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The Sept chit-chat thread!!

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What would you guys think of doing one thread for chit-chat? (Kind of like the one thread in TTC)

Sometimes I want to just say a little blurb about what's going on with me but I don't really think that my is "thread-worthy," kwim?

What would you guys think of making one thread for general chit-chat....how are you doing/feeling/what's going on in your world etc. We could do it monthly or weekly (depending on the volume).

It might be nice to have one central place to check-in. Whacha think?

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Yep, love it! I've been wanting to post the same thing! :LOL
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I think that's a GREAT idea, Erin! A weekly or monthly chit-chat thread sounds fab!

I'm starting to feel the queasies in fuller force. No barfing yet (yay!) but my excess saliva is grossing me out. Right now I have regular altoids, and I've heard sour altoids are good, so I'm going to get some of those (my friend says those are comprable to the preggie pops).

Otherwise, my horrible acne from last week is starting to go away (yay) and I feel tired but good. I think overall that my body likes being pregnant... except for a few minor problems (the acne, queasiness, tiredness, sore boobs), I feel great!
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Me too! Thanks for initiating it.
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I'm in! Sometimes it's overwhelming to read all the individual posts that could have easily been a "chit-chat" type of question/statement. I think it'd be great!

Hope you start feeling better, alexisyael. I have dry, dry mouth, but at least I'm sleeping better now (was waking up several times a night, couldn't get back to sleep; now sleeping mostly through the night). But I've been waking up almost every morning at around 4am to this mouse in the ceiling and dh is complaining!! I'm going to try and ignore it . . . :LOL
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I think this is a good idea!!!
So how is everyone? I am very irritated right now bc I am having to get rid of almost
all of my animals bc we have FLEAS!! I have been steam cleaning moping and vaccuming like crazy trying to get rid of them but the little basterds keep coming back....arrrrrr......I hate FLEAS!! Ok sorry I am just irritated now....
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ok...i edited and changed the title so away mamas!!!!
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Yeah! This is great. But ask me in 5 minutes and I might hate it...I've been way too moody. I was feeling all out depressed this morning until I allowed myself an iced tea. Totally different person afterward.

Before Iced Tea
scared about this change
nervous about labor
fearful of caring for baby
wondering if we're ready

excited about all changes
anxious to feel/see baby
confident that everything will be great

That's where I'm at now, though I did burst into tears when dh said that he would be working a hour later tonight. It's touch and go around here these days! Boobs hurt like heck and nausea sneaks in occasionally (but no barfing yet) and oh the fatigue!
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Oh yeah, the sudden mood shifts are *intense* aren't they?

The nausea is coming and going. On the one hand, it's reassuring, but on the other, I don't know how I'll be able to deal with it. But I know I will... I got through it the last time (I was 22, pregnant and had severe m/s during my first and only trip to Europe. We choose not to keep the baby, but I was pregnant for longer than I'd normally have been, since we were on a month-long vacation when I found out).

Anyhow, a friend ust mentioned adding citrus peels to my iced (herbal) tea mixture -- red raspberry leaf, chamomile, nettle, peppermint. (And I added ginger). This isn't a tea to drink a HUGE amount of, but in small doses it's good. I'm going to try the citrus peels next...
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PS. Ellymay, I totally sympathize with you on the flea problem. How sucky!!!!!
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oh yeah. totally there with you on the mood swings.

i'm also having a really hard time with food aversions. i'm hungry ALL the time but the thought of eating anything makes me

my dh has a meeting tonight so he won't be home until after 9. it has been a looooooooong day.
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I just started having the food aversions... it's very frustrating! Mostly it's certain things right now...

The good news of the day is that I just got an email from my (former) acupuncturist, who I really believe was one of the crucial elements in my getting pregnant She's so excited! I love telling new people the good news
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Not having any of the craziness here, just yet. When did the m/s kick in? Anyone else not know what they're supposed to be buying? I'm looking at these swap things thinking, I don't know what to ask for, and I certainly don't have anything that anyone needs! :LOL
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Eorr, it's just been progressively constant queasiness here, actually, not full-blown m/s. It kinda snuck up on me, so I couldn't really tell ya when it "hit." But if I puke, I'll have that day/ time immortalized, you can be sure :LOL

And I agree, I saw the swap thread and thought "huh, I have nothing and I have no idea what I need yet..." And actually, what do I need? I have no clue! :LOL

However, I have to say I am a freak -- today, at 5 weeks and 5 days I bought my first maternity shirt. :LOL Really, it's cute (pink empire waist Liz Lange from Tajay with sparkles on it! Girly!!!), and it fits now (there's no way in heck it'll fit once I'm past 5 months, I don't think!) and it made me smile It's my new favorite shirt!

I also bought three new sports bras (me, the grrl who hates bras!) cause the puppies need some serious support right now. I figure I'll probably grow out of them eventually, but you never know. And in the meantime, I've got good support, morning, noon and night! :LOL

Erin, are your food aversions OK? I just found that sour altoids really are the best thing since apple pie (which sounds horrifically gross to me right now... all my sweet cravings have gone out the door! Weird!) But that's more for the queasiness than the food aversions... I haven't figured out anything to help with that (and since my food aversions all seem to be "bad" foods, I think I'm ok.)

Isn't this so much fun? I love chattin' with ya'll and I LOVE that I'm pregnant
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alexisyael, I love your siggy! It makes me feel so happy for you.
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Hi everyone!!!! I am soooo happy to be here. I am not even 5 weeks preggo, but WHAT is going on with my b**bs! hehe. They are growing. I remember them doing this with my DS too. The amazing amounts of saliva my mouth is producing is a problem, I am glad to hear that i am not alone with this one!

OK I have a confession! I cannot give up my morning cup of coffee! I am limiting myself. I have not had a Diet Pepsi in a long time and that was my nasty little habit that I really hated but I am totally addicted!! the
coffee thing may go when MS kicks in! Anyone else still having a cup of coffee (with tons of milk/soymilk) in it???
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I love to talk!

eorr- It's so hard. Is this your first? I know with ds, I really tried hard not to register/buy stuff we didn't need. My registry was less than half that of my friends, and we still have so much extraneous stuff. I'm really trying even harder this time. I'm going to focus on stuff that I know I'll need (like diapers in small sizes, because we didn't CD ds until 6 months, because we were moving from north of Seattle to North Carolina when we was 3-6months old.)

dharmamama- I totally feel the same way about food. It's so hard to eat, but I'm starving. And, once I find something that I can choke down, I get hungrier! Yeah, that makes sense.

ellymay- Fleas! Yuck. I remember back before they came out with all of those flea treatments for pets. When I was little, our golden retriever always had fleas in the summer. They're so yucky. And, their bites itch! I know lots of people around here will probably poopoo me for it, but I don't know if I could have a dog, if topical flea treatments didn't exist. They work so well, and they're only once a month.

OOH! This is fun! I to chat!
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Erin, are your food aversions OK?
Ummm. No. I don't even think I can talk about food without feeling I am so hurtin'.

So I had my first prenatal visit yesterday. Well sort of. It was a "nurse visit" where they just do a ton of paperwork and give you a packet-o-crap and send you for bloodwork.

It was very annoying. The first questions....okay....name.....birthdate....address ....

I was like....ummmmm....do you maybe want to look in my chart? I've been a patient here for years.

Ay, ye, ye...I need to start calling homebirth midwives and be done with this place.

Ok....DD is "all done" (aaa-doh) with me being on the computer so I better go. Have a great day everyone.

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alexisyael - I am right there with you with those sour altoids. I also bought some queasy drops and they saved me when I was feeling super sick this morning.

I have 14 hours of planes and airports tomorrow, yikes. Not looking forward to morning sickness in the air. Even reading the words morning sickness is making my stomach feel worse.
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Peppermint gum, ladies!!!!! It really, really helps my queasy stomach! I need to buy stock in it!! :LOL Ever since starting the Unisom and vit B6, my m/s is soooo not horrible! I am queasy all day long, but I can still eat!! WOOHOO!!! :LOL Even so, I've lost 2 pounds already! :LOL And Ginger ALe works well too. I also read somewhere that cucumbers soaked in water helps with m/s?? haven't tried it yet. My first doc appt. is on Friday!!
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