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Hi there,

I think I belong here. I got a bfp this morning. I am a little nervous because I had a chemical pregnancy in July so I am trying to approach this cautiously but I am sooooo excited! I O'd on Sept 7 so that puts my due date around May 30 or 31 I think and since dd was born 5 weeks early I figure May is more likely than June.

So anyway
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and congratulations!!!
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Hi, Hollysmom! Welcome! :

Hmmm...seems I remember you from the One Thread. Good to see you here!
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Girl, you were drinking the water weren't you

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ND - I just can't stop chasing you....everywhere apparently

Thanks for the Welcomes!

NYCVeg I was on the one thread for a while and then I bailed because I was finding the whole TTC thing too stressful...well I guess it worked because I have gotten pg twice since then. I am just praying that this is a one
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Congrats! One less dehydrated runner!

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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! !

i wish you the very best!
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Welcome to May!!! Congratulations!
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Welcome and congrats!
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Welcome and congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I too remember you from the one thread!
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Another welcomer! Congrats mama! :
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Thanks again for all the welcomes! I'll add myself to the due date list when I have a minute to spare
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