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How do you make felted balls, flowers, pictures, etc?

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I got a bunch of carded yarn and I'm itching to make some stuff with it, but I don't know how. I don't want to have to buy any patterns cause I can't contain myself to wait that long. :LOL Talk me through felting please?
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Sorry, I can't help you, but I'm subscribing to this thread because its something I want to know as well!
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I found this recently but I'd love to hear other ideas too
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Have you checked out needle felting? I like to make forms the soapy water way, and then add details with felting needles. I have made lots of those waldorfy-wool dolls this way and they turn out really nice.
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A super easy kid friendly way to make felt balls:

Fill a couple large pots with as hot water as you can stand it and dish soap.. Take some wool roving and wrap around to form a ball, dip into the hot water and then just place it back and forth from hand to hand without squeezing. AS it cools, dip it back in the hot water and keep forming with hands back and forth and dipping in water *this will shrink the wool into shape. Then you can add pieces of colored wool by wrapping around ball and repeat above process.

Let them dry and then to make sure they are truly felted, place in stocking (nylons) tie closed, and wash in washing machine in hot water, and then put in dryer.

Ours came out great!

Warm wishes,
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Ok, then how do you make the felted flowers and stuff?

Do you have to have special needles to do needle felting? I have some really long thick sewing needles (like 5 inches long), but I don't want to buy anything else right now.
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I was wondering this too, thought it could be a fun project for homeschool, but maybe the water would need to be too hot for her to handle it.
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They do have special needles for felting. They are barbed and grab the different fibers and smoosh them together. They're cheap, but probably difficult to find. I got mine at a fiber show.
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Lots of places on-line sell felting needles, as do some LYS.
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The balls you can wet felt. You can also wet felt the flowers (www.achildsdream.com has a wet felted flower kit, for example). http://mielkesfarm.com/flt_ndls.htm has felting needles (you really need these to do dry felting - they are different from regular sewing needles and MUST be used with great caution - they are VERY sharp. Tho I swear no one believes me until they prick themselves.

For the pictures, you might see if your library has the books Magic Wool and More Magic Wool. They have directions on how to do dry felting people, and those pictures. You will probably need a felting needle for those.

You might be able to get a felting needle or two over on the trading post, as well - someone who felts regularly might buy needles in bulk (good ole ebay) and be willing to sell you a couple cheaply. As an FYI: at mielkes, they're a pack of 5 for $5. PEace Fleece has them for 25c each, with a flat $2.50 for shipping when you're ordering just felting needles.


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I saw a spinner at a fiber fair that had felted balls that she made by loading a pair of pantyhose with balled wool and then tying the hose between each ball- then she ran it through the washer. Some of the balls were not perfect spheres- but they were compact, tight and smooth- and very colorful because she had used dyed roving.

I have done some needle felting- but I have trouble making up a shape (wanting to make little animals) I think I n eed to make some base forms in basic egg and sausage shapes- and then connect them together to felt the little details.

Felting needles are very inexpensive... as far as craft tools go- you can do a lot with a $5 investment.

Love Sarah
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