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The Polyp is GONE, the polyp is GONE

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hey there,

surgery went well yesterday. actually, to make a long story short, it fell off when I got into surgery. I'm sure this isn't a coincidence - this is most definately a result of the homepathic remedy I underwent and all the emotional support I got from this forum as well as visualization, meditation and just plan "wishing" the thing would go away. It wasn't "ready" to go on it's own.

The doc looped it to prepare for the cut and cauterization, and that's when it fell off. A little bleeding and some cauterization and I was back in business. Or somewhat. The prep and recovery took longer than the surgery.

I oped for a general anesthetic. My choices were that or an epidural - no thanks. Not to put them down or anything, but I figured less intervention (holes in me) was better, and they seemed to think that either one was fine. I figured - 1) I didn't want to be awake, anyway. 2) half of me awake and half of me unconscious (his half) might be troubling to the bundle 3) birth being a fairly unknown outcome, I might get another epidural in a few months, so, no thanks. 4) I already had the IV.

They pumped me full of saline, and I had to pee 3 times before surgery. Duh. I think the nurses were a little put off that I wouldn't stay put (I only waited 3 hours and peed 3 times, it's not an L&D ward, it was Day Surgery). The doc was tied up w/the previous surgery, so mine started late. No biggie, just more lying around waiting and peeing. Hubster was there. I was uncomfortable and my hand hurt from the IV. i had him rub my back and my belly while waiting. His hands are deliciously warm, and it felt good. Plus aparently massage helps turn off your "pain gate" and I figured that couldn't be anything but good. And while he was rubbing I barely noticed my hand. He kept talking to the bundle and reassuring him that everything was ok and to just hang in there until it's over. Then we can go home and have ice cream. Well, pizza. Although they told me my digestion would be even MORE slowed down after the surgery. Nifty.

They took heart tones 4 times. Once before, once right after surgery, after recovery and before they let me go home. 150, 130, 140, 150.

My throat was hella sore, feeling much better now. My hand still hurts. Can't take a bath until my follow up appointment, "don't want an infection". But I can shower anytime now.

Soooo glad that's over. Hope it's smooth sailing from here, don't see anything on the horizon.

Best wishes, happy holidays and blessings to all

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I'm relieved to hear that everything went well! Hope you next few months are less stressful!
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Wowie, that's amazing!!!
Doing the happy dance for you!

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Thanks for keeping us posted! I'm sooo glad to hear it all went smoothly and your little bundle is doing well too. How wonderful of your dh to be there to massage and reassure you and your bundle! Brownie points for him!

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I thought I'd share one (hopfully) last thing...

This was kinda scary. I was totally constipated after the surgery. They told me to look out for clear or brown discharge. No discharge. I'm backed up like - don't get me started. And it's starting to make me cramp. And I don't want to force it because I don't want to blow out my o-ring or make any issue for my cervix. It's been thru enough. I'm waiting for it to resolve slowly on it's own, but it's just hell. And so I go to the jon in the middle of the night and there's this huge, black and purple - well, worm looking blood clot. I freaked. I couldn't sleep. Between the clot and the constipation, I was nuts. I didn't want to go to the hosp, freak me out even more. I waited until morning. Watching to make sure I wasn't starting contractions or something. I don't know, that thing could have been my mucus plug??

I had more trouble in the morning, another wormy clot and a big muddy clump. FREAK OUT CITY. I called the doc. Why the hell do they have a phone if no one answers? I shouldn't be such a dork and just hit "0" for emergency. I've lost it at this point. Finally, I defecate. Ah. Much better. No more clots. Some brown stuff, nothing big. Cramps are gone. (Had some crampbark tincture, was running low, made some tea w/crampbark and other things, I think it helped). The nurse finally calls me back - verifies that it's brown/black stuff, looks like worms, yes. Ok. Thinks it's ok, no bright red blood (then I WOULD have gone to the hosp.) Called back and said - doc says it's normal. And she would have expected it based on the clotting agent they used - Um? Why didn't someone MENTION serious clotting may be going on? I mean, now I see that it could definately be an option, but at the time I was FREAKED out. Gar.

So, after all that, no pain, some brown clotty stuff, no blood. I think the worst is over. Gad.

ps, thanks for the support. I'll tell DH about his newly acquired brownie points.
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Still catching up from my computer being down... I am so happy for you that the surgery was anticlimatic. Sucks that they did'nt mention that the clots you would pass would look so freakish, though...

Now you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

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