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Thanks, MamaBeth. I'm feeling better now. I think it was good for me just to get that out of my system by sharing. I appreciate your kind words and good wishes.

It's great you were able to leave without making the appointment! I'm so non-confrontational... I probably could've avoided my CNM's snooping if I hadn't been putting off the subject of my feelings about interventions.
Why do we need to be put in the position of defending ourselves like defiant children, though???? And how can the medical community get away with ignoring informed consent obligations & even lying to mothers in order to bully us into submitting to these tests & procedures - which are usually not presented to us as choices at all.

Obviously, I am having to try very hard to push these feelings aside for the time being, but now that dh's work week is over, I was actually able to have a relaxing bath last night and let some of it go.

And today is going to be a good day. We're taking dd to a birthday party at 3PM complete with a hay ride on a John Deere tractor. No one will be surprised to see me there, at least. And dd will have a blast! Lately, I haven't been quite the source of entertainment I once was. She had a great play date today, too.

After the party, we have a 5:30 appt. to see CPM. She'll be checking my cervix this time and possibly stripping my membranes. I really want to see things start on their own, but I am such a slow starter. I dilated to 5cm with Zeta over the span of a month and a half without going into active labor. Labor started slowly 5 hours after CNM "took my plug."
She was born at 41wks 1day, 24 hours after my membranes were stripped.

When CPM checked my cervix on 9/21, I was 1 cm dilated and baby was at 0 station. Chances are, I've continued to progress.
I think baby is safe and healthy in there, but also believe in my case, baby is ready. Stripping my membranes is still an intervention, but it is less invasive than breaking my waters or even taking castor oil. We're open to CPM's opinion tomorrow.
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I hope your appointment goes well and that things start moving. You sound like you've been patient for what probably feels like an eternity! I'm glad you got some time to think about all of it. And...I hope things get going tonight for you!

I'm actually not that confrontational...I told them I would call for the appointment after I talked to my dh (wasn't a lie....except we had to decide whether or not to call, not when to make the appointment), and just never did. It feels weird...they have been such a great practice but I am sick of hearing my CNM bitch about the OB's.
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mamabeth: I hope all the walking around goes well for you. The homebirth plan sounds fabulous! (especially since your mom claims you were so late -- what 4 weeks?). The bright side of having the baby a little later is the M. won't instantly think it is Halloweeen and want to be out all dressed up!

we're in an indian summer here -- I was really beginning to look forward to colder weather. It feels like fall in the south though because the leaves are almost at peak colors and yet it is like 70 outside.

sending my leftover labor vibes your way. And I wanted to remind you that it sounds like you are dilating this time without being induced, which means baby is making his way towards the outside. Slowly but surely he will be here right!
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