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Pretty boring: I was born in a hospital, drug-free.
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I was born at home UC in 1954 in Los Angeles, CA.

My DH was born in Santa Monica, CA typical vaginal delivery Santa Monica Hospital 1938.

My four were all born at home to carry on the family tradition 1980-92 Los Angeles, CA.
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me - natural birth, hospital birth, bronx ny. it was the middle of winter, and my mom was pretty sure she was in labor from sometime in the very early am. she and my dad finally decided to go to the hospital around 8 or so. they tried to send her home because she wasn't very dilated. she replied, "it took me fifteen minutes to get my boots on. i am not leaving." i was born at 1:30 in the afternoon. i know she didn't have any drugs, but i'm not sure around arom or episiotomy.

dh - also a natural hospital birth. he was born 14 minutes after they walked into the hospital. his mom could feel his head, and they were still trying to knock her out. she didn't let them though.
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was born in Kalamazoo,MI during a tornado.The sirens went off and they put my mom in the hallway and while she was laboring with the tornado approaching i flipped from head down to breach.I think i was scared they had to pull me out.You would never guess i am a Taurus.
Were you born during the tornado???

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I was born in South Miami Beach, FL, the 4th of 4 daughter. We moved back to Michigan a week later because my mother missed "the seasons". I don't know specific details, but I think it was a pretty standard early '70s birth.

DH was born in Chicago at the hospital.

My family:
DC#1-born with DH, a CNM and a batch of nurses at the local hospital. Fairly low intervention. As close to perfect as I believe a hospital birth can be (which isn't very perfect)

DC#2-born at home with DH and a CNM (former lay midwife). DC#1 slept through it. As close to perfect as a homebirth with someone managing you can be (better than the hospital, but not perfect).

DC#3-born at home with DH and a PA girlfriend who walked in as the baby crowned, while older kids and roommate waited in the car for me to get dressed and head for the hospital (long story). Ironically, it was almost perfect :LOL (would have been better if my sons could have been at the birth).
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Me: CA. Hospital birth, second child to my 24 year old 5'2" mother, natural childbirth, 3 hour labor, 8 pounds 13 1/4 ounces, 22 inches long.

He: NY. Natural home birth, caught by his grandmother, got his first bath from his grandfather. [His mom was going to go to The Farm, but her parents didn't want her to, so she said she wouldn't if they'd let her have him at home] 8 pounds 10 ounces. Not bad for a short, skinny mom who hadn't given birth in 12 years!!

She: DD1 Phoenix, Arizona hospital birth. PIH/Pre-e, Induction, failure to progress, fetal distress, emergency c-section. 4 pounds 7 ounces @ 35 weeks

She: DD2 Not here yet, but ready for a hypnobirthing home waterbirth VBAC any time now! :P
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I was born 10 days post date. My mom 18 at the time had a 9:00 dr appt with an old time family doc. Her and my grandmother were going to get groceries after the appt ( at the last min grand father deciided to go also) Doc to mom she had probably a few more days ( my dad was 3 hrs away working) at about 11 in the grocery store her water broke so back to the hospital they went. Called my dad told him not to worry just finsh his shift first babies take along time. Mom said my grand father held her hand the whole time she hated it wanted to scream but was embarrassed to do so infront of her dad. < mom is the oldest of8 > Dr Mclucas showed up after seeing his pts at 4:00 I was born at 4:30! They called my dad back before hs shift ended and told him just to come to the hospital.

My dad was a home birth my little 5 ft grandmother had him at 37yrs old and he weighed 9lb 8oz and was 22 in long. She said it was the most difficult of her 4 labors and she bled alot. She said she was physically unable to get out of bed for4 days. My aunt who was 6 at the time helped her with the baby. She changed his diapers and put him back to nurse. Grandma said she never owned a crib. I asked her how they weighed daddy and she said that because he was SO big ( grandpap was VERY proud of the beefy boy) he took him to the shed and weighed him on the chicken scale. My grandparents raised chickens for eggs and meat for a living. She was amazed and did ask if he put down clean paper before weighing him. ( he did)
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Me: born vaginally without any medication in Fredricton, New Brunswick (Canada), on Thanksgiving (Canadian) in October 1977 at hospital.

DH: born vaginally without medication (his dad is fuzzy on this) in Bern, Switzerland in April 1969 at Lindenhofspital (hospital).

DS: born vaginally without medication at 29 weeks in Bern, Switzerland in July 2003 at Inselspital Frauenklink (hospital).

This baby, will be born at home in water, if they decide to stay in!

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I was born at the US military hospital in Ankara Turkey in '69. It was a vaginal frank breech birth. The american doctor was young and inexperienced so a Turkish doctor with more experience was brought in and delivered me with high forcepts after what had been a long labor for my mother
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Me -- I was born 26 years ago yesterday Born right here in Indianapolis the day after my mom's 33rd birthday. Natural birth, she had an episiotomy. Four hour labor, and her only one where the water broke first. I weighed 5 lbs 13 oz

DH -- born at 29 weeks, weighed 2 lbs 10 oz, here in Indianapolis as well (his birthday was on Thursday). He was in the hospital for 3 months and his mother never touched him until she brought him home ina snowstorm.

My mom birthed 4 kids (including me). Her first two were born in the 60s under Twilight Sleep. She was in labor less than 4 hours with all of us, myoldest brother (firstborn) was born around 30 weeks, he was 5 lbs. My younger brother (fourthborn) was a natural breech birth. She had episiotomies with all of us, my little brother and I wereborn completely drug-free, and she didn't want to to the Twilight Sleep with the first two but she was forced.

DS #1 -- beautiful unmed hospital birth with doula and awesome nurse. Same hospital my little bro was born in. I had stirrups though, but I swear, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The labor and birth were great. 6 lbs 12.4 oz, biggest in my family at the time!

DS #2 -- fantastic in-hospital birth center, DH so impressed with midwife that henamed the baby after her. DH caught the baby, firstborn attended the birth. 8 lbs 0oz, biggest in the family to date.

Mystery Baby #3 -- due in January, to be born at home.

I'm 4'11",not terribly large, and am the only one to carry my babies to term My kids were born in Indianapolis as well.

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (7), Butterfly (2), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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Me- Portland OR. Mom was induced with me at 41 weeks. She had to lie on her back while having pitocin induced contractions with a posterior baby. She got a saddle block that didn't work and finally after 36 hours of torturing her and her begging to be sectioned they took pity on her and gave her huge episiotomy and pulled me out with forceps. I have a small scar on my face from the forceps.

Dh- Portland OR. Same hospital I was born at 6 months prior. MIL barely made it to the hospital and was almost born in a wheelchair in the hallway. His twin brother was born a couple minutes later. Obviously there wasn't time for any drugs. They were born 4 weeks early and his brother had a hole in his diaphragm. He died of menengitis a week after they were born.

Dd- Portland OR. (Different hospital from the two of us) No drugs, came to the hospital at 5 cm dialated and spent about 4 hours of labor at the hospital. Nothing like the horror story my mom had to go through.
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Myself - SOP at the Navy hospital in Charleston, SC.

Hubby - SOP in civilian hospital here in IL

All my children were born here in the midwest. My oldest, I got a new nurse who double dosed me accidentally on demerol. They wouldn't let me hold my baby for over an hour they were so afraid I would drop him. I probably would have, I couldn't see straight. When they did bring him to me, I immediately "forgot" my brother-in-law was in the room and I just dropped the entire top to my gown when I went to nurse my baby. Nobody said a word till a week later (MIL wanted to know if I planned to nurse like that all the time...I was clueless to what she meant). My poor BIL, he never expected to see so much!

No c-sects yet and hopefully none in the future.
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I was a hb
Dh was a hospital C section and bottle fed cause you know the normal speel, She was too small and she had no milk

All 3 of our kids are hb's
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my mom never knows when she is pregnant,really.She doesn't show, still cycles and tests negative.She wnet into labor with me and went into eclampsia, it was a choice between her and me atone point.I was born via C section 6lbs.5 oz.Waterbury, Conn.
DH his mom just told me it was a fast labor.He was a little over 7 lbs.Warland(or something that sounds like it) Wy.
DS#1 was a pain med free, vaginal hospital birth with a Dr I trusted.Saratoga Springs, NY 7lbs.15 oz. 5 hours.
Ds #2 was an induction due to low amniotic fluid still pain med free vaginal hospital birth with some Dr I didn't know, didn't like.Military hospital San Diego, Ca. 7lbs.8 oz. 2 hrs.
This one will have to be at another military hopsital with hopefully a Dr I know and am starting to trust unless I go accidental UC.I dialate early and go fast.
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Me- C-section in CA b/c iI was breech. Only weighed 6lbs 10 oz.

Dh- born in Boston, vaginally with drugs.

DD- non-medicated HB turned to non-medicated hospital birth

My parents were both HB's in the bayou of Louisiana. My dad was my grandmothers largest baby at 14 lbs 3 oz. His newborn picture looks like my brother at 4 months :LOL :LOL
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I am happy to see all of the second generation homebirths here...

gives me faith in the human condition.

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My mom and aunt were also one of those "Oh, here comes another baby!" surprise twins. :LOL They were born 2 months early and were very small, in retrospect I'm surprised they both survived.

DH was born in a hospital in England, in the surgical suite because his mom had been in labor for 26 hours and they were about to section her. They used a vacuum instead and he had a huge hematoma plus an off-center conehead, so when the nurse carried him out to the waiting room to show his Dad, he thought his son had been born retarded. I think he was 7 lbs? 6 years later she chose to have her second naturally at a birth center.

I was born in the hospital where my dad was a resident. Mom had a quick labor--woke up when her water broke at midnight, took a shower and did her make-up :LOL, woke up Dad, went to the hospital, and I came at 4:46 am. The doctor almost didn't make it in time because she was a first time mom and he thought another patient would deliver before her. Natural delivery. Doc cut an epi and then she tore anyway (or because of it)--still makes her mad to this day. I was 6 lbs 8 oz at about 2 weeks early.

DS was born in the hospital here. Cytotec induction : at 12 days late. Pretty quick and hellacious once labor finally got going. My OB barely made it in time, he was in the hallway and the nurse didn't tell him to come in... she also barely got the nursery nurse in time, couldn't find the bulb syringe, etc. Not the greatest experience! He was 7 lbs 9 oz.

DD was born at home with a wonderful MW after less than 4 hours of labor. She was 9 days late and weighed 9 lbs 1 oz--biggest baby ever born in my family!

If we have another it will definitely be a HB with the same MW. What a great experience!
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Hospital, c-section.

I was footling breech so my Mom had a section scheduled. She went into labor the night before she was supposed to go in. The section was scheduled for 8am but she was having to push a few hours before that. They tried slowing her down b/c the Dr. wasn't there yet but I wanted OUT. :LOL They rushed her in for an emergency section (totally knocked her out b/c there wasn't time for the epidural) and I was born around 6am.
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Bartow, Florida. I was the first nautral drug free birth in the history of the hospital! My mother took Lamaze. 1977
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