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Weekly Thread Sept 19th - 25th

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Just a quick post here since I don't have lots of time and for some reason I am super tired! I wonder why?

I had a wonderful visit with my Mom and we experimented with some new diaper patterns. I am going to have to practice them so that they don't look quite so funny. I also think I need to get wider elastic for the legs. Hehe. Mom helped some with getting the house ready for Adam's workshop on Wednesday. I am bummed that it isn't today like I thought, but what can you do?

I am off. I need to call the daycare and make sure that they will take Adam for the next two days without throwing a huge hissy fit. :LOL Take care everyone! I hope you all had good weekends.
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Hey all,

Still pregnant but feeling so much pressure. It almost aches to walk or sit upright. Her estimated due date is tomorrow, so we'll see when she's ready to come along. I was hopeful she's come last night during the amazing full moon. It was large and golden and I thought it was a sign from the Universe that it was my time. Well it was a sign for someone else's labor and delivery I guess.

Finishing up laundry for my HB. Towels, baby items, etc. DS 2 1/2 is fastinated by newborn diapers because they're so tiny! Trying to relax and focus on something hopeful, instead of wondering when my turn in coming....

Anyone still pregnant and dealing with insomnia??? I've had very little sleep since Friday night. Thank goodness DS still naps during the day!

Have a great week mamas,

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Hi Mamas!
My dh took the three older kids out for a hike, so Coren and I are home alone at the moment...and he's sleeping for the moment, so I thought I'd drop in and say hi! Still working on his birth story - not much computer time as Coren keeps me busy meeting his nursing needs (almost constantly), struggling with latch problems (ouch!) and pottying him (he's teaching me about elimination communication - won't pee in a diaper, but when I take it off him and put him "in position" he'll pee and poop!). No pics yet either - my Dad took pics of the birth and a few pics of Coren, which I haven't seen yet and we don't have a camera, except for a disposable camera and I have to take all the pics on it first and pray they come out! I'm going to ask my Dad if we can borrow one of his cameras so we can actually have pics of this baby until we can afford to buy one - struggling to pay bills this month and dh is taking off more time at work than we can afford!

Oh...and with such a big baby, we barely have any clothes that fit him! None of the newborn and two of the 0-3 month items of clothing fit him! Luckily I have friends who may be able to help me out in that department...and I'm sure my mom could be talked into a shopping trip at the local consignment shop :LOL .

Sending ELV's to all who need them!!!
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Joey, I am feeling so much pressure too and had horrible sciatica over the weekend. I'm wondering if that means his head dropped more, but I swear, if I hear one more person tell me I've dropped... I am up all hours too. It was beautiful this morning though!

The Mexican food last night didn't "work" but wow was it tasty. Even dd was a happy little girl and ate tons of rice and beans. DH and I got in a stupid fight so no prostaglandins, oh well.

I hope the nursing gets better, mamas with your babes on the outside! As much as I want to be *not* pregnant I know beginning nursing is no picnic either .
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Ok, I read in the Dr Sears book that it's normal for babies to poop at every feeding, but I swear ds poos more than that.
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Well, I ended up spraining a muscle during the delivery so I am still hobbling around. I can't bend over, can't pick up anything and can't get on the floor! Its been a challenge changing my 18 mos old. I have a pp appointment today, excited to see how much Ian has gained. I know hes gained a bit because I have to fold his flats differently now, they weren't fitting the way I was folding them.

Funny thing. When I was pg I didn't eat bfast and it didn't bother me at all. I just wasn't hungry till lunch time. Well now if I don't eat bfast I get all shaky and weak. I was expecting to be less hungry after he was born!

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Originally Posted by mamasoulsista
I was hopeful she's come last night during the amazing full moon. It was large and golden and I thought it was a sign from the Universe that it was my time.
I was having the same exact thought. Plus I had three hawks fly directly over my head and saw a coyote and a turtle (not usual occurances here in the city). But she's still in there, taking her sweet time. I've finally let go -- I'm trusting that all is well. It feels well, even though I am "overdue" by 10 days.

Sleeping fine, having irregular but strong ctx (that feel really good when iI focus on them), moving in and out of labor land. Went to the free day at the Denver Botanical Gardens and had my strongest ctx in the "cloud forest." My little botanist.

Gonna drink some nettle tea and snuggle with my dh.

Sorry 'bout your muscle, Michelle. Is it in your back? Pelvis?
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I'm still here...still pregnant. Where's Lisa??

I was up until 4:30am AGAIN. Three weeks of this is really getting old. : If I don't get some sleep soon, I have no idea how I'm ever going to survive labor. I need some energy!!

I really wish my kids would stop telling me that I'm now overdue. As if I didn't realize that!

I'm glad the weekend is over because the weekdays seem to go by faster for me. Must be the routine of things. Homeschooling seems to help, too!
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Yes, where is Lisa? Hoping another birth story pops up soon...

I had another afternoon of contractions. I feel like I'm fighting with this baby to get him to stay in the right place, and I think that's what all this pressure and painful B/H are all about. Helps to know they're for a purpose, I guess! But now he is hanging out on the left anterior again, kicking me way, way up in the right ribs.

I'm still at work but luckily I'm alone here today!
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You're normal. I'm more hungry too now that the baby's out.
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Michelle, I second the being more hungry after birth thing. I think it has to do with still feeding two people, just in a different fashion. Making all that milk requires lots of food! :LOL

Lisa, I hope that you are doing well.

Amanda, I hope you get your nursing issues resolved quickly with Coren. I think Allissa and I are maybe working something out. At least for now! lol

I have been told that they will be done with the construction imediately in front of my house by next week. Yay! Not having all the heavy equipment here at 6:30 every morning won't hurt my feelings any. Well, a new episode of the Backyardigans is about to start, so I will check back in with you all later. Take care everyone!
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Curlyfry: Lisa

Hope you and baby are doign well too.

I found myself checking the due date club several times last night and then again this morning to see if there was a post about your labor/birth.

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Ah, baby is actually sleeping in her bassinet. I can't believe I put her down!! OH MY GOD lol! Actually I've put her down twice today. After she nursed at 9:30 I put her in the swing since she was awake and active. I made waffles in the toaster oven for Jack and I and while they were heating up, did the dishes! Then I had to go potty pretty bad, and put her in the bassinet, went potty, and started laundry. Now I'm kinda working on thank you notes. I want to go get her and hold her so bad though. And she's just across the room from me. LMAO.

Mom started in on my yesterday, wanting to know what we were planning to do for birth control. As if it was her problem, or any of her business!! My baby is 9 days old mom...it's not like we're having sex now or anything. I told her "the same thing we did since October 2002, which worked really well until I feel off a horse in May 2003 (oops pg that ended in m/c) then it worked even better to get Kate" She wanted to know what that was "charting my temprature, checking cervical fluid and using condoms mother, this isn't something I really care to discuss" Her reply was "charting isn't accurate, but at least you'll be using condoms." WHY does she insist on asking me &hit like that. She bugged me for a year after going off b/c to get something to take. I told her finally if she was going to pay for it, I'd go see a doctor and get a perscription, but I couldn't afford to go with no health insurance. So she finally shut up.

UGH, anyway...sounds like lots of you kicked it in gear with that full moon! Crazy stuff! I am loving reading all the birth stories while I'm NAK in the afternoon.

i finally got out to the chiropracter yesterday, had both kids checked out too, they both looked great, but BOY did my adjustment feel good....until today OUCH oh well, that's what the bath tub is for after dh gets home right? I've promised dh that I would do very little or nothing today, and so far, I'm doing pretty good. Laundry is easy, I'm not standing there folding it, I'll fold it tonight while we're watching our shows, and dishes took all of 5 minutes. I wanted to go to the grocery store yesterday, but ds pooped the only diaper I had for him whle we were at the chiro, so I couldn't take him in Publix smelling like that. So dh has promised he'd go on his way home today. Thank goodness, because water doesn't taste as good now as it did when I was pg....I need my juice! LOL I can usually force 4 cups of water in me a day, and 2 cups of milk, plus like 6 cups of juice...I just need the flavor now!!

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday and ELV for anyone who needs em...not to mention plain old LV for anyone who wants em
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LV would be Lazy Vibes right? I can and will take all of those that I can get, plus send out a few for myself. I had to do a load of laundry today so that I would have doublers, soakers, and dipes, plus clean clothes for Allissa. Poor girl had a few explosions in her dipes, and I discovered that the bigger ones weren't on tight enough. Yikes! Live and learn I guess. Now I am just being lazy while Harley plays and Allissa sleeps. It is so nice to just kick back.

Tomorrow I will be going around like a madwoman so that the house looks good when Adam's workshop starts. I hope that for at least a few weeks they will do his therapy at the daycare. After that maybe we can work it out so they can do it all here. Especially if his school teacher feels he is ready to start going to school full time. I am a bit nervous about the therapy workshop tomorrow though. Just nerves as we have been waiting for almost 2 years to get this far. I just want it to be everthing I hope and more for Adam's sake. Ok, deep breath! :LOL

I will check back later. Take care all! ELV's and LV's to all who need/want them.
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I think its a muscle in my groin, or maybe in the hip. I will have to ask my chiro. It hurts like the dickens from my pubic bone all the way around to my back. It happened when they pulled my legs back to get his shoulders out. I go back to see my chiro on Saturday again, I hope I can wait till then. I am quickly finding I need another bassinet, one for each floor. I have dh carting ours up and down the stairs! Oh and Ian weighed 8 lbs 14 oz yesterday.

Doulamommy - I am sorry about your mother. It drives me nuts when people do that to me. I get asked alot because we have so many kids. Perfect strangers ask! You expect more out of the ones who you love but apparently they think its their right!

NON - I totally agree about the routine of homeschooling helping things go faster. My mornings fly by when the kids do their school but the afternoons are hard and long because there is no structure. Thats too funny about your kids reminding you that you are overdue. Thank heavens mine never did that! Having gone overdue 5 times I totally feel for you. I hope it happens for you soon!

Goldie - how nice to just kick back and relax. I feel guilty sitting here because I know there are 2 loads of laundry calling my name. Enjoy it for me too ok

ELV to those still waiting!

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Not sure if I"m experiencing contractions or not. I was enduced last time and there is no denying a pitocin contraction.

I've been having 'gas cramps" this morning but I really can't take a BM (sorry TMI). So I grabbed a timer to get more info before I call my MW.

Just had one and I think these are contractions.....Lasted one minute. Need to time the space inbetween.

Jeez, I sent DH to work this morning. 30 miles one way in Atlanta traffic.

send me good vibes.

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I hope this is it for you...ELV...isn't it your EDD today? Also smooth traffic vibes to your dh...he could always pull "my wife is in labor" and use the emergency lane!

Let us know what happens, we could use another birth story!
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Joey, I hope this is it for you hun! Even if it means your dh has to turn right back around and come back!

Well, Adam's workshop is today. I will be finishing up the last of the cleaning, like getting dd's toddler bed into Adam's room, and then vaccuming with the nifty shop vac that my Mom bought for us. I love that thing! Then we will be off to get the prescription for Adam's therapy from his Dr. I hate that part, but what can you do? They won't do anything past the workshop without it. Yuck! Keep your fingers crossed that it stays cooler until after I get that done. At least by the time the weekend gets here we are supposed to have cooler weather. I love the 60's! :LOL

Things are going good here otherwise. I have to remember that tomorrow is picture day for Adam so I can get his hair cut with the clippers tonight, and make sure that he has nice looking clothes on.

ELV's to those still waiting. Take care and I will check back in later. For sure after the workshop is over. It won't start until 12:30 or so. Wish us luck!
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Holy crud, I'm FAR BEHIND around here aren't I? Just catching up with everyone.

We've been having some nursing issues- it took a bit for my milk to really come in (it came in one day two but not in full force until day 5) and Riley got dehydrated. So we had to supplement with an SNS and formula. I did it for a day and then my milk came in, so I ditched it. I met with a IBCLC and his ped yesterday that both said it would be fine to just nurse on demand now (which is about every hour, but that's okay) and then I'm taking him to the birth center tomorrow to make sure he's at least maintaining his weight, if not gaining. Little bit of drama surrounding that situation but I don't want to get into it. Let's just say my midwife and I butted heads a bit!

As hard as this last week has been it's also been the best week of my life. I'm actually sad a week has already gone by. That sounds nuts, I know. But I saw some friends yesterday that have babies that are around 5-6 weeks, and MAN they grow fast!!! I am so in love with my little peanut, I can't imagine him being big! But he needs to be. He has very little body fat and needs to pack on some weight.

Hope all is well with everyone. I too am waiting to hear from Lisa!
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