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No more thumb?

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Has anyone ever experienced the following? Our 18 month old who has been a thumb sucker since around 4months old (and a very consistent thumb sucker at that!) has as of the past two days given up on his thumb. He got sick on sunday and monday with a high fever and just laid around on my body and did not suck his thumb, and now that he is better he still will not and is having a horrible time trying to get to sleep and stay asleep. Last night was awful! And we are moving homes right now - finally for good tomorrow, and perhaps the transition has caused this. However, the real bummer for him is that he is having trouble self-soothing now and the sleep issue is a huge one for him!
Any advice or words of consolation to a mom who is mourning the loss of her sweet thumb sucking habit kid!

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My DS always nurses to sleep, and when he got a cold with terrible congestion a while back it really threw him off. He just about quit nursing for 3 or 4 days, and it took a week or so before things were back to normal. I'd say especially considering you are moving, just give him time to get back in the groove, or find a new one. Transitions are so hard for toddlers, they really like their familiar surroundings. Maybe you can offer soothing alternatives, like reading books or cuddling with stuffed animal while you sing lullabys?
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