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Fast food

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I am sure I will get lot's of different opinions on this one. :LOL Do you think fast food protein sources do more harm than good during a twin pregnancy? For example, a quarter pounder or chicken nuggets have a lot of protein, but does the negative outweight the positive? Just curious if anyone relied on fast food for protein sources occasionally and if you think it harmed or helped the pregnancy. Thanks!!
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Barbara Luke has some great information on how to incorporate fast food into a healthy diet during twin pregnancy. You can check out her website at www.drbarbaraluke.com. Her book is When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads. A must-have for anyone interested in cutting-edge research based, clinically proven nutrition for multiple pregnancy. OK let's see, it's been over two years now, but I think I recall her suggesting getting a hamburger but skipping the fries and Coke and eating some veggies and fruit instead. I'm not sure about this and don't have my copy of the book close at hand to look. The point is that you need lots of calories AND great nutritional value.

That being said, I ate some fast food hamburgers during the worst of my vomiting (I refuse to call it morning sickness since it lasted 24/7 my entire pregnancy including a spectacular episode the morning of the day I delivered ). I will gloss over what happened but will say I will NEVER be able to eat fast food hamburgers again. :LOL

Dr. Luke's book also has recipes, by the way. Yum!!
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Some of the hardest food to get when you are tired or lazy is protein. Most protein has to be cooked or prepared with the exception of peanut butter.
So if you consider that what woudl you do otherwise. If you are tired and hungry and your spouse can run and get you a fast food burger or you can munch on some crackers or chips. Even whole grain crackers and baked chips. . . at least the burger has some protein.
What I am sayign is that if the alternative is a quick snack with little or no protein, I think the benefit of the protein in the fast food outweighs the drawbacks.
The biggest drawback is if it should become your primary source of protein or meals.
When I was pregnant I would crave Wendy's Chili (which I still think isnt a bad choice) and baked potato. (I would pour the chili over the baked potato and cover it with cheese. LOL
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I had all-the-time morning sickness for the first 20 weeks, and some really weird cravings and aversions the whole pregancy. Often times the ONLY thing I could stomach was a Burger King whopper. (mind you, I was vegetarian before I got pregnant, so I didn't think I could even remember what a whopper tasted like).

Anyway, IMO, you do what 'ya gotta do to get your calories and protein. My diet improved as I moved through my pregnancy, but I ate some crap I would never normally eat (like Cheetos - and not much else - for an entire week???!!)
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I read her book, and i agree with a lot of it and appreciate that she is so focused on multiples pregnancies.

But, i think her discussions of fast food are kind of disgusting. There is one part where a woman on bed rest is talking about getting an egg mcmuffin and hash browns and o.j. every morning to get her calories/nutrition. i realize that you need to get your calories, and sometimes that means getting fast food, but i don't think it's ever a great option. all other reasons aside, people get food poisoning from fast food, and that can be nasty and debilitating thing when your pregnant. Last week, i got something weird from a non-fast-food meal outside (my husband was sick too), and i really couldn't tell if i was sick or having pre-term labor. it was scary. that's kind of a tangent, but my point is, i think eating fast food is a last resort -- albeit a necessary one at times -- and not a healthy part of a twin pregnancy, as Luke portrays it. That's just my opinion i know you have to give in and make compromises sometimes, i just don't love the way she makes it sound like a "great way to get your protein" KWIM?
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kir - hugs to you. Glad you're feeling better. Hmmmm, it never occured to me that my, ahem, reaction to the fast food hamburger might have been food poisoning. I mean, I was throwing up all the time anyway, right? :LOL But it certainly could have been. Very chilling thought actually. Thanks for posting this info, fast food places are notorious for being shut down just AFTER the local outbreak of typhoid or whatever is discovered in their kitchens. Blech.
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While I was really sick with morning sickness( all pregnancy until about a week ago), about the only thing I could tolerate was Taco Bell. :LOL

I think in moderation it is fine. At least that is what I'm telling myself
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Statistically home cooked food is responsible for far more cases of food poisoning, than fast food. The difference is that when a family gets sick with food poisoning from home cooked food, it only affects the family and nobody else and doesnt hit the media.
I have also gotten food poisoning from nice sit down restaurants. (I didnt eat at Black Angus for years! worst food poisoning I ever got).
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Sometimes it is a matter of getting calories into your body the only way possible. I would get SOOOOO sick while cooking meat, but I needed it. I also got extremely nauseated and hungry trying to THINK about what to eat!! It got to the point a few times that I would just call dh sobbing, and he would leave work and bring me a couple burgers!!

Sometimes you just do what you need to do!!

Once I figured out that I had to eat at night, even if I didn't feel like it, I did much better. Also, I had to avoid almost ALL sugar because it would make me sick the whole next day (I didn't even want chocolate, and I am a die hard chocoholic!)
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