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Setting up a cleaning schedule.......?

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I really want to get organized and set up a cleaning the house schedule for myself. I know some of you have done that already.....can you give me some tips on how you decided which days and how much to get done? What about big cleaning tasks like outdoor windows? Organizing seasonal clothes? Cleaning Carpets?

Plus.....what do you do with dc's while cleaning? Do you get them to help? Or do you do your cleaning when they are asleep or not home? My friend was telling me her almost 4yr old helps with dusting and its been really helpful when she needs to pick up her toys etc.

I also want to mention......I like to run dishwashers and do laundry at night or on the weekends bc it costs less energy wise. If your energy company has a website, it usually lists times when the rates go down. So I usually throw in a load b4 I go to bed and dry when I get up. Rates for my company run higher between 9am-9pm weekdays and weekends are cheaper all day.
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i keep seasonal clothes in "rubbermaid" bins with labels on a shelf in my closet.

i do my bathrooms 2x a week with vinegar plus i use an all natural cleanser on the shower tile after every shower- method at target is fantastic! it doesn't require any wiping but cleans well.

i find an over the toilet shelving unit and a over the door shoe organizer ( which i use to hold toiletries) comes in handy!

i have 6 children and they all clean. my youngest are 2, 3 and 5 but they help too.

if a cleaner doesn't come in spray form i buy it a spray bottle cuz it seems so much easier!

www.organizedhome.com has a lot of good ideas!
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I use recipes for CLEAN HOUSE, CLEAN PLANET....and make all my cleaners.

Thanks for the link! Ill check it out.
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ok, this is my weekly cleaning schedule

Monday- clean basement rec room- this is usually trashed after the weekend
Tuesday- Laundry
Wednesday- Livingroom, sort recycling
Thursday- Kitchen, half bath
Friday- upstairs bedrooms and baths

I basically just made a list of what needed to be done and broke up the tasks so that I was doing a little each day. Friday seems like alot with bedrooms and baths, but we only use one bedroom and one bath upstairs, so the mess is pretty much contained in those rooms.

I do some loads of laundry throughout the week as the washer fills up, but the bulk is done in one day so that I don't stretch out washing it and putting it away, or leaving it in the basket clean.

We try to put away toys on a daily basis so that there isn't so much at once.

The dishwasher is run at night when it is full and put away in the morning to keep dishes from piling up in the sink. We try to keep the counters from getting stuff piled on them.

I pretty much take a room a month to deep clean/declutter so that it can be broken into smaller tasks without seeming overwhelming.

DD helps me clean or is really good at playing by herself while I am cleaning. I use vinegar and water or baking soda for everything, so she can help spray and wipe.

It is so much easier to keep up with things now. Hopefully I can stay on somewhat of a schedule after the baby gets here.
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thanks for your post. I think thats what I need to do, write everything that needs to be done....down on paper then divide up.

Thats a good idea to concentrate on one room a month to deep clean etc.

I found some good books on the subject thru Amazon, alot were avail thru the library, so Ive put some on hold. Ill post titles if any are worthy......
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i have a routine where i do a little each day - or as needed. my tip would be maintence! it is so much easier to keep up with stuff once a week when things don't get too dirty than to try and clean once a month.
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I think I need to try this too. Right now, it's all just so overwhelming, and I feel like I have to get it all done and then just end up frustrated. I'm checking out the link and also the library for the book with cleaning recipes, thanks!
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I am just starting to get into a schedule, and this is what has been working so far. My sources are mymessyhouse.com, one other site -- its listed on the FlyLady drop out thread -- clean home, I think.

So, I have my evening 5: put away toys and clothes, load and run dishwasher, wash pots and pans, wipe table and highchair, wipe counter.

Then I have my morning 5: empty dishwasher, start laundry, do some prep for supper, tidy bathroom, get my and ds dressed.

Then every day I do one weekly maintenence task every week day (change towels / garbage, vacuum and mop, clean bathroom, groceries, catch-up day)

Then I theoretically I pick a room for the week and do one deep cleaning or de-cluttering task in that room a day. But I don't stress if I don't get that done, because I"ll be able to do it next time that room comes around.

I'm finding it works pretty well, becuase then I'm not swamped by having to do everything all at once, but things actually get done.
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Jilly, that's the best routine I've seen! It's similar to what I do now, only it puts it into an order so that if I have a spare few minutes, I don't waste them hemming and hawing (sp?) about what I should do.
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Need some help in this area!!
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i like the morning and evening 5 plan too. thanks for the tip!
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Hey mamas! Found a great Clean Up Calendar from howtocleananything.com under the articles. Heres the link:


I love the evening 5/morning 5 idea!! Great!

I was trying to print out a calendar with everything divided by days, but cant seem to get it together.......but the daily one will get me going!

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Thanks. I can't take credit for any of it. I found the evening / morning 5 idea at MyMessyHouse.com. The other stuff is my adaptation of the ideas at Motivated Moms (also online) and some other sources. I found both of those websites super helpful, becuase they weren't rigid or too rigorous. For other sites check out the old flylady reject thread. That's where I got them.
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