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Okay y'all I made one!

*~*November*~* Nurses & Future Nurses!
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Im a PCT student as of now, hopefully i will be graduated in Febuary, and then i hope to start nursing shcool within the next 3 years or so.
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What do you call docs when you see them outside the hospital/office? Dr ____? What about if you see them often? One of the docs I see a lot at work (hospital) just signed her DD up to be in my girl scout troop(I'm a co-leader). She introduced herself to the other moms there as Mrs. ____, so that's what I'm going with, but it seems so weird!

I'm almost done with my last prereq! : Application for the LPN-RN bridge program due Jan 15. : Within sight!!
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I'm *kinda* glad I found this thread, lol, it's bringing back memories of school, and not all good ones I'm Melissa, I have an ADN and I haven't figured out what my calling is, so I'm not going to finish a BSN until I know. I work full time in a mixed 15 bed adult ICU. We do lots of things, but I work in a small tertiary hospital, so no traumas. Good luck all you ladies in school: It'll be over soon and then you'll have your lives back, lol.
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taking the nclex-pn after 1 year of adn/rn clinicals?

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Originally Posted by leosmommy View Post
If I have finished my first year, 2 semesters, of clinical, then can I sit for the nclex-pn? I'll be done with the 2nd semester this May, so I could sit for the pn test this summer. FWIW, at my school, being an LPN means you can skip the first year of RN school, and just move straight to the last 2 semesters of it.

Being able to make $15-$18 per hour as an LPN, versus the $8-$10 that I would make otherwise working a retail job, is astronomically better!
My questions are, is this for real?
Depends on your state, just as schools are different. At my RN program, LPNs can challenge the first semester only, and they still have to pass an internal exam, which most challengers don't. I have heard that while my state used to allow LPN licensure after the first year of RN school, this is no longer allowed.

Our local hospitals pay $15 and up to nursing students who've finished the first year, just working as a PCA (patient care assistant); you might want to look into something like that instead.
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Contact your state board of nursing and ask them. Only they will be able to definitively tell you. You should also check out Liz's suggestions of the student nurse tech position.

And consider that most places are not going to hire you for three months, particularly as a brand new nurse. At my hospital, you would only be just finishing your orientation at 3 months. If you planned on working during school, you could probably find a job somewhere. Working as an LPN *would* gain you some valuable experience, particularly if you could get a job in the area in which you would like to work. Working on a med/surg floor, either as an LPN or a student nurse tech, would also get you some FANTASTIC general nursing experience.

And just FYI, there is a newer nursing thread; I think it gets more traffic now, though most of us are still subscribed to this one, as well.
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Right now I'm finishing my bachelors in Anthropology & the prereqs for nursing school. I'm having a hard time deciding between and ADN at the local CC (42ish credit hours for me) or the accelerated BSN from my university (52 credit hours). There are only a couple of differences in prereqs and I could feesably apply to both and let fate decide. My ultimate goal is a CNM so maybe I should just go the BSN route straitaway.
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Wow, what a huge thread!

I wanted to add my name to the long list of fellow nurses...

I've worked as a nurse for 10 years in adult medicine clinic. I work 20 hours a week which is perfect. The clinic is awesome because i don't work nights, weekends or holidays. Which means i get to spend time with my 3 little ones. :

I'm also a CNA rep and very active in my organization because of the threat of "downsizing" nurses in clinics. I swear administration gets an earful from me when they try and justify the need to eliminate RN's from the clinic. They try to intimidate us, but it's funny, after dealing with the needs of 3 little kids every day, administrators are easy to handle!

Love reading all your posts!
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joining the crew

i am new to this thread (and the forum!). i just returned to college after 12 years off. i am taking prereqs and apply in april for nursing school in the fall. i am currently taking western civ., macroeconomics YUCK, biology 1, microbiology, finite math, and a &p 1

oh, and i have a wonderful husband and 4 awesome kids. looking forward to getting to know y'all!
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Ok also joining this huge thread. I'm taking pre-reqs..I dont' really care if I end up with an Associates or BSN at this point. I'll take whatever gets me in and out the quickest! I've applied at a tech school and waiting.....

I'm currently, working part time as a CNA home health, doing O-chem and anatomy mid-terms this week and field work/ paper writing for antro, coupled with non-stop being sick this semester and ds who turns two this weekend! OMG ...sooo exhausted. It's 7:45pm and I think I'm going to bed in like 5 min. Ds is amazingly already asleep. God Bless the small things!
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my goodness this is long. i just started taking prereqs this fall, part time. i don't care how long it takes, i just need to be steadily moving. i *really* wanted to find a midwifery school (to be a cpm) that accepted financial aid but no such luck. the soonest is 2014 and i'm too impatient. so i'm here instead.

as my sig says, i have four kids but am yearning for one last one. haven't figured out yet how i'll fit that in.
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