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Help for eczema?

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Does anybody know a good non-steroid treatment for eczema?

I'm trying Oregon Grape herbal extract and lots of aloe hand cream, but one stubborn spot won't go away.

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I find Calendula ointment works great on small areas.

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just incase...

Just incase you don't have time to do a search, I wanted to share that the bum ointment that I use for my son helped one of my friends who had eczema.

It is completely natural and smells great!!

I'll try and check back to see if you want or need more info!

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Vitamin A cream works well for my son when areas show up.

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I just wanted to share this site http://www.fragrant.demon.co.uk/ylfiles.html
that talks about Gary Young and "Young Living Essential Oils" as I see someone recommended one of their products. I personally have a problem with dealing with a company like this but will let you draw your own conclusions!! There are lots of "other" good and natural products out there. Sorry to step on anyones toes
Maman to Eva 7 months
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Yes do a search and you will find tons.... for starters...try boosting the omega 3 EFA's. You can use Flax oil or there is a product called Coromega omega-3 fish oil supplement. It is an orange pudding that tastes like dream bars.....no fishy taste..my kids love it.
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cobluegirl, where on earth could i find such a product? basic health food store like wild oats? not a lotta choices where i live, unfortunately!

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I would personally avoid using any essential oils on excema as they can make it worse.

I had a friend who was a massage therapist who suddenly got excema all over her hands. She was putting all these essential oils on it to treat it ( as per all the standard books ) & it kept getting worse. She eventually went to see a homeopath who tested her for different allergies. Turned out she had developed a sensitivity to certain oils from overuse as she was massaging for several hours per day. Lavender, in particular, turned out to be very bad for her & it is the oil that most books say is mild enuf to put on the skin neat ( ho hum ) & rave on about how good it is for excema coz of its anti-inflammatory properties.

So please be careful - especially with children.
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You can try your health food store and if they don't have it you can get it here: www.diannecraft.com
I get mine there and just realized that my hfs carried it. Warning..it is pricey. 28 packets for $16.99 and 90 for $25.99 (on the website) I stared with the 28 to see if my kids would eat it. they didn't like it at first but I think they were just being weird. Dh likes them. hehe I won't taste them..hehe I don't like orange dream bars.... Hope that helps.
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we're just starting cod liver oil. It has Vits. A and D so should be more helpful in the winter than the regular Omega 3 we use in the summer.

I got ours from our dr. and it's completely natural.
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Hello, they say that Cod Liver Oil is not safe for 1.5 year olds. Some of you mentioned internal treatments for excema/dermatitis, do you have more information? Nothing works for my sons and he is getting so bad. Thanks.
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My new ped. (bless her) rec. flax seed oil and olive oil in ds' food and flax seed oil in my own food (it will get into my milk so ds gets even more when nursing).

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My ds had a severe problem, and NAET has completely resolved it (Yeah!) In our case, the eczema was over 90% of his body - oozing and in burns -- ALL of it related to allergies both food and anvironmental.

I've done lots of research, and here are some ideas that worked and some comments:

1. try www.naet.com to learn about treatment, find a practitioner and get a good book to read more - see case histories too
2. try a calendula/petroleum based cream to create a barrier - we also kept socks on hands, covered the itchy ares, etc. a cream called sudocreme which is sold in England works well too, if you have any friends in UK, or try to get over internet
3.steroids suppress the problem, and usually will re-appear as asthma
4.try an elimination diet ASAP - milk,soy,corn,bananas,strawberries,shellfish are big culprits - in our case we could only eat 6 things for about 6 months until the treatments kicked in
5.the cod liver oil is fabulous - my son takes 1 teaspoon daily with food - try orange flavored from health food store - helps strengthen the immune system - feel free to email me directly for any more info, support or questions!

Good luck!
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