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Breastfeeding tips

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Hi ladies! I nursed Gabe for 2 years (well to be honest I am not sure if he is really weaned or not because he still latches on daily but there is no milk) so in some ways I feel like I know what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding. But is there something special I need to know about breastfeeding twins? Do I really need a pump? I never pumped with Gabe and I really don't want to do this time, either. Any advice would be appreciated!
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I did not pump just for the sake of pumping or building supply with my twins. A few days after coming home from the hospital, one son had to return for 48 hours. I pumped during that time so he could have breastmilk. But after that I only pumped when I wanted to be able to give breastmilk in a bottle which was not very often. I nursed A LOT in the first few weeks to build supply.

I loved my EZ2 nurse breastfeeding pillow. I tried tandem nursing right away and preferred that for the first 6 months or so.

As you know from nursing one, it can feel like you are breastfeeding around the clock with a newborn. Well that is one area where I think it does feel like double the work with twins. Not truly double, but I did literally nurse around the clock. It is intense in the beginning so try to get as much support as you can. I have two older children so my dh was 'in charge' of them for the most part in the first weeks and my mom and sister came to give them attention too since I was so busy. My dh also kept me fed and hydrated.

I do think it is still easier than I imagine preparing formula and washing bottles for two must be. And just like with one infant, it does get easier as they get older. I am still nursing both my boys and they are 21 months. It sure is amazing to look down and see not only one set of eyes, but two looking back at you.
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Great! Thank you so much.
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There's a sticky at the top of this forum that has links to sources for some great info on this subject. Since you're an experienced BFing mama things will be easier for you unless you end up dealing with preemie issues or things like that. I cannot recommend highly enough the book Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, published by LLL. It is a fantastic resource written by a mom who had three singletons when her twins were born and she found she needed all the help, support, and info she could get. I understand the book is due out in a new edition this month. Her website at www.karengromada.com is also great.

I also used my EZ2Nurse pillow extensively. I used it for 13 months. There were days I only unstrapped it to go pee.

You might also get some tips from reading threads on this forum from moms who have a little one already and then have twins. There are several dealing with various issues related to having one plus multiples.

Congrats! Twins rock!
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I pumped in the beginning cuz mine were in the NICU for 5 days, and now I pump every Sun morning so that I can take 1 hour to teach CCD without guilt. :LOL

BTW The new Mothering Multiples book is not published yet. My twins and I go to Schaumberg in Oct for a photo shoot to potentially be the new cover family
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You might try to get a second hand one, or borrow one. I nursed my first for 3 years, but I ended up pumping for 7 weeks with the twins because of MY problems, not theirs. Also I need to pump once or twice a week because I make TOO much milk and get VERY engorged when they decide to sleep a little extra/get a cold, etc.

So, I suggest having one on hand, know how to use it, have all the parts, and then if you need it, no problem. However, you can always rent one.
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I am so glad you posted this! I'm so sick of everyone telling me that I won't be able to nurse twins an d to stock up on formula I had more than enough milk to nurse DD well into his second year, so I don't see why not.

Thanks for the tips
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My EZ 2 Nurse pillow was essential for the first 4 or 5 months. (In the beginning, I would have room for both of them, and a plate of food in the middle!) I bought mine used on Ebay.

I also bought a used medela pump-in-style on Ebay, but only used it a handful of times (mostly to relieve engorement following growth spurts). Mine would never take a bottle, so I didn't really need the pump at all.

Get a comfortable "command station" from which to operate/nurse and play with your older one. I wish I had had a more comfortable chair, like a lazy-boy or something, for the first months. Our couch isn't great and my bottom would literally go numb from sitting and nursing all day long in the same spot.

Good luck!
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I'm currently nursing my second set...

I nursed my first set for about 8 months -- even after their ped told me that bf'ing twins was "impossible".

Now, I'm nursing my second set -- they're just over 3 mos old.

I have rented the Medela Lactina pump. I mostly nurse when I'm at home -- except for the middle of the night feeding. The babies are too sleepy to get a full feed, so I pump and then DH feeds one while I feed the other. Plus, I end up with about 4 extra oz, which I need because I jsut went back to work and I pumping doesn't give me near the milk the babies get when they nurse.

There have been a few random times where we NEEDED to get someplace and I didnt have time to bf -- I pumped and we bottle fed them when we got to where we were going. I have and do bf in public, but with infant twins and two older ones, sometimes its just not very easy.

Yes, you will be nursing around the clock in the beginning... but you'd be bottle feeding around the clock anyway. Any, why add buying formula, mixing formula, fixing bottles, heating bottles and washing bottles to the mix???

I also highly recommend the EZ 2 Nurse pillow. I had it last time and am using it again this time. I would not be able to tandem feed without it.

I bet you will find bf'ing this time to be easier than last time. You know what you're doing. We had a difficult start last time, but eventually you get the hang of it. You have that memory of how to hold a baby, what a correct latch feels/looks like... etc. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Good luck!

mama to Emily and Nathan 7/14/01
and Colby and Avery 6/25/05
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we loved the ez2nurse pillow, had 3, one in house/car/gmas
in fact selling one at auction right now, altho DH says we should have one bronzed.

Loved camelbak for drinking handsfree on pillow, on which I would walk around the house like an inner tube, never losing latch (not suggested, yes I was desperate to use the water closet)

Depends on your milk supply, but we pumped after feedings with pump-in-style. Olive oil on gauze or lansinoh on nipples after each feeding kept us away from soreness and kept it stretchy.

We did lots of Fenugreek 3 caps/3x a day
and nursing mothers teas from Weleda and Yogi.

We had acidophilus caps in fridge to fight thrush and candida in general.

We tandem breastfed in public all the time, which was easier as they got older and held their heads up - so no pillow needed.

Orion & Quinn are still nursing a little at 30 months.


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I didn't use the EZ pillow because I have very large breasts and it was just too high. I just used a thin pillow under their heads for a little while, then I just skipped it.

Nursing twins is a little harder in the beginning than bottles, but MUCH MUCH easier later!!!!! Don't believe ANYONE who says it can't be done. In fact, in our twins playgroup, 5 out of 6 moms with twins under 1 are nursing!!
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