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What have you gotten done this week???

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Well for starters I got my kitchen cleaned back up, got almost all my laundry washed, hung, folded and only have a bit left to put away. I cleaned our bedroom and purged a bunch of stuff out of there. I cleaned the bathroom upstairs, moped the kitchen floor and vacuumed the entire first floor and the hallway and my bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Now tomorrow I am going to clean my dd's room which is also where most things seem to get stored, so there will be a lot of purging going on there. I should also bake some goodies since we are totally out and that just doesn't sit well with me. So tomorrow seems like as good of day as any to work on it.

I also purged dd's toys and freecycled a box since her birthday is only 2 weeks away, I am sure she will end up with more than she could ever need!

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This week I go tthe kitchen cleaned, go the baby's laundry done, washed a load of diapers and went through her clothes looking for things she outgrew to donate/give away.

My goal is to get the carpets cleaned and the bedrooms better organized.
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I had a pretty cool declutter moment today! Over the past year, I've taken 2 boxes of books to our local used bookstore and have accepted store credit for them. Today, I went in there to buy books for the kids in our family for Yule. I bought over $18 worth of children's books....and didn't pay a penny for them.

What a great feeling to have a healthy chunk of my Yule shopping done and not having to pay for it....except in stuff I didn't want anymore!
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I had such a good day yesterday. I went through all of DD and my closets. I gave 3 huge bags of clothes to the Salvation Army. 2 of them were DD's alone. But now we have almost no clothes left. I put away all our summer clothes, and neither one of us have any Fall. Her bday is next week so I know she'll get plenty of clothes. We'll just have to shop
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I took a day off from work and washed and scrubbed all the walls, doors, floors, and baseboards in our home I used Washing Soda by Arm and Hammer and a few drops of Orange and Grapefruit EO in a bucket of warm water. I seriously went through 2 dozen rags and over a dozen buckets of water! I couldn't believe all the dirt and whatnot that was in our house... We do have our windows open a lot and we have 2 dogs + the kids so the wall do get dirty

Cleaned the windows in the kitchen and living room, kids rooms and bathroom. But just the insides... the outsides NEED to be done!

I also hung out 8 loads of laundry. Got 2 more bags ready for Goodwill. Helped dh and the kids reorg the garage: Got out the Halloween decorations and put all the summer stuff in storage. They vacuumed the garage!

I cleaned the unfinished ceiling in my laundry area and got rid of most of the cobwebs (spiders need homes too ) Cleaned the basement bathroom with the 5 cat boxes... Downsized to 3 cat boxes. since 2 of our cats have relocated themselves to someplace else.

I still need to do SOMETHING with all ds' cloth diapers... We have too many! We need to start putting some summer clothes away and get the sweaters out. But its still 86 degrees here today but dropping to the 60s for the rest of the week so its hard to be between seasons. I also need to go through our pantry and freezer and meal plan for October.
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Well it sounds like we all got a lot done.

Today hasn't been as productive, but I did get a cake baked, fed the kiddos breakfast and got dinner in the crock pot. Does that count as things done for the day.

When dd goes down for nap I am gonna work on cleaning on her room since she will be sleeping in my room anyways!

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I cleaned my car for the second time, cleaned a "bedroom" (we have 5 bedrooms but only 2 could be lived in), and cleaned the mud room/laundry. Both rooms were organized 'cuz that's the ONLY way I could have reached the edges to vacuum. It's also the only way to mop the middle.
Now 3 bedrooms can be lived in.
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I haven't gotten anything done yet, but after I log off, I plan to get dinner ready, finish laundry, and get the freecycle stuff together. i also have some things I want to get to the consignment shop. I am collecting bits and pieces for gifts so I can get little things done at night, since I am making some fairies and elves for 3 1/2 dd. Really, I am getting going
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Holding myself accountable here...
I have only packed a few small boxes, gotten DP to accomplish a few things (I am sure that counts as something :LOL ) and kept up on the dishes and laundry. I have a lot to do.
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I am seriously nesting!! Yesterday I cleaned out all of our paperwork, cleaned the kitchen, decluttered under my sink, and recycled a whole bunch of magazines/paper stuff. Today with my mom's help I went through all of the clothing my girls have in our basement and organized it all by sizes (there is a lot! -- like 8 Rubbermaid buckets full) and now it is all ready for the next baby girl to come along. I also filled 3 huge lawn and garden bags for the Salvation Army and had dh put them right into my car to be dropped off this week. I also have 2 bags of books put aside to donate and am on the hunt for more stuff that needs to go Oh and I have been trying to get a load of laundry out on the clothesline every day so I won't get too far behind -- today I washed baby blankets/diapers. Probably gonna be really tired come Monday :LOL
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Lots of laundry done and most of it put away, rooms upstairs vaccumed, and all the rooms picked up. Now I just need to do downstairs :LOL.
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