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Coren Ryu's Home Waterbirth Story ... Loooong

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Moonbaby is here!
Coren Ryu
Born at Home in the Water on Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 9:52AM surrounded by loved ones.
10 lbs 14 oz … 22.25 inches
Coren – Crescent Moon Ryu- Dragon

Contractions started waking me up at around 1AM Thursday morning. At 2AM I woke dh up to set up the birth pool and get a few things ready just in case – then sent him back to bed! The contractions continued to get stronger and closer together. I called my midwife that morning to let her know contractions had started and that I’d keep her updated. The contractions spaced out as my three kids’ activity increased, but never went away. They were anywhere from 3-5 minutes to 10 minutes (occasionally 20 minutes) apart for all of Thursday and into Friday. Friday at 2am the contractions got intense and close together once again and by 4am were 3-4 min apart. Then the kids got up and they spaced out again. Talking it over with dh, I decided I needed a change of scene, so called my midwife and let her know I’d be coming to my appointment that day (an hour away!) then called my mom (who thought I was crazy) to ask her to drive me (and my dad to ask him to watch my boys). We went to my appointment – bp, baby’s heartrate, etc. all fine – then went to lunch and went home. My dh had gone to work at my request, my parents left, and I enjoyed the rest of the day with my kids, contractions coming all day around 10 minutes apart. I put the kids to bed and hoped the contractions would increase, but they didn’t. I got some rest.
At around 2am contractions woke me once again. I drifted in and out of sleep, and then at 3:23 AM I felt intense pressure, got up and made my way to the bathroom. My water broke. I went upstairs, woke dh, and waited for contractions to intensify. Dh timed contractions for a while and once we realized they were 5 min apart and increasing in duration, we called the midwives and my parents and started filling the birth pool. As the pool was filling, Zachary (age 5) walked down the stairs and excitedly announced that “Moonbaby” would be born TODAY and sprinted upstairs to tell his brother and sister.
Once the pool was filled, I got in, and shortly afterwards V, one of my midwives, arrived. Once in the pool I went into relaxation mode – contractions were strong and there was LOTS of pressure, so I had to concentrate on relaxing during them. Events are pretty much a blur to me after this, as I was in my own labor world.
As I labored in the tub, my parents and Rachel (17 year old friend/childcare provider) arrived as well as S, my other midwife. I labored on, never feeling pain, just pressure and intensity. I sipped water and electrolyte drink. My mws encouraged me to eat – first a banana and then some egg. They checked baby's heartrate every once in a while.
Moonbaby danced throughout my labor.
After a while, one of the mws asked if I could let her know when I was having a contraction, because neither one could tell when I was having one. I was so much in my own world that I don’t think I ever let them know I was having one and for the most part they just sat back and let me do my thing.
Eventually they asked me if I’d like to get out of the tub to get things moving along a bit more since I seemed TOO relaxed in the tub. I got out and labored in the bathroom, leaning on the counter, in the kitchen leaning on the counter, leaning on my dh, and then on the floor next to the pool kneeling on a pillow resting my upper body on a pillow on a chair. Dh and the mws were warming up the pool, which had cooled too much. Kneeling, my body started to push and I practically begged them to hurry up so I could get back in the water!
Once back in the water, my body pushed with every other contraction, moving baby down. I was just trying to let my body do what it needed to do – but my family gathered around and were cheering me on! LOL! One mw asked if I’d try squatting to let gravity help and I responded – after the next contraction. At the same time I was thinking – squat? Are you crazy? This is intense enough! That will be too intense! – and my body agreed and all of a sudden I had a HUGE pushing contraction, during which baby crowned and his head was born (dh said it looked like I pushed three times, but I actually had to hold my body back a bit just to breathe during the one huge contraction). My body did most of the work, I just went along with it! Once his head was out, my body decided to take a nice long rest. With all the pressure, I decided to try pushing again, but it didn’t work. One mw asked me to flip onto all fours (as minutes were passing and nothing was happening and we were all anxious to get this baby, who seemed to have a very large head, born!) and she gave baby’s head a little nudge. My body then seemed to remember it needed to get the rest of the baby out, and once again I had a big contraction and pushed him out. I don’t remember doing it, but somehow I flipped myself over again once he was out and scooped him into my arms. The first words I heard after he was born were my 6.5 year old Alexander saying, “It’s a BOY! It’s a BOY! It’s a BOY!” in an awestruck voice (his prayers were answered!).
After a while, S asked if I’d like her to use a technique she knows to help the baby transition and help his spine adjust and I said yes. She gently held his head and floated him in the water, swaying him from side to side. He became completely relaxed and serene. At first his body tended to lean to one side, but after a while, he was floating on his back, just as peaceful as could be. I took him back into my arms and we decided, since the cord was still pulsing, that I’d get out of the pool and onto the bed in the bedroom to deliver the placenta. My entourage (dh, 2 midwives, 3 kids, my parents and Rachel) walked down the hall to the bedroom where I delivered the placenta and Alexander, my 6.5 year old, cut the cord and Haley picked out a nice pink hat for her little brother! (She was very disappointed that Moonbaby wasn’t a sister, but she said she loves him very much anyway!)
Coren nursed for an hour before allowing S and M (a nurse who came after the birth) to do his infant checks, weigh him, etc. V had to leave, but made us promise her to call her once Coren was weighed – she wanted to know how huge he was. Up until she said something, I was thinking how tiny he was! S weighed him – “10 lbs 10 oz … no, wait, 10 lbs 14 oz! M, please get me my glasses, let’s try this again to make sure – yes, 10 lbs 14 oz!” He was 22.25 inches long and head and chest were both 38cm (almost 15 inches).
Then it was my turn to get checked out. Bp good, pulse a little high (but then again, I just pushed out an almost- 11 pound baby!), bleeding ok, and I agreed to a couple “optional” stitches – for surface tears that weren’t bad, just bleeding a bit more than they’d like and would hurt more when I peed if left to heal on their own than if given a stitch.
After a shower, some lunch and a bit of triandem nursing, everyone except dh left (my parents took my kids to their house for a while) so Coren and I could nap and dh could do a bit of laundry. My family (along with several additional family members and Rachel) returned at 3PM for Coren’s Birth Day Party – during which everyone ate cake and played with the older kids – and briefly visited with Coren and I.
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Your birth story sounds wonderful!! I can't believe he was so big!! I'm glad you and Coren are doing great!!! Thank you for sharing!!
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Wonderful story! Kudos to you, mama, pushing out nearly an 11 pounder!! Congrats!!
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Great story! Thanks for sharing...and WOWIE...I bet he's adorable!
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a-ha! i know who you are!

welcome coren!

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Wonderful story!! Congrats on your sweet little boy!
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That was wonderful! Congrats & welcome baby Coren!
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oh what a beautiful birth story congrats on the big baby
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What a beautiful, ful birth! I'm so glad you got your tub and it was such a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! Congratulations! What a big boy!!!

You know, I saw the most amazing giant pink harvest moon Saturday evening and thought of you, wondering if moonbaby would make it's appearance. I'm so glad to hear he did.
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Congratulations, Mama!!!

And thank-you for sharing your birth story. What an inspiration! I'm hoping for my home water birth any day now.

Welcome, Coren Ryu!
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congratulations Amanda on the sweet arrival of Coren! what a beautiful birth story you shared. I love that you mentioned "the entorage" heading to your bedroom where you delivered the placenta. Coren's first parade.

happy babymoon to your family
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What an absolutely beautiful story!! I love the thing with letting the baby float in the water too, I am planning on doing that with this baby when he or she arrives. Thank-you for sharing!!

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Wonderful Just curious, did you do any specific kind of mental preparation before the birth? Visualization, hypnosis, etc? You sound so calm and peaceful during it, and how awesome that your body so easily pushed at an almost 11# baby!
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Thank you all!

I occasionally practice relaxation techniques - mostly progressive relaxation - but I have a natural ability to be able to totally relax and go into my own little world, especially during labor.
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