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Very faint pink + line??

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What does that mean??

I am 8 days away from expecting my period.
We are ttc and I am just worried that something is going to go wrong. Does anyone know if a faint + is due to testing to early??

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Yes...cause it's brand new...test again in 5 days, it'll be darker!!! Congrats!!!!!
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If it is there, even a little bit it is for reel!! COngratulaltions!!

If ou are 8 days from your period you are really lucky to have gotton anything at all on the stick
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I am not pregnant

At least not anymore:
I waited 5 more days after I posted to take another test and it came back negative. I just got my period yesterday
Not to sure how to feel about the whole thing. My heart and body both told me I was pregnant. I am trying to find info on very early miscarriages but I am not comming up with anything. Most of what I am reading is that alot women have miscarriages without even knowing they were ever pregnant. I guess that why people say you should not test till you are a least one day late, but this still does not make it any easier.
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I had the same thing happen to me in the summer...I'm still not sure whether it was early miscarriage or false positive...what brand of test did you use???

I'm so sorry, sending you much healing strength,

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I'm sorry
1 in every 5 pregnancies end in a missing the carriage ride.
DOn't worry. your body knows what to do. you were producing enough hCG to show up on the test but the body will not carry a less then perfect baby, so try again and I am sending you many preggy thoughts in 14 days time, on your ovulation date.
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Thank you very much.

I will let you know when I become pregnant again. Hopefully not too far in the future.

Mamasoleil, I used the 2 pack ept test and both of them came out ++. I then used the CVS brand because I read that it was more sensitive.

(My New Years resolution is not to be so obsessive compulsive)

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