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LOL about the label - high strung as in an electric wire and anal as in....well he is VERY into order and routine and such, altho it changes frequently and we don't always know what routine and order he wants LOL but we are so (DH and I) NOT that it is really the only was to describe it. I don't like the spirited label because I hear alot of people in the non AP world use it and it is really just an excuse to them, not a personality trait, does that make sense ?

Anyway, let ds fall asleep to Winnie the Pooh video last night at about 7:45, and carried him up, he slept until he wacked his head on the wall at about 2, then went back down until 4 peacefully, came in, crawled in bed with me and slept peacefully and gently with his head on my hip the rest of the night. Ahhhhhhhh...... yesterday gave me hope. Definately kept the day focused on him.

HA ! I have a m/w appt this am including internal I think and my pal is coming. Should be interesting LOL
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How is everyone doing? Right now I'm sooo thankful that I have 2 kids and not just one. They are both out of my face for the moment and playing campout on the sofa together
I don't know what going on with my body this morning--I'm in some serious pain, so I'm welcoming the break from the boys. I woke up very early this a.m having contractions, not strong but literally lasting up to 5 min. then they stopped. Now I swear this baby's head is going to shoot out my butt at any moment. I don't have a clue what this is all about. Anyway just hoping everyone is holding up well. Have a good day!
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I can definitely see where having two would be a benefit right now! Unfortunatly, we are battling a serious cold that has kept ds up for three nights. You know how it is when they're that sick -- they only want mommie, so I'm praying that this baby isn't ready yet. I'm 38 wks tomorrow (ds was 8 days early). I've been having tons of braxton hicks, pressure, and I definitely think the baby has dropped more, but other than that no signs that labor is coming -- thankfully! We definitely don't need cold germs in the house or ds waking up every 30 minutes while I'm laboring! Positive thoughts . . . please . . .

We set up our birth tub the other night. It's so great! Ds and I swam around and after he went to bed dh lit candles, put on my relaxation music and I floated for a long time. It's wonderful, but when you get out you feel like you weigh a thousand pounds. I know why people say that once they get out and have a contraction, they get right back in!

We're also going to do a belly cast soon. I'll let you know how it comes out!

Oh, zombiemom -- I'm actually pleased to have the 'label' spirited. Ds fits it like a glove and is very different . . . much more energetic, aware, persistent, perceptive, etc., than any of the other kids we play with. (He also communicates his needs/wants a million times better.) I think that while it's a challenging personality, it's also such a positive one. All of those traits we struggle with now are desirable in adults, so we encourage him even though I know our friends probably think he's just out of control : )

Hope you're all doing well. It won't be long now!
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Hi all!

I'm 33 1/2 weeks and have developed an inguinal hernia. (fun) besides that I have a lot of swelling in my pubic area...I made the mistake of trying to go grocery shopping and to the dreaded mall to exhange some clothes my MIL bought me (she always buys me small--I've told her a 1,000 times I'm more comfortable in a medium!!) I could barely walk when we left. Home and ice packs odown the pants helped. Can't believe I have 7 more weeks of this!

Opinion-my midwife has a birthing tub but it doesn't have a heater....her assistant has an aquadoula (w/heater) that she rents out for 150. Do I really need the heater?? I'm planning on spending tons of time in there! I am going to the Y a minimum of 2-3x a week to swim-floating feels awesome!! I have been taking their water exercise class....I'm the only one in there under 60 years old (LOL) but these ladies are awesome and much more supportive than most people who can't remember when births at home were the norm. I have loved this class

Hang in there all!!!
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Unless you want to be constantly adding hot water and removing cold water from the tub I'd go for the aqua doula. Our gentle birth pool, which is a lot like the aqua doula holds it's temperature so well (for days!). 99-101 is the recommended temperature and it's really nice and warm. IMO not having a heater would be just one more thing to worry about. You want to be comfortable, which is why you're in the water. I relaxed in our tub for so long the other night. It was fantastic.

However, I know lots of people that have birthed in kiddie pools, so they obviously didn't think it was an issue.

Sorry to hear about your pains. I've never heard of that before. Is there any relief, or will it be a factor for the rest of your pregnancy?
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