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Thanks for starting this thread!

I have my BSN, and am working in a busy ER two days a week. This is the first time in 10 years I have worked during the day, during the week! For the last 10 yrs I have worked nights and weekends, so i can be home during the week, and the kids were with their dad when I was at work or sleeping. Nursing can really be flexible and workable.

I like the ER, but i loved working in the ICU better. Cardiovascular Intensive Care specifically. Open heart patienst rock my world. I loved it so much, that I couldnt sleep the night before a shift because I would be so excited.

And when I recert'd in ACLS last week, I saw a helicopter landing on the helipad, and my heart rate increased to 120

Ahhhh...the blood pumping adrenalin rush.
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I'm an LPN right now (waiting to get my ATT to take my frikken NCLEX already!!!!--to get my RN that is).

I got my BSN from Adelphi University.

Right now I work per diem for a (bum bum buuuuuuum) agency--and no, I'm not horrible. :LOL
I work mostly at an assisted living and ::shudder:: nursing homes.

I have a kinda-sorta guaranteed job in L&D once I pass said frikken boards....I anticipate much frustration!

My son was partially vaxed (before I was informed, or shall I say--when I was ill-informed), and my future children will not be vaxed.

Thanks for making the thread!

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Synchronicity at play again tonight. I saw these boards for the first time tonight. I am so glad a tribe was started for this.

I am a student. I have finished my prereqs at a school in Washington and unfortunately had to move to Ohio for health reasons. Now, I have to try and get into a program here and it is very competitive. I have been feeling a lot better health wise and am now considering moving back to WA. I got a letter in the mail that said I would have been accepted into the program for the winter quarter if I had been there. Now, I am kicking myself for not trying to stay a little longer and just tough it out.

Well, now I have applied for 4 programs in the area. If I don't get into a single one of them I don't know what I will do. It is crazy how much crap one has to endure in order to follow a dream.

Nice to see a tribe like this.

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: RN here, got some questions. I'll be baaack.
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I just received a letter from the school that I WAS attending in Washington state that I could've gotten into school in December but I missed the mandatory meeting (since I am in OHIO-which they don't know). So, now I think that I may have to move back to Washington to attend school.

I haven't been getting much luck or great reception at the schools around here. The ones that I have been applying are all competition based and my gpa is only like a 3.0 which is way below the average of those getting into those kinds of programs.

I moved in June due to my failing health and now we may have to move back due to availability of school. Weird how things work out that way huh?


P.S. Anyone on this thread have dreads or work with any nurses with dreads? I was just wondering if they have a rough time getting work due to their hairstyle choice.
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hippimom, what part of Ohio are you in?
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Currently, I am living in north Dayton but have been applying to almost all of the programs in the immediate area- Edison, Rhodes (in Lima), Wright State, Kettering Medical Center, etc.

If I don't get into one of those programs then I am going to move back to Washington and start school there in the spring. I think anyways :LOL

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Hi all! I'm an LPN, have been for 5 1/2 yrs. I've worked rehab, hospice, nursing home, case management, and wound care, and now I'm in a med/surg unit at a hospital. I love that I can work full time by only doing 3 12-hour shifts.

I wish I'd stayed in school when I finished my LPN. This wasn't supposed to be a permanent job; I didn't think I'd like it so much and stay with it. I'd have so many more options as an RN. One day I'll get there.
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Hippiemom2- I work with a nurse here with dreads, and there were a couple in AZ that I worked with too. I think as long as they're well taken care of, there shouldn't be a problem.
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Originally Posted by hippiemom2
P.S. Anyone on this thread have dreads or work with any nurses with dreads? I was just wondering if they have a rough time getting work due to their hairstyle choice.
I work with PLENTY of nurses with dreads. But they are all black women, and the dreads are the very small "well-kempt" looking ones. No rasta looking ones, and no non-black people with dreads. I can see you making a not great 1st impression if you have the big thick dreads and/or you are a white woman.

I'm not saying I feel like that! Shoot--I've had some awesome "alternative" looking nurses...the best nurse I had when I got my surgery had her nose pierced. The best nurse who set up an IV was a male with tatted arms.

But I've seen people from my school get denied jobs for what they feel were "alternative" looks (piercings, colored hair, tats, body modification, etc)

Just something to keep in mind...
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I haven't personally worked with or even seen a nurse with dreads,in a rural area here! I do know that some nursing schools have rules against them. My school had rules against dreads and no jewelry in facial piercings.
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In school, we had to wear our hair off our collar, and no dangle earrings and no bracelets. Only our watch and wedding band/enagagement rings.

At the hospital I am employed with now, we are not allowed to have facial piercings and only 2 earrings in at a time. They are very strict, and employees are compliant with this rule.

I know one nurse with dreads, but she wears her hair all tucked into a bun.
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I'm a L&D nurse for a wonderful group of midwives. Hi all!
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Originally Posted by JSerene
I'm a L&D nurse for a wonderful group of midwives. Hi all!

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Hopefully I'll be starting my prereqs soon. I already have a masters in special education. There is a university here that has a year long RN program. It is very intense. I have to fufill four prereqs before I apply. I'm really nervous about going back to school. I loved grad school but I didn't have two kids to take care of.

I'm just going to take one class at a time and then I'll be ready for the program by the time both kids are in school. My sister is a nurse and loves it. She also got into nursing as a second degree.

How hard are the prereqs and what did you all have to take? I have to take two sections of anatomy, microbiology, bacteriology, and maybe a statistics class. I may have a research class that fufills that requirement. I have had some science classes (bio, chem, organic chem) but they are too old to count towards anything.

Did anyone go through school with little ones at home? I have a great supportive dh but he works full time and goes to grad school too. I know that it will be great for my family in the long run. My sister works two 12 hours shifts a week and gets full benefits. The flexibility is wonderful. Besides, I always wanted to go to med school but I was too lazy.
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Yeah, the pre-reqs seem to be about the same all over the country. I've also had to take two sections of anatomy and physiology, microbiology, chemistry, statistics etc. Those are the basic pre-reqs. Almost anything beyond that is dependent upon whether you are applying to an ADN (associates degree nursing) B.S.N or accelerated B.S.N program.

I'm doing it with two kids and one on the way. It's not easy, I study almost every free moment I get. This summer I took an intense Anat and Phys I class along with cultural anthropology. I had NO idea what I was in for with that Anat. and Phys class. It's one of the hardest and most important pre-reqs you will take. Actually, it's not difficult, it's just demanding because of the sheer bulk of information you need to understand. But I tell you, I know stuff now that just blows my mind. It was so cool reading about things and getting a real, true understanding of how various conditions work. After my last test, I can tell you so many conditions and how they work from the time the chemical leaves an organ, right down to how it works at the cellular level.

This semester I'm taking Anat and Phys II and Microbiology.

Ok that was enough of me blabbing. Anyway it's totally doable with kids if you have a good support system. I've known plenty of women who went ot nursing school with lil ones.
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Hi all,

I think of myself as a "nurse". I have a masters in neonatal advance practice nursing. I have a background in L/D, occasional mother/baby and NICU nursing. I work full time as a neonatal nurse practitioner. The only issue with my current job is getting called "doctor"! I work with resident pediatricians.

I would love to some day specialize in lactation consulting for NICU or medically complex patients. One of my favorite accomplishments is supporting a Mom with breastfeeding her infant that required a month of mechanical ventilation that had heart problems, diphragmatic hernia, reflux, failure to thrive etc.... I will just have to figure out how convince the hosp. (financially) that such a role is necessary.
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Hi , I'm a BSN with public health exp working in a nicu right now. I love working with mom and babies and am working on getting breast feeding educator certified. I send hugs and good thoughts to all of you working on getting into nursing school, it's hard and no fun. However after school you did get to be anurse and it really is a great job. Sarah
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