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my cat is possessed

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Okay, I'm still freaked out from reading Pet Cemetery, and that was 17 years ago!

My 8-yr-old cat (who I've had since kitten hood) has had a different meow all day today. It's not his "in pain" meow, or his "I've spotted prey" meow, or his, "please give me food or affection" meow. This is a meow that I've never heard before, but he's using it for his regular meow.

Strangely, my DD hasn't noticed, and she is the most observant person I know (in addition to the type to get freaked out easily by a possible cat possession).

Is this normal? Maybe he just has a cold or something? Am I going nuts, or has the ever happened to anyone else?
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Cats can get laryngitis, maybe it's that? I think most the time it goes away on it's own, but if it last a few days I'd call a vet. I've heard a cat meow wih it before and it sounds pretty odd...
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My friend had a cat who got laryngitis and after she was all healed up her "meow" had turned into a "mee-" which was kind of weird and scratchy sounding, but otherwise the cat was fine.

Maybe give your vet a call and describe what's going on. Or take her in to the doc if you're really worried about it. Maybe she has a sore throat?

Good luck with your furry baby.
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My cat was 8 when he started meowing differently. I kept checking him out and watching him.....but couldnt see anything wrong. Then after a week or 2, I noticed he was walking unbalanced....and I took him right in to the vet. He was blind........turned out he had a brain tumor.

Im not trying to scare you......but take him in to the vet. You just never know....I think a cats meow can be very telling sometimes
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Golly! Thanks for the advice!

Kitty's still sounding strange. I'll call the vet Monday if he's not better.
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