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Prefolds are cheap and fit on babies of any shape. BeanBean had very slender thighs all his life, and when I started CDing him I had a hell of a time finding covers to fit him (which lead, eventually, to my finding super-soft wool-cashmere blends and knitting, but I digress) but I never had a problem getting prefolds snug around his legs. When BooBah was very early in her crawling stage (3-5 months) she had round, sweet little thighs, and it was just as easy to get the prefold to fit her as it had been BeanBean. It was the same story when she started walking and her legs slimmed out again. Even though the kids were two different shapes and peed in different directions, I was always able to get the most out of the prefolds.

I have to say, though, that if I was going to do it all again I'd probably get myself a boatload of hemp flats. I've got four of them and I LOVE them dearly. They're unbelievably versatile, and though I have to use two or even three at a time, I think they're so worthwhile because of the ease in cleaning, drying and storing. Of course, Mike found the flats almost impossible to use so we'd probably still keep the prefolds around for his sake. :LOL

We have very few fitted diapers, and most of them didn't fit well. In fact, I can only think of three that did, and I just love them to bits.
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Y'know Rynna, because I use prefolds and have never used an AIO, it never occurred to me that thigh differences could be a problem with AIOs... my kids have had very different growth patterns, too, and the same old dipes and covers have worked with both of them.

Are flats the big single layer dipes that you fold up to make "prefolds"? :LOL We actually have ~1 - 1 1/2 doz. of those, and they are *extremely* useful in the 0-3 mos. stage, IMO.
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Wow! I can't believe it took me so long to jump into this thread. Yes, you bet your sweet selves that I will be using cloth diapers. In fact, I've started working on a stash right now. We didn't have any newborn or small diapers because we used a diaper service with DD until she was 10 months old. I also never used much else except prefolds and PUL covers. This time around, I want to experiment.

I've already got a bunch of kissaluvs from eBay, and I bought some new infant size prefolds. I am going to sew some diapers, too. A few weeks ago, I made my first diaper ever as part of an article I wrote for the latest issue of the RDA quarterly newsletter, Real Diaper News. I took pictures as I went along and it was a lot of fun. I am going to make a bunch more, although I must confess I am a mediocre seamstress. Kind of pathetic since I have been sewing since high school.

I look forward to hearing more about everyone's cloth plans.
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My plans right now are to knit a bunch of wetbags while I'm pregnant and maybe a few soakers/longies (if I ever find my double-pointed needles : ) and sell them on eBay. If I make enough money to buy a washing machine, I will then dive right back into my stash of prefolds and happily use them for the rest of our diapering days. :LOL
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Having CD-ed both kids from birth my only "stash" plan is to buy another washer, or a bigger one if this one runs out before april. It looks like my DS (just 3 then) won't be PL before the baby gets here so Ill be CDing 3. If he isn't dry by next autumn the second plan is to finally buy a dryer too.
Diaperwise we are pretty much set, allthough I can't resist a nice NB VB-aio, some tiny OVprefolds or maybe some small Elbees from the TP. Still working on the babies soakerstash. This is the first baby that will be in wool from birth.
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We'll be CD'ing here too. With ds we 'inherited' a bunch of dipes and wraps from my cousin who had twins! So we were quite set. It even opened my eyes to some styles I *love* that I may never have tried (let's just say anything with snaps was infinitely better than anything with velcro!). The diapers will be great for when this babe is a bit bigger (4-6mo I am guessing), but the wraps have been through too many kids (even with line-drying), and our stash of NB-3mo was always pretty small. So it looks like we will be purchasing a round of new covers (I'll buy about 3-6 little ones to start and then we'll buy as we go), and I am thinking of just getting flats and Snappis for the beginning (and maybe even later). Does anyone think they may be too bulky for a NB? I must be really because I am actually looking forward to getting back into the routine of laundering dipes! I just love developing a system for each stage (as far as appropriate cleaning products and vinegar rinses go! I'm nuts!)
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A fun update to my newborn stash - the new stuff. And I should have 6 small VB AIO's in my hot little hands within the next month.
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Originally Posted by lmonter
A fun update to my newborn stash - the new stuff.

Awww! Sooo cute!
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Originally Posted by mommabear
Awww! Sooo cute!
I the Born at home prefolds! Too sweet And VB AIOs are THE BEST. I have a dozen coming around Thanksgiving! I am sooo excited!
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Okay... here is my stash! (It is also linked in my siggy as the Due date)
Diaper Stash

It is not complete... I still need to add my stash of Med-Lgs.

What I'm waiting on:
- 6 XS VB AIOs
- 6 Sm VB AIOs
- 1 more LC sz 1 fitted
- 2 LC sz 0 fitted
- 1 FCB sz 0 fitted
- 6 Sugar Plum Baby Small OV fitteds (same as NB)
- 6 Sugar Plum Baby Small OC fitteds (same as NB)
- 1 Little Beetle OC/OV fitted in Posh Purple
- NB Longies
- Small KP cashmere cover

What I'm still hoping to get:
- 4 more LC sz 0 fitteds
- 5 more FCB sz 0 fitteds
- 2 more Kissaluv sz 1s
Some more wool soakers in Small and Newborn (MIL and I knitting) and maybe another pair of NB longies and a couple pair of small longies.

So thoughts? Am I going overboard? What am I missing?
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Very cool stash. You make me feel like a slacker though
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With Hunter we used kissaluvs & fleece liners with wool covers mostly.
I think we had a few other covers. We had some fuzzi bunz and AIO's
but rarely used them.

For this baby I'll probably get a few more wool covers (cute ones with
and new fleeceliners. If it's a girl then I'll probalby sell our green
and blue kissaluvs and buy purple or pink ones - I love color. I
also want to get cute pattern fitteds from WAHM's, but I'll have to start
shopping soon since I have horrible luck actually getting anything in
stock or custom.

I plan to buy a whole new set of wipes too in velour.

(in case this post makes it sound like we're made of money, which
we're not...Both of DH's grandparents, my nana, my aunt and my Dad
have already given me money for Christmas and my birthday which I intend
to use for baby purchaces and since we don't need much I want nice diapers)
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I'm feeling really depressed about cloth diapers these days. We ran out of sposies last week and have no cash at all until the middle of January, so we've been using cloth. BooBah is too big for the medium covers that we had an abundance of (BeanBean wore a medium for a very long time, and was mostly out of them when we moved), so she's uncomfortable a lot of the time... and I've discovered that many of my prefolds are not holding up as well as I would like. Of course, sposies are depressing too... maybe this is just hormones.
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I'm hooked on Kushies. I will reuse some of my Happy Heineys and WAHM diapers I used on dd...but any new ones I buy from here on out will probably always be Kushies. I personally don't like FB's or Kissaluvs. But, I have some. I really like the AIO diapers. They work best for us for money and convenience.

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This is our first baby, and we're planning on CDing with the exception of perhaps using the 7th Gen disposables in the first few weeks? That will depend entirely upon how I'm doing, honestly and if we're getting any sleep and all that. I will try not to feel guilty about using those disposables for a few weeks if I'm too dead to wash cloth ones anyway? (I'm thinking worst case scenario here -- I'm horrible about letting the laundry go til I have to run it and I know I won't be able to do that with CDs.)

Anyway, the plan at this point is to get a combo of Bumkins for day use and Fuzzi Bunz for night, and flushable inserts if possible. And to start off with size smalls since we'll likely use the 7th gen ones during the XS period? I have only a tiny clue about all this -- still have a lot of research to do. Any input's very welcome

No one ever talks about Bumkins though -- has anyone tried them? The reviews I've read on them have all been really good but I never see them on anyone's list it seems....
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It will really depend on the size and shape of your baby. I had three x-small diapers when BooBah was brand new, and they were too big for the first two weeks. After that, she could wear the x-smalls and newborns but the smalls were *huge*... as in, so big that when she pooped in them, it would run down the sides because the elastic couldn't hold it in. I used sposies on her in the beginning, premie size for the first week or two and then newborns. Eventually, I got some newborn sized proraps which, when used with flatfold gerber diapers (the kind you get at wally world) worked very well until she was ready for smalls. And she was my bootylicious baby, much fluffier than BeanBean! She was tiny, though; she didn't fit in her carseat, for example, without blankets to adjust her. The carseat tech said she'd never seen a baby who weighed more than 6 pounds at birth and didn't fill out the straps at the lowest settings before, and BooBah weighed nearly 7 (she was 6 lbs 13 oz).
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Thanks, Rynna -- do you think it would be better to get something different for early on then? I see Kissaluvs listed several times (esp. size 0 for NBs) but they aren't AIOs right? DH will help with the diapering but there's no diaper service here so it'll be all about the washing machine and it seems like having less styles will be easier for both putting it all together and for washing. I've read that the FB will pill up if you wash them with anything other than other FB, for instance.

DH is all about trying the CD thing for environmental reasons, but he has said several times that we need to keep it simple, as we are both bad about the laundry thing. He's right.

We're planning on registering at a website online for the diapers, and have been told we'll get a lot of what we need that way (very lucky us!) so I need to get moving on figuring all this out I guess. I thought I had gotten to a good spot with styles/brands but now I'm really clueless on sizes. I don't want to spend lots of $$ on XS and have them be outgrown really quickly?

Yikes, but I'm clueless. I'll go ask in the CD forum aout the Bumkins but any other advice you ladies here have would be a huge help

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Bumkins are good - I know several people who have used those exclusively.

Kissaluva are not AIOs they are fitted diapers, which means you have to have a cover - but they are pretty simple, and still only two pieces. I like kissaluvs a lot - I am going to get a dozen in the sz 0.

Bumkins also makes covers, which I hear are great.

Get a few of a bunch of different things - since it is possible that things won't fit right. Babies vary so much in proportion that different things fit very differently. At work we have a lot of people come in to try stuff on their new ones. And then come back after they have used them to try on different stuff.
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Thank you for the feedback on the Bumkins! I'm glad to hear you know of folks who use them. The following is kind of a vent and is in no way directed at you nor anyone else.

Originally Posted by AdinaL

Get a few of a bunch of different things - since it is possible that things won't fit right. Babies vary so much in proportion that different things fit very differently. At work we have a lot of people come in to try stuff on their new ones. And then come back after they have used them to try on different stuff.
Okay, this isn't going to sound very nice, but I'm just going to show my ass a bit. Oh dear -- I'm not a terrible person, I promise. This is just gonna make me look like I am. *cringe*

That would be perfectly sound advice for a normal mama who's into cloth diapering. But, well, I'm not. It's guilt that's driving me and that's why we're doing CDs. Not because I want to and not because DH wants to, but because it's best for the baby and best for the environment. Period.

And if I get a sampling of different kinds then I'm afraid I won't get what I'll need via the registry. I don't want to register for a little of this and a little of that and then not be able to try any of them out until I'm home and dealing with a new baby. I don't have a clue what I'm doing!

Oh and of course then be saddled with the expense of ordering the ones we really need once the trial period's over. I need something in place that'll be doable from the get-go, or at least within the first few weeks. And I need us to not have to pay for the bulk of it. I know we'll have to buy some additional ones down the road and I'm prepared for that, but not as an upfront expense right away.

I'm not trying to be greedy but CDs are dang expensive! And if we register for them, we'll get them. We're very lucky there.

If we don't register for what we'll use, then we're screwed later on. Make sense? There's no store here that sells any CDs unless you count the Gerber spit-up rags at Babies-R-Us. And I don't shop at Walmart. I have to do all this online and was thrilled when I found two SAHM sites that offer registeries.

I had hoped to register for a Bumkin/FB combo set type thing in Small and maybe a size up or so too and then go from there. That's assuming we use 7th Gen dipes for first few weeks. It's also based upon recommendations I've read on various sites. But if sizing is a big issue then I'm in for a problem. What can I do???

And I would go exclusively with FB just for ease of use and register for all sizes, only I've heard they're not ideal for daytime. That's why I only wanted to toss in one more type. But just the one and it's an AIO. Just like FB is mostly an AIO with a stuffing, but less changes at night, yes? Easy, yes? Flushable liners make it even easier!

That's where I'm coming from. Guilt and laziness.

Does all that make sense? I don't want to deal with comparing -- I don't want this to be my new hobby . I don't want to spend time dealing with diapers beyond washing and changing. Period. Thus the liners and the AIOs with minimal stuffage hassle to deal with.

And I would in a heartbeat pay a service to deal with the CDs. We just don't have one here is all.

So I just want ones that will work and will be as easy as possible to deal with.

And I thought I'd found that in the two brands I picked but as for sizing -- how do you know ahead of time??? If they take weeks to get here (which acc'g to most sites I've been to, they do) then what the heck do you do in the meantime? Do you order XS or size 0 and have a 10lber then say oh well there's money down the toilet since you have to wash them a ton prior to being able to use? And I am really embarrassed to say this but I can't bear the thought of ordering them used off eBay to try them out as that'd be like buying used panties to me and I just can't do it -- I'm way too paranoid. I'm sorry.

Is it unrealistic to register for them at all? I really thought I was being practical with the whole starting at size Small and allowing myself the guilt of using disposables (albeit less horrid ones) for a few weeks.

Am I being stupid?

Oh dear. See how I'm not a good CDing mama? This is already stressing me out and I haven't even ordered my first one yet.

Am gonna go try to sleep a bit and worry about this later. Sorry for the vent.
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Renee, it's not that bad.

Our stash is a complete hodge-podge of random things, and I have never ever ever separated the diapers or covers for washing, with the sole exception being the wool covers that I've knitted (and the one that I had); those were washed by hand. Everything else, diapers, covers, liners and pocket stuffers went into the general diaper bin. All was washed together. Technically, you're supposed to wash some of the covers in medium water instead of hot, but we never did that and never had a problem. We also had several non-diaper things go into the wash when they had been used as diapers in emergencies (i.e. tea towels, socks, scarves... whatever! ). The idea of doing two or three different loads of diaper laundry is quite horrifying to me... and I actually *enjoy* doing laundry!

I've never heard about Fuzzi Bunz pilling if you wash them with other diapers, but we did it for two years and never had a problem.

Getting different kinds is not as bad as you think; they have a fairly high resale value on the Trading Post here, for example, and even if you're only trading within your Due Date Club, you'll probably do very well.

If you're looking for maximum versatility, the diapers that will give you the most for your money, stick with prefolds and covers; infant prefolds initially and premiums later on. If you want diapers to be easy for anyone to change, fitteds and AIOs are nice, but they are much more difficult to size before you have your baby and the diaper in hand. They're all built differently, the babies and the diapers. I've only had two AIOs (one that I made and one that was sent to me), and I didn't like them. The one that I made fit BeanBean perfectly, but it was a demon to wash and dry and I never felt like it was getting clean enough. It also never fit BooBah at all-- she has such a different figure from her brother that by the time she was big enough for it to stay on her hips, her thighs were too big... It's anyone's guess whether #3 will ever wear it.

Just about any type of diaper can be made to work through any situation, provided that it fits the child in question. I haven't posted much about a stash here, because as I said mine is quite the hodgepodge, but if I could afford a dream stash for a newborn, this is what I'd buy:

Knit three or four wool/wool blend wraps for daytime/in the house use.

Knit 3 pairs of shorts/longies (depending on weather) for nighttime use (with heavier yarn). These would go over the pocket diapers or over a pinned/snappied prefold with a soft, fleece liner.

4 dozen fleece or silk liners. Machine washable, they pull liquid away from the body and prevent rashes. They also make it fairly easy to shake off poop, once it's "solid" and they're not too difficult to rinse off in the sink (if you or your man is so inclined; I'm not, Mike is).

10 proraps colors per size. I know that the diapering websites say that you only need three or four, but when you're not using fitted diapers underneath... well, newborn baby poop can be very very runny, and often gets to the cover. That means that you have to take the cover off when you change the diaper! I'd also like to be able to switch between two covers during the day, so that they've got a chance to dry (provided, once again, that there's no poop involved). With ten covers, you're pretty much guaranteed at least two days between loads of diaper laundry.

5 Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. During the newborn period, when your baby is sleeping all the time, the fleece or silk liners are much more convinient for preventing rashes, so I probably wouldn't buy too many in x-small size (unless my baby still needed xs after the end of the "fourth trimester.") I'd start with size small, and wait until after the baby was born to decide on them. Some babies, by the time they are staying awake for extended periods, are totally able to wear a medium sized diaper, kwim? I use Fuzzi Bunz *exclusively* for nighttime or extended car trips, to prevent rashiness. A Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with hemp and worn under a pair of wool longies will keep most babies, even heavy wetters, dry and comfortable all night long, as well as their co-sleeping families.

A dozen 6 to 8 layer hemp liners for the Fuzzi Bunz. Some kids (like mine) require as many as three of these liners a night. :

3 dozen infant sized prefolds.

8 dozen hemp jersey flats. Sounds like a lot, I know, but this is a dream stash, right? Hemp flats are almost unbearably versatile. The tiniest babies can get a perfect fit with them, just as well as the largest. They can be used to stuff Fuzzi Bunz, for extra absorbancy with regular prefolds, under longies, soakers and wraps... and they wash easily and dry extremely quickly. I only had four of them in my diaper laundry, but when I was hanging them on the line with all the other diapers and covers, I would often find that the flats were dry before I'd finished hanging the others up. (Note: We don't have a clothesline anymore, nor do we have a washer and dryer at the moment, but even so hemp flats will save *tons* of money for anyone when it comes to drying!). You never had to wash them twice, either; they got clean the first time every time. They are not as easy to use as prefolds, and I know that Mike found them somewhat frustrating (though I showed him that in moments of desperation, he could jsut fold the thing into a rectangle and stick it in a cover ) and vastly preferred the prefolds (which still require a small amount of folding). You'll be able to use them literally from birth until potty learning, if you've got enough of them. When BooBah was new, one cheap flatfold (the gerber spit-cloth variety) folded to within an inch of it's life was okay; hemp is soooo much more absorbent, I think it would have been *perfect*.

I'd probably buy one of each type of fitted diaper around, just to try them out. Any that didn't work would be sold on the Trading Post immediately, or traded for something different. With four or five WAHM diapers and the Trading Post, I could probably have a good time experimenting and finding out what did/didn't work for my baby.
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