (about 4-6 cycles a year). If this works, I will be estatic, just before we start all the high tech stuff!

My son is now 5 1/2 and really wants a baby brother or sister.

Thanks for listening, now onto the good stuff. I loooove reading about other people's early pg symptoms.

Here's mine: My breasts are tender and kindof tingley, I have a mild crampy, heaviness in my lower abdomen, I am tired, I want to clean my house from top to bottom (nesting?)

That's it! And you? If you are not currently in the 2ww, do you remember what you felt like if you have been pg?

Love, Baby Dust and prayers, Anne!
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Re: Okay - pg symtoms for those in 2ww pls.

Originally posted by coolermama
Here's mine: My breasts are tender and kindof tingley, I have a mild crampy, heaviness in my lower abdomen, I am tired, I want to clean my house from top to bottom (nesting?)
I thought nesting was what hit you when you were getting ready to pop.

I have not felt like cleaning my house--I've been depressed, tired and weepy. If this is a pregnancy symptom, it's a new one to me. With my first pregnancy I had euphoria. With the last one, I was a little emotional, but I've been that way ever since giving birth.
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The one time I really was pregnant, the only symptom I had that couldn't be explained away by unusual pms was that my dog and cat were very very extra sweet to me and followed me around everywhere. The dog in particular, had a strange fascination with my pee and just had to follow me in the bathroom every time I went, and just sniffed and sniffed. : I suppose HSG smells really good if you are a dog!
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Just the thread I wanted!

I am confused about whether I've ovulated yet this cycle or not (long story posted in other threads) but the last time I thought I might have was 13 days ago, so I'm going to test tomorrow....

My encouraging signs:

*Breasts are weird. Normally my PMS starts with a very distinct sensation of something spreading thru my breast, sort of stinging; it happens on one side and then the other, and from then on they're increasingly sore and swollen. Well, I've had that initial sensation several times on each side, but after it goes away I'm not sore or swollen, just slightly more tender than usual since it started about 3 weeks ago.

*Heavy feeling just above pubic bone--but off and on, not constantly.

*Feels like I need to pee only 30 minutes or so after I last did. I wait and see how long it takes to feel really urgent, and that's an hour or 2, but the bladder tension is there the whole time.

*Tired. Slept 10 hours last night, which is very unusual for me. Keep finding myself flopping into chairs and sighing "oh my" which is something I normally do only after, say, 5 hours of moving furniture; haven't done anything that demanding recently.

*Cervix is rock-hard. (Actually, I'm not sure if that's a good sign, and it is a PMS thing for me.)

My discouraging signs:

*Mood swings and wild baby-lust of a few weeks ago have faded. I still want a baby and think about it a lot, but I'm not staying late after work to sniffle over online diaper catalogs anymore and I feel more emotionally even.

*My last period started Nov. 4, and I'm not at all sure I O'd. This could just be one of the long anovulatory phases I have sometimes. When I do O, it's usually in the middle of the month, not at the beginning, but I've had no O symptoms since 2 weeks ago.

*Still having headaches--in fact, I've had them unusually frequently in the past 5 weeks--and my dr. says headaches generally go away during pregnancy.

Hmmm...we'll see! Good luck, Coolermama and Amywillo!
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Hey coolermama, you sure are in the baby frame of mind!

I don't remember specifically how I felt last time, a little over two years ago, and I'm kicking myself for not writing it down!!

Right now, at 10/11 dpo, I feel so very crabby, very unusual for me. Also sharp cramps today. I've had to pee a lot for the last few days, but it's kind of early for that to be a sign. Boobs are sore, but I noticed this while dd was digging her knees into them so I can't be sure that's a sign. I have a funny taste in my mouth, but that could be the perogies! Oh yes, I have a sore lower back and I'm very tired, but my 17 months old dd goes like mad all day!!

I have a lot of wishful thinking though...I'm going to stop by the drug store tonight, and at least pick up a couple of tests, so I can begin the too-early compulsive testing phase
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Sounds good guys!

Yeah, I thought it was early for nesting too. But I do like to be prepared LOL!

Breasts continue to become more tender, full and tingly. I also seem to be um, more randy than usual for this time of the month. I was that way for my whole first pregnancy.

I slept 10 hours last night - might have gone longer but the phone woke me. Tonight I gave myself permission to leave the supper dishes and have hit the computer briefly before climbing in bed tto watch the final episode of the Amazing Race.

Emotiional ups and downs too...

I love the prayer list and will go do mine with the list in front of me now.

Blessings and Baby Dust for all!!!
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Any of you ladies tested yet? Just curious if there are any +'s out there!
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