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we're boring around here....

nikki - lab mix mutt we got from the spca - she was named already.
bean - purebred lab. i named her because she hopped when she walked as a puppy (jumping bean). turns out that was an indicator of her knee problem that wasn't diagnosed until she was 3, but that's an entirely different story. while we never sent in her paperwork to register her with the akc or wherever, her "full name" is obean wan kenobean.

and then the fish. dd names them by species, so we have the "igors" (which i believe are celebs), the "red hens" (which are a zebra somethingorother), and the "emilys" (some kind of a catfish).
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Ness-Lee: Chocolate shar pei (our last name is Lee, so it was a meant to be)

Crash: Alaskan husky mix (we couldn't decided, that name got tossed out on the table at the exact time he pee'd on our carpet, we decided that was his way of letting us know that was a winner!) :LOL
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Right now all I have is Porcelina Sassafrass (aka Lina), my little black kittie. She's such a spaz :LOL

At my mom's house (I still count them as my cats) I have Tiggs, a Maine Coon who we got because his previous owner was marrying a woman who was allergic to cats, and Crookshanx, my sister's cat named after the Crookshanks from the Harry Potter books.
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Originally Posted by polka123
pick a name close to kitty's name esp ending in the same sound.
We change names of the foster dogs all the time

I dont get kitty's present name. duh on me

Oops, I should clarify.... I just meant that ex-DPs brother is the one who GAVE her the name (meaning, I didn't name her that).

As for WHY he named her Ut-Ohs.... I THINK he told me its because when she was born, both of her back legs were backwards? But for whatever reason, she grew out of it, and her back legs are now perfectly fine.
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Originally Posted by Outofmymindyo

Cat - Bob (short for bobcat, cause he looked and acted like one)

We have a Bobcat, too-- He's an orange tabby bobtail with long fur, extraordinarly long whiskers, and a big chip on his shoulder..

Jack was our first baby, and won't let us forget it-- jet black tomcat with a white heart on his throat. Also called Jackalope...

Charlie was a foster cat whom we ended up adopting after we fell in love with him...
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Goldie (golden retriever)
Tyson (choc. lab)

At the rainbow bridige:
Wiki (guinea pig)
Lady (lab mix)
Snowflake (himalayan rabbit)
Felix (brown bunny)
Coco (dove)
Princess (dove)
Cheesepuff (hamster)
Snowball (hamster)

Sparky (little black and white mutt)
Princess (pit bull puppy)
Angel (pit bull puppy)
Ralph (lab mix pup)
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Currently we have three cats:


Gizmo is a grey and white tiger with a trash can for a stomach who, like a cockroach, could probably survive an apocalypse. He's the terror of the neighborhood but unfailingly a "gentleman tom" when it comes to small children and people with food or scritches. He's named after the alien. (Don't get them wet! Don't feed them after midnight!)

Buddha is a black and white tuxedo cat we rescued; he was found in the woods with a collar and bell on, starving and with a lot of intestinal issues. His original rescuers appropriately named him "Doo" for all the poop he made. We just couldn't do that to a cat, so we renamed him Buddha, after my husband's existential black and white male tuxedo cat who would show up when it was the right time, this being his excuse every time I lobbied for another cat. And he did. He's now a quite chubby, neurotic, loveable cat with food issues and no Off switch when it comes to belly rubs.

Westing is my inverted pumpkin. She was born at my friend's aunt's veterinary clinic the week after I lost a cat to a Rottweiler, and she climbed me like a tree while all her sibs hung out with their mama the first time I met them. She has black fur and pumpkin orange eyes, constantly looks pregnant no matter how much exercise she gets (pear-shaped kitty!), and thinks our baby is the most frightening creature she's ever met.
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Our tortie kitty is named Miss Cinnamon.
We adopted a half siamese kitty just yesterday and I have named her Princess Lenore.
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Splash- Great Dane
Wally- Saint Bernardish
TJ- Orange and white cat/ferret mix (you laugh... but I swear his mother mated with something from the weasel family)
Rosie- grey cat... lovingly referred to as see jack (CGAC for common grey alley cat)
Schboogie- grey cat. I think it's spelled schboogie. That's how I would spell it if I had to.
Fish- just fish
And a squirrel that is having an affair with Schboogie... we call it Blib or blibber. I don't know why. But it is seriously in love with my cat. They stare at each other through the window for hours every day. But if another cat jumps into the window, blib leaves until that cat leaves.

I will not even go into all the names my previous and foster pets have had... MDC doesn't have enough bandwidth.
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Both of our dogs came pre-named, and it just didn't feel right to try and change them, so we have:

Deacon (real name Cymry's Little Minister)
Angie (real name Aberwyvern Angela Hewitt)

but they usually end up being Deeky-dog and Anj, aka Fluppetus ( I have *No* idea why...)

At the Bridge:

Java, Chai, Zip, Kobe, Bean, Pod, Mo....kitty cats
Pippa and Bright Eyes...bunnies from my childhood
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We have two dogs (Roscoe and Pungo)-boys
and three cats (Tony, Mattie and Sanibel)-girls.
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Pippin -- a rescue mutt, possibly a Manchester terrier (black and tan)
Ginger -- another rescue dog, a probably rat terrier (tan and white)
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Katie - white havanese
Clara - black havanese with some white

I wish I had not used the name Clara because I wanted to name a child that haha and hubby said no we aren't naming her after our dog!


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Olive (The Other Reindeer), our dog, Bela (we thought he was a girl for about a month until he went in for "spaying" and decided to keep the name, minus an L), a cat and Lily, another cat who has had about four home and thus came named. She is Lily the Pee Pee Cat because she will not use a litter box (the thinks she was injured during declawing) and is therefore an indoor outdoor cat who occasionally pees in my son's bathroom much to my horror.
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Originally Posted by julielenore
Our tortie kitty is named Miss Cinnamon.
We adopted a half siamese kitty just yesterday and I have named her Princess Lenore.

OMG - I usd to have a Tortie Persian named Cinnamon
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We named her after that Cinnamon Girl song by Neil Young ( ) and because she is black with what looks like Cinnamon sprinkled over her.
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Nikki - red Siberian Husky
Murilo - black Pekingese
Doc - orange cat
Jackson - black cat
unnamed - lots of prolific guppies
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Cat- Troy

I had two other cats right now my sister has those

Tiger and Darcy(from pride and prejudice)
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I have 4 dogs:

Rusty (German Shepherd/Love of my life!!!)
Roxy (German Shepherd)
Dutch (pit/lab mix)
Ruby (corgy mixed with who knows what... SUPER cutie!)
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Ok, we have...

two dogs~
Marley (black lab mix)
Casper (shepard mix, came with that name)

Five cats~
Mogwhy (aka mookie)

4 turtles~
Buddy (adopted with that name)

1 Frog~

3 toads~
don't really have names, but we refer to them as The Three Stooges (sp?)

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