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Gabaldon readers?

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I think there was a thread about Diana Gabaldon a while back, but I never got around to reading it and now I can't find it. I know it's there somewhere, but I'm a little spacey today...

So anyway, is anyone else just jumping out of their skin with excitement about the new book? I can hardly wait; I'm more excited about this than I was about Harry Potter! I have mine on preorder and I'm counting the days till it arrives!
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Gabaldon's biggest fan checking in. I'm very excited about the new book too, llyra!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could do nothing but read on the 27th, 28th, and 29th (oops, my anniversary!)..... Well, I guess I just won't sleep for 2 days then!

But if I caffeinate the little nursing toddler will be up with me!

Here's a link to the other thread:
Any other Gabaldon fans want to talk about Claire and Jamie?
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I am going to get the new book and force myself to save it for reading during my first week after the baby's birth, when I am supposed to stay in bed and rest while dh is in charge of my older kids, meals and clean up.
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Wow, farmer mama, you have willpower. I can see, though, that the book would be perfect for postpartum resting. A few days in bed nursing a newborn and reading a great book sounds like just the thing.
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I've been slowly rereading and savouring the series and have less than half of the Fiery Cross to finish... I've timed it perfectly!!! I am ridiculously excited about the new book. : This was supposed to be the last of the series but thankfully it seems Diana (I'm also on a first name basis with her ) needs at least one more book to tie it up. Anybody ever visit her website or the Lady's of Lallybroch site? JennyClaire? I know it would be dangerous for Brianna, but I hope there is another baby. I love Diana's very realistic depictions of motherhood...bfeeding, cosleeping, sep. anxiety etc. Let's meet back here to discuss as we're reading... to prevent spoilers start each message with what page you've read to. Happy Waiting!!!
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I have visited DG's website a few times, and unfortunately read a few of her excerpts for the last 2 books. I don't like knowing what will happen before reading the books, but sometimes it's hard to wait. You can subscribe to a Yahoo Group (from DG's page, I think) that will notify you when there's been an update to her website. I've also been to the Ladies of Lallybrock website, but with my active tot, there hasn't been time to explore it. Anyone else? I know they have a "quote of the day" kind of thing, but I'm not really sure what else is available.

Putting what page we're on in Breath of Snow at the beginning of each post is a great idea for helping us avoid spoilers! Although I personally may not even visit MDC until I finish.

I'm in the middle of Voyager right now, but I've read the series so many times that I'll be ready to pick up the new one next week anyway. As long as I can manage to read one other book/week, I allow myself Gabaldon too!

Originally Posted by perrysmom
I am ridiculously excited about the new book. :
Me too! 4 days!
: : : : : : :::
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AMAZON just sent me my Diana Gabaldon book in English! It'll be here TOMORROW or Monday! I'm going to read the whole book through and then check back onto MDC to discuss.
I can't wait!
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Hey, that's not fair!!!! Amazon hasn't sent me MINE!!! Whine, whine whine...
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I'm tentatively looking forward to the new one. I loved the first and enjoyed the next several, but FC was just so dang long and frankly, it dragged. I'm hoping she can revive things with this next one.

But how can she possibly make it fresh? How many new ways can she describe Claire and Jamie having hot, married sex al fresco? I realize that the Brianna/Roger thing was brought in so there would be a new couple to take our interest, but they just weren't that interesting to me. I do like the way Claire deals with medical situations, though, and I'm hoping that there will be more good scenes of that. (No more Jamie in peril, please!).

And it would be nice to see a gay person that doesn't have to be all lovelorn (Lord John) or isn't a sick perv (Randall). You know who I really want to see more of? That little toady herbalist dude from Paris. Maitre Raymond. Now he's a character.
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I aggre with you: NO MORE 'Jamie in Peril' situations! I'm sick of them, and you would think that at his age (no offense to those of you over 40) he would let the fighting to the 'yung 'uns' and spend more time on his land. Having said that, he IS a stubborn Scot...AND a Fraser.
I too hope that there will be some fresh material to make it interesting. Aside from the fact that I think DG will have Claire go through 'the change' in this book (just a guess...), perhaps Roger and Brianna will finally start to become a bit more interesting? And what about Young Ian? Will he get paired off and start his own family as well? There's also Jenny, Ian and their children left in Scotland. Perhaps they'll leave their land there and come and try their fortune in America?
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I'm about to pee my pants, I'm sooo excited!!!

I'll be at Barnes & Noble tomorrow at 9am...an entire hour to myself to read & have a little treat at their little cafe. ahhhh....

Think my toddler & 9 month old will let me read all day? I mean Ian can get his own peanut butter now...he's practically grown, right? :LOL
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I just got an email saying mine was on the way. Should be here Thursday.
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Ahhh 29 pages in...it's so nice to be back at the Ridge...

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262 pages along

And I am really enjoying it!!!!!!!!! I thought that I'd be done by now, but I've been reading as slow as possible and savoring every word.

Shoot, babe is waking. Back later.
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I'm on page 743 (dd has been sick the past three days and we've spent most of the time in bed nursing), and I've been reading like a fanatic. And enjoying it.

Let me know when you're all done so that we can discuss and such...
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met her last night *swoon*. i have my copy. (dh brought me out to davis-kidd for a date- he is a fan, too.) her talk was excellent.

btw, i went to go shuffle the ezzos, & then noticed a HUGE DISCLAIMER with the comments from the AAP attributing it to failure to thrive, yadda yadda. !!!!!!!!!! i left them in peace, to proclaim their message of 'oh, ok, buy this book, if you want to STARVE YOUR INFANT.' a win for our side! yay!


ps just wanted to clarify, this wasn't some post-it one of us left; this was an OFFICIAL davis-kidd plastic-protected 4 x 6 warning clamped in front of the display! thank you, davis-kidd!
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Well, I'm done. Yeah, I know, and I didn't even neglect my daughter, either! :LOL I did do without a lot of sleep, though. I just couldn't put it down. I was teasing DH that I wanted to just go back to the beginning and read it all over again.
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Only 125 pgs in but loving it...the children are not being particularily cooperative (toddler ds keeps trying to destroy book). I'll hurry so I can join discussions...
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I'm waiting on the "hold" list at the library, so I haven't started yet! (Can't, can't, can't buy new hardbacks right now--out of the budget entirely). I'll just stay out of this thread until I get a chance to catch up.
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