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Revelation about m/s!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday I woke up and laying in bed thought I feel different. I actually felt good, no morning sickness. Got up made my coffee still feeling like my old self and then it hit me I FORGOT TO TAKE MY PRENATAL THE NIGHT BEFORE. Of course I couldnt force myself to take it. I had to go out of town 1 1/2 car trip. I had an egg mcmuffin(no problems) didnt get a chance to eat again until 3.30 then had 5way chili from skyling(I know brave)still felt great. As a matter of fact I felt great right up until I took my prenatal after dinner.

Anyone else notice this????? Any recommendations??? I know that I have to take something but OMG you would think if your getting all the needed vitamins you should feel better no pukey and sick. Anyone just taking folic acid or something different. Im a pretty healty meat eater so Im trying to rationalize working out a better solution than the prenatal,

Any help or suggestions welcome.
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I'm just taking folic acid and a calcium supplement. Multivitamins always make me feel ill, so I was pretty glad they don't push them in the UK.

I had a revelation about m/s, too--dairy was doing it to me! I cut it out almost completely and today I feel like a million bucks.

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Flinstones multi vitamins is what I have been told.......
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Stuart prenatal makes a chewable prenatal that is Oh so gentle on the stomach. I've also noticed that taking my pill midday is much better than morning or evening dosing. It has helped me. Hopefully it will help others who want to continue a prenatal. I may switch to a lesser supplement later, but I have so much trouble finding something that I want to eat, I'm concerned that my diet isn't balanced.
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if you can find a natural prenatal that requires 4 pills per day, that won't make you as sick 'cause you spread out the dose.

i take one at breakfast, one at lunch, one late afternoon, one at night. that way your body is not bombarded with a massive dose of vitamins all at once and voila-- no more sicky feeling!

i feel great but then again.......m/s isnt supposed to start this early i dont think (i am 4 w 5 d)

good luck!!

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I'm feeling less nausea than my last PG and I think it might be due to not taking prenatals much this time. During my last PG, my midwives thought that it might be my prenatals causing the problem. Specifically, they said that the iron in the vit might be causing the nausea. They recommended finding an iron-free brand, but I never got around to it unfortunately. I am looking for an iron-free brand this time around, and until then I'm not taking my vitamins.
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I'm sticking to my B complex to get my folic acid until the m/s goes away.
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Floradix + powdered green superfood
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Prenatal vitamins are just not needed, unless you are clinical undernourished. They are a huge money-maker for pharmaceutical companies, and can actually do more harm than good. The most important minerals, iron and calcium, are not even absorbed because taking them at the same time can interfere with each's absorption. So when you say you really ought to take something, it is a break from prenatal vitamins. Nausea and constipation are common side-effects. Folic acid is most important in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.

If you are concerned that your diet is limited, try to each some of the brightly coloured veggies like carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, and the green leafies like spinach, kale, chard, broccoli and even romaine lettuce. Make sure you get lots of protein daily, and stay away from white bread, white rice, sugar, and fruit juices.

Later in pregnancy you may want to be tested for anemia, as some women's stores become depleted.

Remember, your baby will get what it needs! It really will.
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I agree with the above poster - my MW said I don't need one, just eat a piece of citrus fruit everyday or a 8oz glass of OJ. Works for me! I do take a flintstone just cuz I like em.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions!
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That first trimester folic acid is important. Just make sure you are getting that and you should be golden. Some folks say if you are vegan to take a calcium supplement, but if you monitor your dietary input, then you should be alright there too. I take the vitamin because I can't imagine that I am getting my necessary allowances from harvest crackers and cheese...
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I've felt awful since last Sunday. I decided to test the prenatal link and not take it last night as usual. I feel better this morning than I have in a while, like I might actually leave the house today...and not at all like I've been eating rocks! I'll keep up my folic and maybe pick up a kids chewable at whole foods.
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Mel-- I think you are right!

I also noticed that I felt better after forgotting to take my vits. But, I wasn't sure it was the forgetting or if I had done something else right.

I think I'll give the chewables a whirl.

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Hmmm, I think I'll try these suggestions. I am always, always, always nauseas and the one time I felt pretty darn good for a day I think I had forgotten to take my prenatal the night before. I think I'm getting the constipation too. It's just so hard for me to get anything down. As a fervent cook and food lover, it breaks my heart that even the smell of things cooking turns me green. I weighed myself today and was pretty surprised to see that I had lost 5 lbs. I know that this is common for a lot of women in the first tri mester so I'm not too stressed about it. I was thinking that the beginning of the second tri is a few weeks away, I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow, and that the sicky feeling would start getting less intense.
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Mamacat, hugs to you. Your appetite will come back and you will love food again.

I have heard about the vitamin thing too. They can be really harsh on the system. In the past I have had severe MS and tried to forego the vitamin with no effect. This time I am not as sick and it seems like doing the little things like that are much more effective.

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not all vitamins are created equal.... synthetic vitamins do not absorb and have the same effect on the body as whole-food derived vitamins.

all of us are nutrient deficient... even if we eat tons of veggies. the soil our food is grown in has been depleted in nutrients over the past 5-75 years (since chem agriculture)... even organic crops are not as up to par as they used to be. so, i don't know about not needing supplements. I think it's important to get a good whole-food source, like Rainbow Light, or even better, Standard Process. SP is only available through health practitioners... they grown their own organic veggies that they make their supplements from. chiropractors and naturopaths and the like may carry them.

anyway, i guess my .02 is that yup, you can pass on the flintstones and generic synthetic vitamins, but good ones can be beneficial. sorry for the rant... i have a nutrition thing

eda: i agree that the vitamins make me feel more naseaus though! and thus, despite my above soapbox... i am laying off of them... at least for the first trimester until i start feeling better.
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Day 2 off of prenatals and I feel great! Yesterday I actuallly cleaned my house...ok, a little. And got dressed! And went to Target!

Today great again. Can eat without the rocks feeling in my tummy which is so fantastic! Boobs are KILLING and slightly sick feeling when hungry, but I actually want to eat. I'm still researching a decent chewable and taking my folic only...

Thanks Mel for the revelation!!!
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I don't do prenatals either. I am very sensitive to any kind of vitamins - they make me barf even when I'm not pregnant. I have found that I can take the Trader Joe's brand of multi-vitamin when not pg, but when I'm pg I just eat lots of fruits, veggies, and meats to get my vitamins and minerals and drink oj in the morning for folic acid.
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So I decided to give the prenatal a break for a minute and see how this goes. I'm thinking about buying some children's chewables in the next couple of days and maybe taking two of those a day. I also want to see what the Rainbow Light brand is all about. Right now I am taking B-6, folate and a calcium/magnesium supplement. I was thinking about just going back to the vitamins I was taking before. Maybe I could break it in half and that would do the trick. As of yet I'm apprehensive about any kind of vitamin right now b/c even though I'm still feeling yucky, I could just about fly right now as compared to the last few days and weeks. I actually straightened my house before work some today and had some semblance of wanting to eat a little bit of something this afternoon. What the? I've been trying to get some turnips and stuff into me since I haven't been getting the iron supplement in the vitamin.
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