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2 dogs:

Maia- Border collie mix named after the book MAIA, and I loved the name

Zoe-Aussie/heeler mix

See Them Here:


2 cats:

Ella- named after Ella Fitzgerald (all cats are named after musicians) Norwegian Forest Cat

Strummer-(after Joe Strummer) our new PUNK ROCK kitty named bc he has a grey/black band around his arm and one grey/black back paw -Maine Coon Mix

Over the Rainbow:

Howlin' Wolf (Wolf or Wolfie)-Maine Coon who thought he was a dog. Died age 8 from a brain tumor

See him here:


Havent put pics of my other 2 cats up yet............
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We have an indoor/outdoor cat named Hallie, she came with that name ...

outdoor cat named Basil

big independent deer huntress dog named Miette (means "little crumb" or something like that in French) when I adopted her her name was Muppet but she is SO NOT a Muppet that I just couldn't bring myself to call her that (I was embarrassed calling her in public :LOL ) so I changed it - still two syllables and kept the "ette" sound so she caught on pretty quick. Miette was my roommates' ex-boyfriends daughter's name
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I have a hedgehog named Reggie (aka Reggie le hedgie/ snoop hoggy-hog), and a tarantula named Madisen
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Colby the black capped conure, Amber the German shorthaired pointer (because of the color of her eyes), Red the goldfish (the first color dd could say) and Sticky the snail (need I say more?)
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Wow, we have lots:

9 cats:
Samhain (pronounced Sowan)
Riamhaire (pronounced Reevara, means computer in Irish, PC and Pixel )
Kemanorel (called Keman)
Alamarana (affectionately called Little Fuzzy)

And one dog named Kodiak the Bear
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Hannah is our husky/yellow lab mix. We sometimes call her Hannah Marie, or Hannah Ree, which is what dd called her when she was too young to say "Marie".

Maggie is our black cocker mix. We almost never call her Maggie. She's Gi, or Bub.
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Dog - Shadow
Cats - Rascal, Tiva, Berry (Raspberry), Pebbles, Willow, Jenga, Merlin, Skippy (angel cats Adar, Yafa, and Yoda)
Newts - Scooby and Froto
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3 cats. oscar, sassy (she already had the name when i adopted her) and her kitten that my dd named - noodle.
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Orange Tabby-Gizmo
Grey Tabby-Jasmine


Italian Greyhound-Luna
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Dog- boxer mix Blaze. She's brindle with a white 5 pointed star on her chest and two white toes in the middle of each foot.

Cats- Toby, Beau(/ Deadboy. He likes to bring home and roll around in dead things) and Purrburr.

Tarantula- Ds named her Jo after Helen Hunt's character in the movie Twister. His two obsessions: spiders and tornadoes! :LOL
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My little Westie is named Miles but I affectionately call him "boodle"! He's so cute it should be against the law
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2 boxers: Zeke and Zoe (they are in my siggy)
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I have a calico cat named Deliah. I also regret naming her this, as if we hadn't named the cat that, we would have used it on one of our kids.

We also have a three month old American Mastiff puppy named Gromit. I wanted to name him Valdemort (Morty for short), but the kids are big W&G fans.
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I rent my house from 6 cats...they're the boss of me :LOL, Rowan (the head cat). Luna, Nala, Lily, Sol and Finnigan.
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Cats: Tigger (orange DLH), Seallia (seal pt siamese), Cassie (Lynx pt siamese mix), Seth (blue pt siamese). Tigger is mine, Cassie is Arianne's, Seallia and Seth are husband's.
Dogs: Katie (maltese), Tyler (maltese), Sophie (standard Poodle), Abby (maltese). **notice the dogs are all nonshedding breeds. :LOL ** The standard is husband's because he wanted a "man size dog". I said it couldn't shed, so that is what he got stuck with. She is an AWESOME family dog. The girls ride her, chase her, drag her, sit on her, dress her, and anything else they can think of and she takes it all in stride and loves them to pieces.
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We have a little Cockatiel name Jean Luc after the captain of the Enterprise and an outside cat that I adopted and spayed etc... named Gracie because she is a solid pewter grey color with bright green eyes.

At the Rainbow bridge

Etok(Inuit for old man) - 1/2 wolf 1/2 malamute
Skruphie - 100% Old ENglish SHeepdog
Gabby - 100% German Shorthair Pointer
Maggie - 100% border collie
Metoo - Maggie's sister who followed her everywhere
Brighty - Pound kitty cat
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Buttercup- lab/boxer mix DD named her after the princess bride and DH wanted to name her butter so it worked out. Only thing is that she's almost pure black
Mona aka MO- our 8yo kitty named after Mona Mayfair (I was in an anne rice phase)

Assorted fish with no names except 'Karen' a 4yo comet we adopted from my SIL. She was a party favor from a wedding and has managed to live longer than the marriage
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Mine are in my siggy ..

Chey is pronounced Shy
SashaBlue was Sasha when we got her but if you look at her pic you know why we added Blue
Memphis I named ... I love it and no he is not frm Memphis he came from B'ham, Al
Ember was Ember when i got her but it is very fitting being she is a little firecracker
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4 cats: Basia, Sophie, Garbriel, Spooky
1 dog: Lucy
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1 dog, a 4 month old Gordon Setter, Aengus--Scottish name for a Scottish dog. His registered name is One Choice Bright Star--"one choice" is the meaning of "Aengus", Bright Star is his breeder's kennel name
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