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What sling will you get?

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I have a maya wrap -- checking out the mei-teis...and the native carrier.
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http://www.wallababy.com/ -- she's a mama in my city. Super nice and her slings are totally awesome. I give them as gifts to allmoms whose births I attend. They're wellmade and they work well. I also have an Ellaroo.

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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I already had a maya wrap, a maya pouch, a KK fleece pouch, a snugli, a homemade mei tai.. but I just got a didymos (Iris) for this baby. I looooove it. You can do all the ring sling type carries plus double shoulder carries on front and back. It can be a hammock and a changing pad or picnic blanket plus it's GORGEOUS!

A friend asked why I needed so many carriers... they all have a unique purpose: fleece is good for winter, ring slings are good for newborns and sick babies that you want to be able to slip off, pouches are great to pack...

yes, I'm addicted! :LOL
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I think I'll start with a fleece hotsling and see how I like it. I can always buy others after my little one is here. I still don't know which size to get, though!
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i'm not even going to bother with a sling this time around, i had no luck with my heart-to-heart with noah as a newborn. but i can't WAIT to wear my wrap again, i'll use that from day one.

there's several brands out there, mine was a hug-a-bub (www.hugabub.com) there's also the moby wrap which is the same thing. i HIGHLY recommend these wraps!!! no weight limit, extremely versatile, distributes weight evenly all over your torso, i can't say enough good things about it.

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I am a wrap woman though and through! Give me my Sweet Pea Wrap over my Maya Wrap sling anyday!
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I have several slings already. My MIL sewed them for us to use with DS, and I found that you can never have to many. I have ring slings and pouch/tube slings, and they're all great. It's fun to have different fabrics to choose from, plus, it was nice to have one to keep in the car, the diaper bag, in the house...
I'm sure I will have her make some more this time around, especially since I only have 1 fleece/shearling sling - that will come in handy when it's still freezing out, and then if this baby is a girl, I would really love one in a toile fabric.
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A Tangent...Sling patterns

Did your MIL use a pattern to make your slings? Where did she get it? I have one sling that I did not use much with my first kiddo partially because the material is kind of rough and I did not know how useful a sling could be! We used a Baby Bjorn instead, which worked well at the time, but I would much rather use a sling this time. I have a friend who used one diligently and it looked so much more comfortable for her and baby.

Anyway, I would like to make myself a sling, but am not sure where to find a good pattern. I found several online, but none are super clear about sizing.

Thanks and sorry to wobble from the real topic. I don't have much to add about sling choices and am interested in people's preferences for slings also!
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I have a Maya Wrap ring sling and a Solar veil ring sling and I had no luck with them at all...Okay the solar veil was easier because it was less fabric but still hard. I feel really bad about the Maya Wrap as it was a gift from my Mother and thus I don't want to sell it..will give it another shot this time around though.

I have a wrap from http://www.azurewraps.ca/ that I love. And will be my main carrier until we can do the hip carry in a pouch(with my son that was around 6 months)
I also had her custom make a beautiful Chinese Brocade Pouch this past the spring just as my son hit the weight limit for him being too heavy to carry by me That was around 25 lbs. Looking forward to trying that out.

I also own two other pouches a fleece adjustable and a regular stretch one that were testers for a WAHM shop that never opened but I used them both so much I think its time for a new one. Thinking about a Hot sling, a KK pouch or a Mama Kangaroo.
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I have a Chinese Mei Tai and a Maya Wrap (actually two of them - one for my mom who will watch baby 3 days a week while I work). I am going to get a rebozo as well.

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I haven't had a chance to try any, but from my research, I think a wrap is what I would most like. I want something that's really versatile, and will be able to be used from newborn through toddlerhood.
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I have a New Native carrier in khaki twill, which unfortunatly is in size Large and I should have gotten a Medium. (I would be willing to trade for a used medium in any color! ) *update* Ohhh! After going to their website I see that I can exchange mine at ANY TIME for a carrier that fits! Whooohooo! Why did I never see that before?! Duh!

I also have a Kozy Carrier mei tai that I love and still use. and I would love to get a Hot Sling this time around.
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I washed mine, and it didn't change it at all... so I wouldn't get your hopes up that it will shrink it much. Mine hung all the way down to my crotch and was VERY uncomfortable to use because it wasn't close to me like it should have been. I also couldn't nurse in it well because.. well, my breasts just don't hang down THAT low. (yet! :LOL )

Ooh you can even get a different color when you exchange it. Girly Lilac here I come!
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I am a sling fanatic! I would LOVE the New Native this time. I have 2 Mayas, 1 OTSBH, 1 SlingEzee, 1 handmade, 1 Mother of Eden wrap, 1 Guatemalan handmade. I am always in seasrch of the *perfect* sling!
I love the Maya Wraps, but with DS 2, it was too hard to get him nursing with the adjustment(only as an infant, though). I figured with the NN, I won't have to fiddle with the adjustment, so that might work!
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Sleepingbaby.net is a great place to find patterns and sizing (got to the do-it-yourself section), and she used those, but she also is really talented and the first sling she made was just by looking at a ring sling my SIL had. A ring sling is really easy to size, the tube or pouch sling is a little trickier. She just made it bigger than she though I needed, and adjusted it from there.
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I've been scouring Ebay for a used New Native, but I have yet to take the plunge and actually bid on one yet. I never used one with dd's, so I'm really excited about slinging this little one!
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I have one Over the Shoulder Baby Holder - and waiting for my Kozy Carrier to be delivered. I love a sling for a babe, the Kozy is for my toddler.
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I used a hemp sling and a ring sling with ds, they were ok but he got big reall fast (17 pounds by three months) and I have large breasts so I found they got difficult. I switched to the baby trekker which I loved and which he still uses at 30 pounds, and dh always preffered it. I will get a sling this time around, as I am hoping for a smaller baby, lol, and it was great for an infant, but all around I put my $$ on the trekker.

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