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papers, papers, papers

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Help me organize the paper clutter. My dd attends daycare 3x a week and I get alot of art things, plus I work in daycare and keep my own papers as far as articles and notes. how to keep them organized...they usually just get piled and dumped with plans to get to them later. any ways to file them as soon as they come in?
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I am constantly trying new ways to keep from drowning in school papers and such. In one day it's not unusual for my 2 school age kids to come home with 12-15 pieces of paper between them. And then there's all the junk mail that comes in, too. Here's what I do: We have an island in our kitchen where stuff gets piled. I try to keep it cleaned off, but DH keeps thwarting my efforts in that respect. But back to the school papers...I have a desk/cabinet in my dining room that has a bench with hanging file folders inside. As soon as papers come in, I look at them and immediately toss whatever I can. I have hanging file folders for the rest -- one for DS, one for DD, one for school calendars and other reference items. On my desk I have a basket/bin that also holds hanging file folders. There I have bills 1) pay this week 2) pay next week 3) pay later 4) articles to read (I rip out what I want to read/keep and recycle the rest of the magazine right away. Any forms I need to fill out also go in the bills folders. I keep a paper bag for junk mail, magazines and catalogs inside my pantry on the floor. (We recycle these items.) As soon as I bring in the mail I put items I don't need to keep in there. I rip up credit card offers and the like and put them right into the trash. If I can't get to a catalog in a day or two, I get rid of it -- unless it's one I really like, then I put it in a magainze file box on the shelf above the counter/cabinet where our kitchen phone is. When I'm done reading a magazine that I don't want to keep (i.e.; something other than Mothering or Brain, Child) I take it with me to the gym and leave it in the magazine rack by the bikes and treadmills. Upstairs in our home office is a filing cabinet where I have hanging folders for each of the bills we pay, investment statements, etc. that we get each month. I set the things I need to file on the steps each day and on my next trip upstairs take them with me and put them into their appropriate file folders ASAP.
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I keep a folder, at the end of the month I weed it out. Anything really important or special is kept in a special box. Any of the tons of worksheets that get sent home all the time get recycled.

For mail.magazines and other papers, I keep a magazine basket. When I'm done reading here them and I don't need anything else out of them I recycle them or give them to other people. The ones I want to reread or haven't had time to read yet go in the basket. Mail is sorted, recycled, shredded and filed appropriately.
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I went looking for a nice looking file folder container for my kitchen and only found plastic ones (ick), so I will keep looking. I just redid my old cork board for some things that I need to see to remember, like receipts and phone numbers, but I am still having trouble getting things into the shredder. *ugh* :LOL I feel like I could shred everything and fill my pool with it
anyways, thanks for the suggestions... very helpful
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I hate paper!

One piece of paper gets set somewhere and all of a sudden it multiplies like bunnies. I am going to get one of those pop boxes (those flat ones that hold a case) and put that on top of my filing cabinet and anything that needs to file goes in there and then once a month, I will file.

Logically it seems like it would work...we'll see how it is in practice .

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One idea for the kids's papers: have them select what they want to display, what they want to keep and if they want to throw away anything. Take a string or ribbon or cord and put it up on the wall and clothespin their papers to the string. Keep rotating the items. Store old stuff or stuff yet to be displayed in a box. This has worked for us so far. My dd doesn't attend school but draws A Lot!
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re non-plastic file holder: for a wedding gift we rec'd a black wicker file box. not sure where it was purchased, but you could put that on your wishlist for relatives or hunt it down. gd luck!
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