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Super-Sized and Super Young Families

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I wanted to start a thread for all mamas out there parenting supersized, superyoung families. I would love to hear what your biggest joys and biggest challenges are!
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Hmm, what do you consider super-sized? :LOL In a few months I will have 3 kids all under 3. You have 4 under 4?
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Originally Posted by nancymom
Hmm, what do you consider super-sized? :LOL In a few months I will have 3 kids all under 3. You have 4 under 4?
Sounds supersized to me!

Congrats! Are you excited? Nervous? or Both?
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Originally Posted by nancymom
You have 4 under 4?

I have 9 month BBG trips and a 3 year old. I should fix my signature to show the dates. I never would have chosen this many kids - especially so crammed together in age -- but I am lovin it! One of my favorite things is watching my older ds "entertain" the babies. The babes just started crawling - and he gets down on all fours and they follow him all over the kitchen in a little "baby train"! Its so cute!
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We would probably qualify:

So....we have children, five and under. Our first three were born 13.5 months apart. We were pretty when they were tiny, but are really enjoying them now....and our newer models!
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Well, I am a single momma of 4 kiddos. My oldest is 9, but my other three are 2 (almost three), and my twins are almost 11 mos old. My house is but I am really enjoying it!
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Thanks to the supersized mamas that have been posting. For those of you that have been doing it awhile - anything to share that will make us smile? Especially on those super-sized hard days!
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Hi supersized superyoung fams!! We had 3 kids before our 3rd yr anniversary. I got preg before our 1st yr anniv...son was born...and then 9 mos later got preg again...twin girls!!!! Needless to say I felt pretty fertile! :LOL My girls were born a bit before my ds turned 18 mos. So I had 3 under 1 1/2. Now my ds is 2 and the girls are 15 mos. So 3 under 3 now. I must say 3 under 3 is WAY easier than 3 under 1 1/2!!!!

Biggest challenge - NAPTIME and BEDTIME!!! Ds co-sleeps so needs to be in bed with me or me in bed with him. And dds need to nurse and rock to sleep in the glider in their room. It's hard to be in 2 places at once!!!

Biggest joy - Hmmmm there are lots of 'em. I really love and always have loved when I nurse the girls and ds joins in for cuddle time. Right now our fav position is me laying on back on floor. Each dd on each side of me nursing. And ds laying on his tummy on top of me with his head resting on my tummy. My body is pretty much covered with babes but I just love it!! I only wish an extra person was around to take a picture of us before my babies aren't babies anymore! When dh is home ds usually is getting daddy time and doesn't seem to "need" to lay on me while I nurse the girls.

I just had a little freak out the other day that I thought I may be preg AGAIN!! False alarm.
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4 girls in 40 months for us. Some days I don't know how we manage, but most of the time it's fun. I really like watching them all play together and hope they all stay close as they grow up.
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May '06 we will have a newborn,an 18 mo dd and a 30 mo dd......WHEW!!! Runny nose....be back with the challenges and joys! :LOL
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We had 4 kids in 5 years, but we didn't have our twins until our eldest was 3 so it didn't feel as intense as it might have.

My biggest challenge is getting them all going in the same direction at the same time - it's like herding cats somedays.

Joys - they are so amazing together, so close and watching them play, tickle, wrestle, make-believe or all cuddle on the couch touching while my eldest reads a story makes my heart melt.

Advice - lol -never book a morning appointment for anything. Invest in a big bed, get good answers for the 'you have your hands full' comments, and find someone who has more than you so it looks like your life is a breeze - lol. One of my best friends has identical triplet girls and a 4th daughter less than 3 years younger. At one point she had 4 kids under 3 all in diapers. When I think I have it tough I think of her.
oh - and motherwort - lots and lots of motherwort.

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Originally Posted by Karenwith4
find someone who has more than you so it looks like your life is a breeze - lol.
We have an awesome mom in our triplet moms group -- she has triplets about the same age as mine, approx 8/9 months -- and 3 year old twins! 5 kidz -- 3 and under -- and she has managed to EBF the triplets this whole time! (I lonly lasted 4 months!) :
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We had 5 kids in just over 4 years - our older children were 2, 3, and 4 when we had our twins. Now I have a 6, 5, 3 (almost 4 year old) and my almost 20 month old twins.

My 3 year old FINALLY potty trained so now I only have 2 in diapers! I've had 3 in diapers twice. (for a while there 4 at night).

I agree - find someone with it "harder" and it'll seem better! Already some of you are making me feel like we have it easy.
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Well, in January I will have 3 under 3. Oddly enough, I'm not too worried about how we will manage. Everyone IRL seems to think I'm crazy, though!
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It just occurred to me that the babes will be 1 year in less than 3 months -- and that means NO MORE BOTTLES - yeah! Yeah, because that means no more WASHING BOTTLES FOR ME!

Diapers don't bother me -- but washing and making bottles relentlessly for 3 babes - well, I'm ready to crack from it! Its the task that won't end. Every once in a while I have a moment where all 4 are down for a nap, the house is picked up, the laundry is done, I glance around thinking I can actually "SIT"?? And then I see a huge tupperware bucket full of dirty bottles to wash and make! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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I have what society would call a supersized and young family. I am 26 and I have four kids ages 8,8,5, and 22 months. I would love to have more but my body fails babies so I have to be done procreating .

I love being a young mom I find I play with my kids more then older couples I know. I get tired and I feel older then my years at times but all in all I love my life. My children have made me realize how much in life we take on that we shouldn't. I have relaxed alot out of necessity. Having many kids close in age I find there is competition between them but I find they also get along very well on the flip side. They are learning so much from having chores, having to sharing, and needing compassion for their siblings. I can't imagine having just one child, mind you I started with two

I love the idea of finding others with more kids. We met a couple in their early 20's with 7 and their eldest is only 9, I feel so relaxed now.
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we have 6 yr old identical girls, 3 yr old frats (a boy and girl), 2 yr old girl, 10 mo. old boy and expecting again... is that supersized enough? as for young i am freshly 30 (sigh..never thought i 'd get here) and dh is 27.
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I give you SEVEN bows for your soon to be super-sized Seven (Did I count right)!

Would love to know how you came to be "super-sized"? I mean did you always know you wanted a large family - or did it just work out that way?

As for me - I wanted 2 kids only -- but triplets on my second try changed all that. Now we are PSYCHED to BE SUPER!
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thank you,thank you..lol
yep at this moment we are going to be 7..i will be finding out for sure that there is only one in there tomorrow *crosses fingers*. *whispers*i have a feeling that it is isn't just one...don't tell my hubby but i have been having dreams about it. the other night i thought,out of the blue, "i should pee now, if i don't these babies will keep waking me up to potty"...same thing happened with my other multi's

as for if we always wanted a big family...weeeelllll... we wanted 4 children originaly during our very first discussions about having children. after we had Rose and Ivy-Jane we said "lets just keep going til it feels like we're done" and so far we aren't done! i would love to have an even number when we are finished...we shall see!
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Mama 2 many -

Keep us posted on your multiples/no multiples situation -- and if it turns out there are 3 in there - lemme know! That means you'd need 10 to end up on an "even number"!
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