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i feel like general crap... for the first couple of weeks i felt good- just super hungry and so I was grazing more or less all day. and then the nausea kicked in, which i did not have with dd. its like low level, more or less all day unless i'm involved in something that really requires all my focus and energy, like the wedding i was in last weekend. somehow i managed to dance until 11:30 pm, but felt like i had a hangover the next day.

then we flew home on a red-eye on tuesday night (the culmination of a ridiculously long trip out west) and i was ok... and it felt _so_good to be home i can't believe it. the high only lasted a couple hours and then its back to exhausted and general yuckies.

sigh... nice comiserating with you all...
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Welcome home, Kelly! I know exactly what you mean... it's so nice to be home. For the nausea and general yuckiness...

Well, I finally uploaded my belly shots (three so far). You can either look at them on my LJ (which saves you having to look at random pics of my house and my dog) or you can look at them on snapfish .

Ugh... insurance sucks, momma2emerson!

We're going to be buying a house this spring -- hopefully before the baby arrives, tho we don't know. Our lease ends at the end of June, but we're kinda thinking of buying in March, then fixing up the house to move into in June. My DH is now talking about how we could fix up the new house sooner and go there to give birth (we're assuming we'll put a big jacuzzi tub in the new house). This sounds like something we would do, normally, but I don't know if it's something we'd do when I'm 9 months pregnant... we'll see! (We could probably find someone to sublease to if we found our house before then, anyway. We want to start looking this winter. Of course, we're picky, so who knows if we'll find our house quickly or not!)
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May I jump in?

My M/S has kicked in 100% ~ I don't think I've eaten more than a few bites of apple and a popsicle all day. I started taking B6 last night, but haven't noticed a difference in the nausea level yet. It's much more difficult taking care of two children (a 4 yo who doesn't nap anymore and an 18 month old) than it was working while pregnant with my first, or just taking care of one like the last time. All day long, it's "play with me, Mommy!" Usually, I'm happy to comply, but my nausea just doesn't do well with hide and seek or ring around the rosie.

I can't imagine enduring another 2 months of feeling this way, but I know it will pass.
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Hey Dharmama - check in, mama! (BTW, we have two Erins, so I'm gonna use ya'lls usernames so I don't confuse myself! :LOL )
Works for me!

Holy canole! I missed a day and you guys are onto page 3 already!! :LOL

I'm hanging in. My food aversions/cravings are . Like I ate pasta and meatballs for dinner tonight (I was a veggie for 15 years...didn't crave it at all during my first pregnancy...but this baby is demanding MEAT!! ) but when DH got home an hour later and offered me a bite of his meatball sandwhich I was like

You know what weird thing is really setting me off??? Fresh basil (BIG time ....which sucks cause we have a bumper crop that needs to be made into pesto) oh and (not surprisingly) changing DD's diapers. Ewwwwww.

But what I'm LOVING eating is strawberry yogurt with granola and blueberries. I could eat that all day (in fact....today I did!! :LOL)

Ok....off to puruse the rest of our DDC to see what else I missed since Tuesday.

Night ladies.

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Just got dx with a yeast infection. Those of you who know me from the One Thread know that I've been battling assorted infections (yeast, bacterial, bladder, you name it) for four months straight. I'm going to try some natural methods--probiotic capsules/garlic internally--before resorting to meds.

Does anyone else have NO pregnancy symptoms? I have no m/s, no nausea, no food/smell aversion, and my breasts look exactly the same. I do find I can't eat as much at once and I occassionally have a bad taste in my mouth, but that's about it.
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Oh Amanda, that sucks! I think I am starting to get one too. Ugh. ugh, ugh. I broke out the probiotics this morning.
So I spoke to the midwife, and I have an appointment and an U/S next Wednesday. She wants to rule out twins and all that.
She gave me the weight lecture. Yep, thanks. I didn't realize I should avoid gaining 112 freakin' lbs this time. I assumed I could just live on cheetos and pop. I have a distinct feeling a lot of stuff she said was the "worst case" rather than how things will really go.
dharmamama, you can send all of that basil up here if you like. I would be more than happy to get it away from you. It seems all I have been eating is pesto, tabbouleh with basil, basil, basil and garlic.
Kristina, i know what you mean. Being sick and exhausted is resluting in a lot more TV watching and independent play around here.
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I am finally starting to feel a bit better thanks to some meds from my doc. I mean, I still feel crappy and don't feel like doing anything, but I'm not thinking I'm going to die while sitting on the couch and I can eat without puking. I seem to have a constant headache and can't ever go back to sleep after I wake up though. School is a huge pain and my house is a wreck. I'll be so glad when the first trimester is over.
DS is going through an anti-bath phase, so that's fun. Plus his birthday is this week and I left the plans up to dh since I was feeling so crappy. So of course, nothing has been done and I'm having to do everything this week. Men. :
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Amanda, do you know the trick with yogurt and yeast infections? (Take some plain, organic yogurt and smear it all up in there. You can freeze some in the fingers of a rubber glove, as long as you're not alergic, and then use that as a suppository. I've never needed to do that, tho, as my yeast infections tend to stay at the front of my yoni.)

This REALLY works, and is amazing. And it is safe for pregnancy (in fact, it was a pregnant former One Threader who told me about it, a few years ago).

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I have heard about the yogurt-cicles. I'm trying probiotic capsules internally, and if that doesn't work I'll try garlic. I'm not actually that itchy, so I think the more intensive (but less soothing) probiotics might be my best bet for now. I also have this great naturopathic cream called Kolorex (it's tea tree oil and a bunch of other extracts) to use externally.

Besides, dh and I are going to visit my parents this weekend, and I don't want to have to explain rubber gloves full of yogurt in their freezer! :LOL

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amanda. i hope you can kick this infection and then they'll leave you alone for the rest of your pregnancy (and beyond!). btw, i'm not really feeling any symptoms, either. i get hungry much sooner after eating, but other than that and some pretty blue veins on my chest, i don't feel much happening. i'm trying to enjoy it while i can since i haven't gotten to 6 wks yet and that's the ms starting point for a lotta people. although, i wouldn't mind a boost in boob size, either.

i made an appointment for a consultation w/a hb midwife this morning!!! i'm so excited. i get to see her a week from tomorrow. i hope she's what i'm looking for, b/c i don't have a whole lotta options where i am, esp since ga doesn't "allow" cpms to practice. now the fun part will be explaining to my mil that yes, hb is safe, and yes, i'm doing it b/c i think it's the best option for her grandbaby, and no, she can't change my mind. i think she already knows i want to see a midwife. when we were talking about doctors the other day, she even said that i might not be able to see a female ob and that i'd just have to settle for a male ob. uh, ya. i hope she can be encouraged to accept it. if not, i guess i just won't talk to her so much.

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You don't have to do the yogurt-cicles, you can just put a teaspoon of yogurt on there externally (it is soothing, but it really does seem to work. I've never tried probiotic capsules internally, but I'd think they'd need some kind of medium to feed on? I don;t know, maybe that isn't how it works.)

Yay for finding a midwife, happypants! I need to get off my rear and do that... I'm expecting the same "conversation" with my MIL. She's an interesting woman -- she's very much in favor of natural birth (she had natural births with both her boys) BUT she's terified of home birth. She didn't really understand my contention that it is difficult to have an intervention-free birth in a hospital. (The hospitals where she lives are very progressive). But whatever. I won't argue with her about it. I told her, she can talk to me about it, and tell me her fears, that's fine (at least once, it is!) but that I am doing this the way I have always wanted to, since I was 16 -- at home, in the water, if I have the right tub!

Anyway, I think my mom will have similar fears (even more so -- she had two c-sections after "failing" to have a natural birth with me -- and then my sis was dxed with "failure to progress" after 6 hours and had a c-section. And my mom was a spiritual doula for a woman that had a waterbirth and got FREAKED out when the baby crowned underwater and stayed there for (in my mom's opinion) "too long." Whatever. The baby was fine. Babies don't breathe underwater, they don't get the reflex until they surface.
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NYCVeg - I literally groaned out loud when I read your post - no fair!!! You just have no luck in that department. Although I'm REALLLLLY happy that your fears of the ectopic are put to rest. Good luck and good vibes for your health. . .

Happypants - good luck with your MIL. I'm lucky in that my mom had me at home, but I don't plan on making a big deal about my desire for hb. I just don't think I want to defend it. I'm dying to find a good midwife, though. I went to a LLL meeting yesterday and am scoping out options. . .

m2e - I feel for you, there. I'm switching insurance now and not really looking forward to the battles ahead. . .

alexisyael - sounds as though you've got interesting baggage with the moms in your life. I hope they can lay their fears to rest when it comes to your decisions.

Throkmorton & dshields - hope you find a cozy place soon! That can be tough, with pets (or lots of hobby stuff!). I was freaked out at the size at first, but now love the fact that it's so intimate - won't have to go far to keep an eye on a little one!!

So, I'm with the others who have started up with m/s! (dharmama - I'm with ya, looked at something that I totally craved hours ago and wanted to puke)This morning I couldn't stomach anything, and all day I've just felt horrible. I know I need to eat, but I just can't think of anything! In fact, something scary happened a little while ago, where I felt terrible cramps - but weird (TMI here!!! - like a mix between diarrhea & af cramps, but not totally). I didn't know how to make it feel better - just lied down on the floor of my office and tried breathing with it. It helped, but I'm still struggling. Is this normal???
Anyway, I'm not enjoying the sickies! May they pass soon. . .
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Originally Posted by eorr
In fact, something scary happened a little while ago, where I felt terrible cramps - but weird (TMI here!!! - like a mix between diarrhea & af cramps, but not totally). I didn't know how to make it feel better - just lied down on the floor of my office and tried breathing with it. It helped, but I'm still struggling. Is this normal???
As far as I know, yes, it is normal (doesn't happen to every woman, tho). I've been having those, too. If they get really severe, and pointedly one-sided -- not just feeling like they're on one side of your pelvis, but like one side of your whole body is going to explode (and are accompianed by a fever, extreme nausea and spotting or blood) then they would not be considered OK, and one should get to a practioner (or even the ER, if it was really bad) asap.

However, what you (we) have sounds like normal uterine stretching Also, because the muscles in our intestines are "relaxed" with hormones, it might also be intestinal cramping. I don't know about everyone else, but my bowel movements have been different for the past week or so... in a good way, tho I thought I'd get constipated, but I haven't!

Lying down helps, drinking a lot of water, too. There may be other remedies, but mine aren't that bad, so I haven't really looked into it.

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Wow, i haven't been on here for a few days, and so much goes on! i feel out of the loop.

anyway, i was having a pretty good day today, feeling well, etc. but then i did a lot this morning,a nd didn't rest immediately when my body told me to, and then got really run-down feeling for a while, like i couldn't pick my head up off the pillow. so anyway, i really need to listen to my body. duh...it didn't help when i got the mail and found a "jury summons notice" can you be exempt for being a nursing mother? i htink i'm going to try. even though she really doesn't nurse much during hte day. i really don't want jury duty again. i had it a few years ago,a nd it sucked. i was actually crying by the time i left, i was so irritated by the whole experience.

i just learned how to hula hoop a few weeks ago. i'm really proud of myself. of course, how long do you suppose you can do that with a quickly expanding waistline. hopefully i'll remember how to do it next summer

so, sunday we are having dd's b-day party, and everyone is coming over, and i finally convinced dh to tell everyone then. very excited. i've already told a few friends, but no family yet. i hope thier happy for us...i'm bracing for hte "you're gonna have to wean" lectures. but i've got my "notes" ready.

have a great weekend everyone, if i don't get on this again!
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Home subjest - we have been looking and housing in Vegas is just INSANE now. We bought our house 3-1/2 years ago and we should have bought bigger - it's 1800 SF and only 3BR. I say only because we have an office and DD's room is small and also her playroom. The baby will be fine for the first 18 mos or so but then he/she will need their own room too. So we'll see. I really want to move from nevada - i really don't like it here at all - very negative energy place - shocking I know.

It's been a hard day. DD has been whiney and grouchy and and just downright contrary. VERY rough day. And then DH called to ask if he could go have a drink after work and I lost it. I actually snapped "well if I wasn't knocked up I could go out drinking too - must be nice." Poor guy. Yeah. Way to get him to come home...so I called him back and apologized and told him to go. It's not like he does it all the time.But man what I would give for a margarita today...

It can only get better right? DD is hitting 3-1/2 - the period of disequilibrium - in other words a push momma away phase. *sigh*
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Hi Ladies!
What a great idea for a thread like this!

I'll be checking here often! and trying to keep up with all of you!

I just found out for sure (via positive preg test (2 of them) that I'm pregnant. That was Wednesday - this is Friday and "maybe" its starting to sink in.
This was very, very NOT planned. I was actually going to start looking for a Dr. to get a Vas (snip,snip ) for my DH....I guess I have a little time now.

And all the sudden the "all-day" morning sickness is hitting me and I'm so "burpy" -- just like the last two times I was pregnant.

That's it for now,... maybe in a day or two I'll feel like changing my signature line ---- I still have to tell DH,...hmmmm,...........
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alexisyael - that makes me feel SO much better. THANK YOU. (there should be a "relieved" smilie!) I still have all these aches and pains, but it's nice knowing they're ok. I'm having the opposite of constipation these days as well (TMI, sorry!), and everything seems to be changing constantly in the entire region. Sigh. . .

strawberryprincess - Congrats! I'm a terrible hula hooper. Hope you can retain your skills! Enjoy the party, and don't get too bogged down by all the advice.

luckylady - glad you called dh back, sorry dd is stressed. Hopefully it all calms down soon for you, and you get a living space you're happy with!

nmm2112 - Welcome and congrats! Good luck with your situation. Let us know when you decide to share! I'm sick all day, too and the burping . . now that you mention it. . . well, let's say I feel your pain! :LOL

Experiencing a bit of insomnia here. . .
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Hey mamas! Lots to talk about, pg and beyond! Good idea.

My m/s has kicked in full gear; I'm either starving or rolling around in agony. I have not actually barfed yet thank goodness. With dd I was sick, soooo sick, I had to go on Zofran (praise to pharmies for that one!) and I remember that the first few weeks I just felt super hungover all the time but as soon as the seal broke on the barfing, I didn't stop til 7.5 mos. And that last one was a doozy too, my dh had to repaint the hall. Wish I was kidding! With ds I didn't have m/s but was just exhausted. This time I have a bit of both. But, dh has been sooooo great about it all. He's just handling everything and sending me to bed with a smoothie and a smile. He doesn't complain. Dd and ds are a little daddy'd out, but it's been heaven to have such a great guy to help me along this part of things.

Any my belly has popped. All my pants need the button undone. I'm tall (5'9") and thin (135ish, size 6) but I get HUGE when I'm pg. I promised myself I wouldn't gain 50 or so pounds this time, but I forgot how irrational the hunger is and how I'll do anything to feel better. I know protein helps with the m/s and I'm going to start taking less of my prenatal. It's a supernatural one with 6x a day dosing, I've only been taking 4x a day b/c it gives too much of everything with 6x a day and it's not like I'm not eating too. But I might just go to 2x a day and see what happens with the m/s.

Thanks for reading/listening mamas! Catch you all in a few days, I'm off to a conference til Tuesday evening. Happy gestating!
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Wow! Well, well chatty mamas, this m/s o'mine has certainly put me behind the times. :LOL What's up ladies. I hope you all are doing well. Good idea for this thread. I guess hunting for the 'How Are You Feeling' thread won't be necessary for me anymore! :LOL Yuck, yuck, yuck, I am a nauseas, cranky, smell-overwhelmed, food-hating, exhausted, mama-missing, belly-growing happily excited mama. And I'm going to beat the next person that tells me what I should be doing b/c they did such and so and thus when they were PG. And 'Oh, you're 9 weeks, pish, you're not even---' (insert PG invalidating statement of your choice here). Whatever. I'm so in love with my Little Pea. I can't wait to see the h/b. I have a registration appt. this Wed. so maybe I'll see then. DH had to go into work unexpectedly last night and left a note for me for when I got home. It started 'Hi baby and baby,' Oh, I just about went on a crying jag. :
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Hi, everyone! I did a little intro in the sticky due date thread but I'll do another here. Just found out I'm pregnant Saturday. It was a big suprise. I did FAM for birth control years ago, then to get pregnant with dd, but didn't pick it up again when my cycles started about a year ago (just weaned dd 6 weeks ago at 22 mos). Honestly, with two full-time working parents and a toddler, there just wasn't that much action going on. A few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend that my cycles seemed shorter than usual and I needed to chart my next cycle to see what's up. Too late! I was already pregnant.

Dh is very excited, we've told parents and close friends and we'll keep it at that for now. We absolutely planned for a second child, though not for another six months. But in my secret heart, I wanted one as soon as possible. I own a marketing design company and it seemed that I would have to do some things there to make another baby possible, but I've already put some changes in motion, which I can get into later. Now that it's happened, I can see this is perfect timing, perhaps a little Divine.

Last time I didn't get m/s until exactly 6 weeks, so I've got a few days. I've been dreading it, but after reading all your posts, I'm reminded that as awful as it is, it means you've got a good, strong pregnancy going. I don't have a whole lot of physical symptoms except for fatigue and a healthy appetite. And I'm pretty irritable. I'm on an amino acide regime to manage anxiety and depression, which works great, and I'm SO glad I have that since it's safe while pregnant.

Anyone have any hunches about the sex of the baby? I'm totally certain this is a boy. I honestly don't care one way or the other, but it feels like a boy, and my nanna, who is an empath, told me it was a boy! Of course, if it's a girl, I'll be thrilled, too, this is just my intuition now.

So! Long story long, we're excited, though still in shock. We're looking at an EDD of about May 23, 2006. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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