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DS walked! FINALLY!

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He finally took off today! He just started walking like he's been doing it for weeks, when in fact he hasn't even wanted to try. I was pregnant with 9 other women at work and all their babies have been walking for months, so it seemed I heard that question on a daily basis, "is he walking yet?". Tomorrow I can answer "YES!, now leave me alone!"

Thanks for letting me celebrate.
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Well Gabe finally walked 3 weeks ago, and he was 18 months!! They just do it when they're ready
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WOW! That is so great!

We are still waiting here ds is almost 16 months. He stood alone yesterday so hopefully we are getting close! I know what you mean about other people - one friend even gives me advice every time I talk to her. She thinks that late walkers are a "problem!" UGGGG! I say he will walk when he is ready!

Enjpy your little walker!

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Oh wait....that's not all, they tell me he's not walking because I hold him all the time! I crack up....I don't know, I just think that's funny. Could be true, but so what? I like holding him "all the time".
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Yea for your walker! My little guy walked on Thanksgiving after several months of standing by himself. (Not just pulling up and standing - starting from a squat and standing!)

We kept saying "he's SO strong - he's really ready to walk. He just gets there faster with speed crawl."

He still crawls 90% of the time. I think I'll miss his cute crawl when he decides to walk all of the time.
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I know just how you feel. My little guy walked just a few days before his 14-month mark and it seemed like people were asking all the time when he would walk. And every other kid we met started walking at 12 months or sooner.
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Congratulations! Now, batton down the hatches (and the Christmas tree, hee hee)!

See, I bet your DS wasn't going to walk unless he could do it "perfectly". Is he a talker? I knowa couple whose DD started walking at 18 mos and she was a big talker. Apparently her timetable was to master talking 1st!
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Re: "She doesn't walk because you hold her all the time...and use that sling."

Me: She has her whole life to walk.

Dd walked at 14 months, way after all the local comparison babies. But she ran the next day, and has great balance. She waited until she could do it well.
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NM, he says 2 words! I think he's like Curious said, he's not going to do it until he does it well. That's exactly what has happened.....he just started walking a few days ago and he hasn't fallen much and is practically running.
She has her whole life to walk.
I wish I had this witty response at the time
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