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simple skirt pattern

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I want to make some simple elastic waist skirts for my girls. Does anyone know of a simple pattern to use? I could only find ones with pleats and seperate waists. I was thinking just the fold over the top of the fabric and stick some elastic in kinda waist. Is this wrong? Any suggestions?
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Did you try this yet? I've made simple A-line skirts for my daughter without a pattern. I usually start with a rectangle the width of her waist plus a couple of inches for sewing and ease, and the length I want plus turn under for the elastic waist and hem. Then I bring the bottom out about 2 inches on either side and redraw the sides so they are angled.

My daughter found a book at the library about sewing for kids, it has instructions for using an adult t-shirt to make a skirt. Easy peasy because you can re-use the hem of the t-shirt. Otherwise it is pretty much as I described above.

For a great twirly skirt, try a circle skirt. It is basically a big circle with a hole cut in the middle and a waistband attached. There is a sew-along for circle skirts at sewingmamas.com, you have to join but I think it is a great board and lots of sewing information.
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simple quick to sew skirt!

If I can do this, anyone can! LOL See the "easy to sew" skirt in a search at the site called "mormonchic.com." I am not kidding when I say it is both cute, and takes only about 20-30 min. Cotton works wonderful, too, and I recycled a soft long shoestring from my son's wrestling shoes for the draw string. Does NOT look "sacky" like I thought, and is really cute and versatile in many fabrics.
Here is main idea: use enough fabric to wrap around you with about an inch/two left over. Sew up one side. Turn over on top for "drawstring"...sew hem on bottom. Add pockets, brick brack, embroidery cute patches, etc. Tah Dah! Cute skirt!
Take good care,
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Here are the super-easy ideas I use for DDs (8yo & 2yo). There's the t-shirt skirt and the pillow skirt.

1. T shirt skirt-I recycle the t's I've gotten bored with or cheap ones from yard sales. Cut straight across right under armpits. Turn inside out. Fold top edge over 1/4-1/2 inch (depending on how long of a skirt you want) and iron so it lays flat. Fold this folded part down 1/2-1 inch and iron so it lays flat. Stitch around the very bottom of this fold to create a tube waitband. Turn right side out. Using very sharp scissors, snip a little hole in the front center of the outside of the waistband. You can be fancy and put in elastic, but DD prefers ribbons. You can usually get a whole roll of ribbon for $1.99. Just be sure to cut it long enough that it doesn't get lost in the waist. For this reason, I always make sure it's tied when the skirt goes in the washer.

2. Same principle, but with a pillow case. Just make sure it's not a print that will look odd sideways. I also use this idea to make little sundresses for the girls. King size for oldest and regular for youngest. Just do the whole foldover thing and then use ribbon for the straps, either straight or to be tied.
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