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TTC advice please...

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I have been feeling that it is time to start ttc again...
It's not really great timing..but is it ever??

I do have some future plans to go to Cancun in February for a one week health seminar.
I know it shouldn't be a problem but I keep thinking that I should wait till I get back to actually start trying...I don't really know if I want to be flying to Mexico pregnant...(especially since our last pg. ended in m/c.)

I am really torn.
My little guy was just running around the house laughing as loud as could be with the dog and I know he would just love to have a buddy to play with...and it could take months to get pregnant...and it could happen right away..ugh.

I am open to comments and "what you would do" advice.


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Flying at that stage shouldn't be a problem, but if you're concerned, ask your doc for his approval.

I think that if you have that feeling and you're sure, it's time!! Of course I am in babymood, so everything is about babies...

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Hi Oils,

I woudn't worry about the flying bit. I'd just hope you don't have an aversion to Mexican food at that point! Seriously though, I imagine that you do have some hesitancy about getting pregnant since you had a mc before. Maybe a trip to Mexico early in your pregnancy would be just the thing to keep your mind occupied and away from all the "what if" kind of thinking.

As for timing, I don't think there's a science to it. I think when you and your parnter *feel* like it's time, then it's time. I always thought I'd like to space my kids 3 years apart, but now that I have a son who's 13 months old, I'm ready to start trying for #2.

Good luck to you and let us know what you decide!
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Go for it!!

Oils, I just love babies, and think that if it feels right than do it. you are so right about the time never being *the right time*!

sigh. i want another baby.......

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hey sweetbaby...

Ok sweetbaby..
Let's do it together...

I had a friend who was also pregnant with me last time and we emailed each other during the whole thing..it was great!!

If you want we could be ttc buddies...and then new mommies together!! LOL

Just kidding (unless you want to!! )

Thanks for the support...last night I asked dh what he wanted (for x-mas) and the first thing he said was "a baby"...so I think it is time...I am just insecure about this trip to Cancun and if I should be pregnant on it...emotions, hormones...food, you know...

It's a bit of a scary thought to know that we would have two kids...ok, I won't go there, or I might change my mind!! LOL

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