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I hate fleas too - that is one good thing about Nevada - no fleas!

Well my poor DD has the yucky flu. She had a fever all day yesterday and all night and woke up barfing. She has so far only thrown up twice so she is keeping liquids down and she ate some dry toast so at least her appetite is there...but this fever. ugh! I hate fevers. Hers peaks at 102.7 and then goes down to 100.5 on its own and then back again. Poor baby. So I got NO sleep last night and DH went to work and it's going to be a loooooooooooooooong day. I just hope she feels better. There is NOTHING worse than a sick child.

And then that got me freaking out about the baby and going through sicknesses again with a baby - oh that was horrible. At least now DD can tell me how she feels, ya know?

Other than that, the usual M/S this AM. And a weird craving for key lime pie, which I would more than likely take one bite of and toss it since sugar is grosing me out. LOL.

Happy day everyone!
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Oh, sorry Erin... let's talk about something else, then

Luckylady, your poor dd Being sick is no fun... and yeah, it must suck even worse when you can't communicate to anyone about it. My dh and I believe it must be frustrating not being able to communicate as a baby. They know what they want, but can't talk to anyone. How horrible! That's one huge reason AP makes so much sense to me... and also baby sign, which I am hopefully going to use. My sister, who's hard of hearing, used it with her dd, and that was good.

Actually, my sis taught my neice to swear in sign, too, which was very cute

Flying while m/s is no fun, ThatLinGirl. A big hug for you for that! And lots of calm tummy vibes

vicki -- yeah, the excessive saliva is fun! I'm not having growing boobs yet (dh hopes they won't grow too much anyway, since I'm already a D cup, and well... they'd get to be too much for my back. I agree!) But DUDE, mine are sore!!! I just bought 3 sports bras yesterday and I've been wearing one 24/7 since, and it really helps. No more sore boobs! Yay!

momma2emerson, I love to talk, too I can so relate to not wanting too much stuff. I look at what other people (my best friend, my sister) got, and it seems overwhelming and unnecessary, for the most part. (Why does an infant need twenty thousand stuffed animals?) Anyway, I'm hoping to walk the line between not enough and just right. We'll see. We have a lot of excited grandparents... luckily, on dh's side, they're already talking about setting up a college fund!

Thanks Max That siggie comes from my heart
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Hey guys,
For the M/S I am really relying on preggie pops and OJ popscicles (made at home out of really sour OJ). Oh, and salty foods. The darn greek restaurant is really killing my pans to not gain too much this time.
Vicky, I cannot give up my morning cup of coffee either. I mean, I have cut down a lot lately but I still have a couple cups of half-caf in the morning.
Luckylady, I am so sorry your DD is sick. I admit, i am a little concerned about having an infant around and getting sick, especially because DS desperately wants to go to school and will bring every single germ home.
Ok, I have to go call a midwife and beg her to take me on as a patient, even though i live out of area. Wish me luck!
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Good luck!!!!
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No mega morning sickness for me yet ladies! I have a bit of a sour tummy but nothing too awful-though smells are already starting to bug me! I only puked with my second dd so hopefully this will be free from upset! :LOL I am REALLY really tired not too mention my 10 month old and 22 month old BUT I will survive! Mood swings are my middle name-it doesnt help that my dh doesnt know I am preggo yet.I am trying to wait until we hear about a job for dh that would help us out immensely before I tell......we werent expecting another quite so soon and he is high strung anyway so I dont wanna stress him out yet.Kind of a yucky feeling though not to be able to tell your HUSBAND.
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Originally Posted by alexisyael
I've heard sour altoids are good, so I'm going to get some of those (my friend says those are comprable to the preggie pops).
oh good idea - I'm gonna check them out
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alexisyael - I totally agree about the AP thing and I also taught baby sign to Ellerie. She STILL does "more more" when she wants more fo something. LOL.

Emmamahob - how difficult!!! I hope he gets the job he wants and that you are both excited about the new baby. 10 months...wow. My hats off to you...
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Hi y'all just wanted to say "Hi" and that we all feel better soon.

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momma2emerson & alexisyael- good to know I'm not alone! Yes, this will be our first. DH and I have a very small (495sq ft) condo, and really want to pare down our own stuff, let alone avoid buying extras! That's part of the reason I want to EC, baby-wear and co-sleep (among other, more lofty reasons, of course). I'd love to avoid strollers, cribs, diapers, even a highchair! I saw an adorable clamp onto the table one.
So yeah, I don't want to buy too much stuff - I'd love to make it - but I don't want to be stuck without necessities either! :LOL

By the way, alexis - your siggie always makes me smile big, too. And I started taking belly pics (you inspire me!) Though I noticed that I'm looking a bit puffy today - time to start exercising again! Maybe some long walks. . .

Haven't had too much m/s here - but trying to eat regularly since I feel it comin' on if I get too hungry. Counting my blessings, since my mom was constantly puking with each one of her 4 pgs!

Hugs to those who aren't feeling well!!!!!!
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I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything we need to do - we live in a tiny little house that needs a new roof, a new garage, and some remodeling before this kid is born! The funding for these things is almost in place, but I need to go in and throw out a whole bunch of stuff before the builders even come in to give us an estimate. Naturally, work has me busy like crazy and when I'm home, I'm so tired I just want to sleep. Husband is at work all the time anyway, which he always has been, so there's no use asking him for help.
I think I'm just going to finish my one morning cup of coffee and feel overwhelmed for a bit, then go start shovelling out the closet.
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What helped me last time was mango sorbet. If my stomach hurt and I was starving, I would break out the carton of mango sorbet and have a few bites. Then I would eat a little fruit, and finally I would be able to eat most food. My major aversions last time were pizza, chicken, and chocolate, and I also got really sick smelling brewed coffee and cigarette smoke. So far, this pg has been so much easier, but I'm really early so I'm cautiously rejoicing of my lack of food aversions.
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Wow, 495 sq ft?
We live in a place quite a bit bigger than that, but may be moving to a 900 sq ft house when we buy. I have way too much stuff for 900 sq ft, what with my large hobbies (sewing, quilting, knitting)
I will need to either make room for this baby or not buy so much stuff. I am sort of leaning towards the latter.
Today I feel pretty good. Not too sick yet. Maybe I will actually get the house clean before my *sigh* in-laws come over.
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Well, I got a bit of good news today. My bloodwork came back and my HCG levels seem to be rising well. I'm going in for a second u/s tomorrow, b/c I still have pain in my side--today it's pretty ugly, actually--but it's looking like ithe pregnancy is probably not tubal.

Anyone else having trouble eating? I'm not nauseated or vomiting...I just have no appetite and food is really unappealing. I'm basically forcing myself to eat, but I'm still not taking in as many calories as I'd like.

485 sq feet. Wow! Dh and I live in an 800 sq foot (give or take a few) one-bedroom apartment. It seems plenty roomy for us, but we're not sure how it's going to fit us and a wee one! (Mostly b/c we have virtually no available storage space.) Our lease is up in early July, so we may move to a bigger apartment. I'm angling (i.e., desperate) to go back to NYC, but unfortunately the job opportunites for dh are better in DC. I know out parents--mine are in NYC, dh's are on Long Island--would LOVE for us to go back. Maybe I can bribe dh with promises of free baby help.
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Yeah, it's cozy!! We like it, though, and it's very affordable (a real find in Southern California!)
Congrats on the good news, NYCVeg! I hope you keep feeling better and better.
Bkwyrm - good luck on the house stuff. Not always fun to do it alone. Music always helps me through those times!
I'm finding that watermelon is great. All the juice keeps me hydrated, and the sweetness tastes better than water (though I've always been a big water drinker!) Hope we all make it through this part easily!
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nyc, i hope your pain goes away. i'm glad it's not tubal, though.

my appetite has been just the opposite--i'm ravenous all day. or at least i have been. i think i ate so much yesterday that there wouldn't be anywhere to put anything extra today.

but eorr, mmm, watermelon sounds so good...

i told my mom and my brother and his family yesterday. my mom is a grandma four times over already, and her birthday is sunday. she came over yesterday and i told her i had an early birthday present for her. i had put a bib that says "i love grandma" in a box and taped it shut. as she was opening it, she said, "it's not going to jump out at me, is it?" i told her i didn't *think* so. i don't think she knew what it was at first, but she started laughing a little bit hehehehehe...then it hit her: "uh-oh". it was hilarious. for the next few hours she kept saying "i can't believe it" "that's so exciting" "hmm". she said she was definately NOT expecting to find that out yesterday.

my sil, who just had her 4th in june, was very excited. it seems like they've been waiting for my announcement forever. she said she's been talking about it for weeks (?). i see her at least weekly, so i think she's really gonna be into my pregnancy. which is nice!

hope you ladies are feeling good today!
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Doing alright today... dh made brunch in bed for us (bisquits and gravy with Gimme Lean fake sausage). That's our normal weekend brunch meal, but he took this morning off, so we had it today. What a sweetie he is... and he did all the dishes from last night's dinner, since I was feeling overwhelmed by the smells. (How come food will smell ok, but after dinner's over, the smell intensifies in the pans? It grosses me out! Is that psychosomatic or what?)

Mango sorbet sounds delish... as does watermelon!

495 sq feet is ohmygosh small! And I thought it was bad when we lived in 700 sq feet! (Actually, it wasn't bad. But the lack of closet space was a real issue -- it was an old house, and there was one tiny closet for the entire house! Yikes!)

Happypants, that is such a sweet way to tell your mom

NYCVeg, I'm so glad everything looks good!!!!

Hey Dharmama - check in, mama! (BTW, we have two Erins, so I'm gonna use ya'lls usernames so I don't confuse myself! :LOL)

Throkmorton, I hear you on the crafting I'm a knitter and all around yarn-a-holic.

Healthy ripening-fruit-in-the-belly blessings to us all!!!!!!!
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Hey everyone! Starting to feel a bit yucky today-sour tummy but I still have sinus action so it could be drainage I suppose.I am starting to get really excitedly anxious about this baby! I am so hoping for a boy!!!

Sorbet sounds super good-as I too have not wanted to eat ANYTHING! Though I did just eat about 10 tater tots with salt and ketchup and they were perfectly crunchy-quite tasty actually.

Alexis-dont you love it when dh breaks out with sweet gestures like that? My dh babied me last nite-got me soup and cuddled with me on the couch after the girls were asleep.He had brought Emma my oldest a little tiny cake at Marsh that was shaped like a Yorkie dog and she loved it! It was so cute! She ate terrible last nite though and so I told her she couldnt have it until tomorrow after she ate a good lunch.....you KNOW as soon as she went to bed dh was like "you want a piece of this cake?" :LOL We left her the head! :LOL She is actually eating it now! She looked at it like-"What happened to the doggie mama?" :LOL :LOL :LOL
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:LOL That's so cute, eemamahob! I do love it when dh's are sweet

Tater tots -- yes! I've been really digging the tots, too! But no ketchup for me... I like 'em plain (don't know why).

My sinus' have finally cleared up to the point where I could breath through my nose last night (yay!). This last round of sinus problems came after my choir rehearsal last week in a really musty synagogue (undergoing hurricane repairs from Ivan). Argh! I don't want to quit the choir, but I hate the idea of having a week's worth of sinus problems after every rehearsal!
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NYC Veg-I have had a tough time eating too. I've been hungry but nothing sounds appealing and after eating something I NEVER want to see it again! It started Monday and the nausea started yesterday-sea-bands and ginger tea today have helped.

Eorr- I'm jealous! I'd love to live in a cozy little space but our two big dogs and two fat cats require too much space.

The most difficult thing that I'm facing in this pregnancy now is the apartment factor. I hate where we're living now and would never live there with a babe. Our lease is up April 1 and I feel so nervous about not knowing where we'll live when the baby arrives, plus the trouble/expense of finding a place with pets. When we adopted our babies (4-leggeds) we owned a great house with a huge fenced yard but it got to be too expensive for us and we had to sell and start renting again. Apartment living with them is NO fun. Especially with a baby we will need a fenced yard for them. The dogs are still young and often need to go out in the middle of the night or very early morning. Hopefully this has at least acclimated us to those midnight feedings!

Our parents are in Boston and would love for us to move back there but it's far too expensive and we really love our way of life out here as well as our friends! Our job situations would certainly improve though if we moved back there...

Big rant ...sorry. Watermelon does sound good though!
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Man, I am so envious of you ladies with small homes. We have a 2500 sqft house, which is way too big! We were going to move about 6 months ago to a 1400 sqft condo, but the deal fell through selling our house, and then we just decided it was too much work to move. But, our next place will be much smaller.

I am having such a hard time eating. I feel like crap all day, and food doesn't help. But, usually around dinner time I manage to eat, and then I eat constantly all evening until bed. I find that hard candy does help during the day (ie preggie pops, sour altoids, even jolly ranchers).

And, I must vent that my insurance is super stupid! I went to my primary care dr last week for my OB referral. Well, I got the letter today from the insurance company saying the request and authorization had been approved. The only problem, the dates of service for OB care went from 9/16/05 to 2/19/06. Well, that's great and all, but it's supposed to cover until 6 weeks postpartum. Augh! I had to spend 15 minutes on the phone with 2 different people to get the end date changed to 6/30/06. They only authorized 16 visits too, which I guess the OB will have to put in another authorization for more. I had 20 visits okayed with ds, and I think I used 25, so I know my perinatologiest had to ask for more then. I swear they make it hard on purpose!
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