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Please help me find dog food made from rabbit for my allergic dog!

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Okay, here's the story. I got our dog, Bailey, from a breed rescue a little over a week ago, he is a German Shorthaired Pointer. I found him on petfinder over a month ago, and emailed the rescue lady, filled out the application, etc. I was told that Bailey was allergic/sensitive to byproducts in food and had to eat a special brand of food w/out byproduts, and other than that he was fine and healthy. The brand the rescue was using was Pet Promise. I was planning on feeding him that, and then switching him over to Natural Balance, because I like their ingredients better. The rescue lady (we'll call her "T") said that would be fine, as NB doesn't have any byproducts.

Anyway, we got Bailey last week, and he had diarreah. I called "T" and she said that it was probably from the stress of the long trip (she had driven him 4 hours to drop him off at her family's house, they live about 45 minutes from me, and I picked him up there). Not to worry. He continued with it, though, and wouldn't eat his food, so I cooked him some lamb and rice, figuring that it would be gentle on him. Well, it worked, and I continued feeding him gentle people food like chicken and lamb and rice, mixed with his food. His stomach seemed fine.........but, he got a terrible red skin rash almost all over, and his hair started falling out! I've been trying to get ahold of "T" since last week, and she hasn't returned phone calls or emails.........not sure why.

Anyway, today I had a lightbulb moment and realized that I have his former vet's phone number, as it's on the RX for his heartguard medication. DH called them and they were extremely informative, and are faxing Bailey's records to DH at work. Turns out that Bailey has SEVERE allergies and skin/stomach issues, and the ONLY type of food that he does okay on is made by Royal Canin (the vet said they used to be called IVP or IDV or something like that), and it's the rabbit formula. The vet was adamant that it was the only food that he will tolerate, they've tried eveything including home cooking and rabbit is the only food that works. He's even been to dermatologists and other specialists.

I did a search for Royal Canin and found their website, but there isn't anything about a dog food made from rabbit; I thought maybe it's one of their vet formulas, but can't tell....I've called local vets and none of them carry Royal Canin brand at all, or have heard of the specific type I was told to get.

I have found canned rabbit by Wysong, I will get some as a last resort, but it's 3.99 a can and he'd need 2-3 a day! There is no way I can afford that!

I'm upset that I wasn't told how extreme his allegies were, T made it seem like no big deal, he just needed a food w/no by products. That's alot different to a dog who is allergic to EVERYTHING and can't even eat a morsel of anything other than the RC rabbit formula w/out getting an all over body rash and/or diahrrea. And if I can't get the food, what am I supposed to do?

Anyone have any advice or know of a dry dog food using rabbit and rice or rabbit and potato?



ETA- Bailey is such an amazing dog, he's so gentle and we love him. I feel so awful for this poor guy, he is so red all over, and I can't do anything about it until I find some food for him. I also am angry because he's been off his dog food since arriving in AZ (he was in FL, and that rescue became overcrowded so they sent him to another rescue in AZ- they flew him here, and that is the rescue I got him from) so it's been three months this poor dog has been suffering!
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Well I know the vet said homecooking didnt work for your dog but its seems it is if your homemade lamb and rice was doing the trick.

Have you looked into the BARF diet? Again though that is home cooking.

How about feeding homemade yogurt for awhile to get the Bailey's gut back into some type of order?
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I'm going to keep it up, but his rash is getting worse, and it didn't start until I started cooking for him

I do have some yogurt, I'll try that. At this point, it can't hurt, right?
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Actually there are a few rabbit formulas, another to try is a fish and potatoe formula. The rabbit formula Royal Canin is their veterinary line--you should be able to contact RC directly and ask them for a referral to a vet who carries their food (or will at least order it for you--in Canada the Royal Canin line has partnered with the Medi-Cal line for ease of sales)
I'll do a search and see what I can find for you on rabbit diets, but in the mean time, try tuna and potote or rice--beware though, it takes 3-6 weeks to see significant improvement.
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Ok here's one, I know this girl the original recipe designer is here in Ontario but she sells through the states from this address.

This is a frozen all meat and veg formula--you can cut it 50/50 with a grain (and many dog's do better with grain) I used to use oatmeal when I was feeding the beef formula.
There are more, I'll find them
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Where are you??
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Another it would be worth trying is the Simple Solutions by Old Mother Hubbard, comes in Duck or Venison, both are pretty darn non-allergic and would be worth a try. Also they use only one carb source.
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Thank you sooooo much! I'm in Arizona, we are very rural, about 3.5 hours NE of Phoenix; I'd like to find something I can order online, or that is carried in Phoenix or Flagstaff........

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You're in luck, they have a retailer in Phoenix.

Store Name Address Contact Person Phone Number
Bonnie's Barkery www.bonniesbarkery.com 30845 North Cave Creek Road Suite #115 Phoenix, AZ 85331 480-502-7973
Doggie Sushi -- some home delivery available www.doggiesushi.com Peoria, AZ Karen Daugherty doggiesushi@yahoo.com 623-376-8855 fax623-825-3332
The Stock Shop 6615 W Thunderbird Rd Glendale, AZ 85306

That site will also ship to you if you don't live close to a retailer.
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Yay, thanks so much! I just got Bailey's medical records, and the poor thing has been suffering with allergies and skin issues since 8weeks old! He has quite the history.

I did see that he was also getting some canned duck and potato, so that opens things up a bit.

Until I get to a store that carries the specialty food, I'm going to order a little bit online, and in the meantime I will just cook him duck and potato.....I can usually get that at the market.

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I completely feel for you here. My dog was diagnosed with skin allergies as well. We've been troubleshooting for over a year..ugh.

A decent website I found to tap into the knowledge of dog lovers is:


Just wanted to pass it on so you can tap here and there if you need to. I have recieved great advice there as well as here.

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Honestly I would avoid hills at all costs, they are one of the only food companies that still uses large amounts of chemical preservatives, their by-product use is out of control--as an example--their low cal formulas use peanut hulls--I'd loose weight too if I ate peanut hulls but I don't think anyone would ever tell me it's a healthy way to do it. Hills was a decent company years ago, but major advances have been made in pet food and they are stuck in the chemical stone age--all you need to do is look at ingredients to tell that they are making an inferior food and selling it at hugely escalated prices.
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My male kitty has food allergies. The only thing he can eat is IVD Duck and Green Pea cat food. I know that there is a canine form - Duck and Potato, I think. Comes in dry food and in canned food. It is prescription only, as most of these low allergen foods are - your vet should be able to order it for you. We just pick it up at the vet's now that we have his allergy on his chart - no visit required. It isn't cheap though.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles but I've been there and know how you feel. I adopted my greyhound and the first vet visit was told his hair loss and skin problems where probably a food allergy.(and yes he was tested for a thyroid problem all the bloodwor was ran, nothing). I have spent RIDICULOUS amounts of money on prescription foods etc only to find nothing worked. thank goodness I foster because otherwise I'd be over-run with dog food my dog can't eat. Then a small independent pet shop opened up and I tired some of their food. I now use a brand called Pinnacle they have a Trout and Sweet Potoato formula and I swear it works like a charm. They also have a new duck formula and a chicken formula. The food is much more expensive then normal food but it is worth every penny. Here is their website http://www.breeders-choice.com/product_locator_results.php3

You can even search to see if there is a store near you that sells the products

I know Wellness also makes a canned Rabbit food it's about 2 a can though.
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Thank you!! Pinacle was the one I was trying to think of!!
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