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I feel so special!

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DSS was here this weekend for an overnighter. All day long he had been telling he had been telling DH that is was just them....C (me) could stay here. There were a couple times he asked me if I was coming and when I asked if that was ok with him (didn't want to step on any toes since this was the first overnighter he's had with me around and in our new place) he'd tell me no. However lame it sounds by the end of the day I was feeling picked on by my 4.5 year DSS! :LOL Anyways, after they watch a movie (I was reading a book by choice :LOL) I went up to say good night. He mumbled something so I leaned forward and asked him what he said. He asked, "Will you snuggle with me?" I was more than happy to!!!!!! (Just like his father.......who also asked me to come snuggle him shortly after we met...snuggle, their word not mine). I was silently jumping with joy!!! :LOL After we dropped him off I turned to DH and said I felt special and no longer picked on and left it at that....:LOL I don't think he knows what I'm talking about.
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Congrats on your breakthru! (and your snuggle)
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Congrats happy for you mama.
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I "know" that feeling!

Our oldest daughter, I went through the same time thing. My bf drove home from picking her up (which is an hour away from our house I might add - 2 hour drive! Both ways!) I stayed at home, since I had to pick up our middle child from the bus stop. He took our youngest with him for the drive. My oldest came in, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with the middle child. She just immediately sat on my lap (she is 7) and leaned on my chest, and threw her arms around me. I was like (heart stopped! ) Every time, she does that, I feel how a mom feels when her baby smiles at her (for the first time and every time after that). She gave me a kiss, and said she missed me. I am grateful for the bond her and I share. Congrats!!! it's an amazing feeling and a great breakthrough!
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