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post partum headaches

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i delivered 13 days ago and have recently started having really bad headaches. i dont usually take anything for headaches but have needed to with the past few days and it doesnt relieve them very well. i did not have any pain medication/epidural during delivery.

anybody else??
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I would go see your doctor, GP or otherwise. Check to see if you are anemic, or dehydrated.
What has worked for me with my headaches is 3 (200mg each) motrin and 2 (200mg each) tylenol extra strength. Every 6 hours. That seems to knock my headache right out- but I still suffer from them (1 yr after dd2 birth) (sorry to be a downer!)
You need to be in tip top shape for your babe mama- take care of yourself.
all my best
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you know, its probably dehydration. i am nursing 2 and surely not drinking enough.

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I was going to suggest dehydration too...nursing takes sooo much fluid to maintain your hydration and produce milk, especially if you are tandemming....I know with ds one I was lucky, I never had any letdown reflex that I noticed except that the second i would start nursing him I would feel like if I didn't have a litre of water RIGHT NOW!!!! I would keel over dead. DH never could understand why it took me at least 6 months to remember to get my own water before sitting down to nurse...( I say I was just trying to include him in ds's care :LOL )

Also, if you have started drinking caffeine since baby was born, and weren't drinking it during pregnancy, or if you have changed your caffeine consumption in any way...that can contribute to intense headaches too....did you know that going from half a cup of coffee a day to nothing can cause intense caffeine withdrawal headaches?

Hope you find a solution soon.....I know how agonizing head pain can be.
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tylenol extra strength is 500mg
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I had a migraine headache behind my right eye yesterday, which was one week after DD's birth. When i'm not pregnant I get a headache 1-2 times/month and they seem to happen at certain points in my menstrual cycle. I normally take imitrex. I had a few headaches very early on with this pregnancy. When I feel one coming on I try to use caffeine--cola or coffee--to ward it off. Resting with an eye pillow over my eyes or with my head under the water in the bathtub and just my nose sticking out also helps. For me I think lack of protein can cause headaches, so I am going to try to do better with that. My 23mo DS has started nursing like crazy ever since DD was born so I would not be surprised if the lack of protein thing were gping on for me again.

Hope you are feeling better today, Lillian!
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I had severe headache and thought it might be from the epidural, but, the headaches did not go away when I lay supine, which they're supposed to if it's the epidural related headache. It was horrible!

I think these headaches can come from crashing/ alternating hormones, sleep deprivation, stress. Mine abruptly went away at 8 days post partum.

Ibuprofin is the only thing that relieves headaches for me. Tylenol doesn't touch them.
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