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Let's rethink ourselves rich, happy, beautiful, CHECK IN!

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I've found I do better with a support group. :LOL

Last week I decided to up my daily affirmations, some of you may remember my "tired of being poor" thread. I feel this is a condition I have expected, accepted and therefore, created. So, I plan to recreate a better future for my family, uh, sorry, I'm trying to think in the present, so I'm trying to create a better NOW for my family.

I've been looking at a retirement of eating rice and beans and being darn glad to get it. I want to be able to enjoy my life, not endure it, YK?

So, last week I decided to 1. pay myself first on payday, and 2. to say a few things every day to change my mindset. "People love to give me money" "My book is great, an agent is going to snap it up" "I have lots of money"

DH got OT on Saturday and Sunday, for the first time, ever. I decided to pay us first and put the full two days pay away. We'll have a tight week, but I just got our food coop order, so no one will notice.

I have been concentraing hard on getting my book re-re-re-rewritten : and I think I finally have the 1st chapter completely and totally fixed. I struggled with the beginning for so long and now it's great! (The rest is re-re-re-written, I just sort of had a breakthrough and understand what I was doing wrong. This IS it!) I honestly believe, not just an affirmation here, that it WILL get snapped up. Oh, goddess, I believe in myself again!

Oh, goddess, I believe in myself again!

It feels so good!

SO, I put away a good chunk of change, and it I was able to do the same thing this week, just not as much. I'm 47. THis is the first time, ever. Ever.
I always paid something off or bought someone new ...shoes, clarinet, soccer ball... WE'd have all gone out to dinner.

And I feel great. I need to add to this for this week. ANyone else want to try? You can make up whatever YOU want to change. I got a great book from the library, called the Wealthy Spirit. It's full of affirmations and neat quotes and I highly recommend it, but you can just make up your own.

Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen....What's the best that could happen???

I meant to post this here a few days ago and accidently put it on Personal Growth. So, if you read it before, you're not just experiencing deja-vu. :LOL
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I'm in.

When you beleive that you can have whatever you imagine, it makes you stop and think about what is it that you really want, and since I haven't quite figured that out yet I'm going to lurk for a bit.
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Thanks Red
I read your personal growth thread, in semi disbelief, but the next day I said to myself. People want to help me financially and guess what. I had a wonderful day $$$.
Thanks a bunch
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I will prioritize my goals and find ways to achieve them.
I will pay my family and my self first. The bills will still get paid.
I will try to be as good-looking as Red someday.
I'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me.
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s up

You are on the right track...good luck.
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Nice work mama
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CrazyRED, it's working! My goddess, you're gorgeous now! Almost as incredible as me now! And this ain't SNL. Straighten up and be serious! :LOL

pranamama, so what's the plan for this week? Keep at it, and you can be the one helping others financially!

My goals this week. My life is rich in fun and adventure! I enjoy sending out ships and they bring me big money.
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People loooooove to give me money. Lots and lots of money. Or work. People looove to give me work (specifically talking to my scheduler at work here... )
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I'm interested...
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Apparently, this thread belongs here. Boo-hoo. It got no takers, except my and CrazyRED before.

So, what are you ladies going to work on?
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I'm in too I have been reading your posts Red and you are inspiring! (Thank you!)

I so believe in affirmations. they have worked really well for me in the past, so I thought now is as good of a time as any to do some..not sure what to work on but I am feeling pretty sorry for myself latley so maybe that?

here are some I've come up with off the top of my head. I will start with the first one and do a new one each day. I'll let you know how it goes

I am strong, I can handle anything that comes my way.

All is well. I am surrounded by love and positive energy.

Everything happens for a reason.

Exactly what should be happening IS happening. I will take whater the universe sends my way.

No regrets. I live like there is no tomorrow. this one is a big one for me and has been for years, even more so now in light of recent events when now suddenly I am so future (or in the past) focused at this time
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Count me in. This is a great idea.

My affirmation this week is about wealth and abundance. I grew up with very little money and honestly believe that I will not have enough. I have already mastered paying my self first(put aside some savings). Now its time to stop accepting the I am poor mentality and believe that I have enough and even more.

So my affirmation is: I release my fear of wealth and wellness and open myself to receive the abundance of the Universe.
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I'm beautiful, inspired and have great hair. People around me want to bask in the glow of my creativity because they are inspired by me. Everything good that I deserve will come to me.

You know, I've always believed in getting what I give, but my mindset has been more like if I do wrong, it will come back to me. And it always has. But I've never truly believed that the good would come back to me, and it hasn't. Well, that is about to change.
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Hey I am being serious! I think that humor just helps things along.

I am beautiful.
I am a good mother.
I want to move and I will have the money to do it.

Is that better?
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oooooo great thread, thanks

I'm going to borrow from others if thats ok

I am strong and can handle anything
I will always be a good mother
The money will come
I will accept what is coming with peace.

I always talk about this book, but "Creative Visualisation" gives you great excersises for affirmations/visualisations.
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Here's a cute story. When I was growing up my mother was quite the optimist, and never worried about money. She always said that we would have what we needed. For months it went on that we were short, and then there would be money in the checking account, so she went with it. One day she got all quiet and said in all seriousness, "Kerry, I have been praying for help with money and God has been putting money into my checking account!" "Okay Mom, whatever." I thought she was seriously loosing it.

So a few weeks later a friend / neighbor dropped in and stated to tell her tale of woe. Seems that everytime she made a deposit into her cheking account the bank lost the money. Since she had her receipts they corrected the error, but it was happening every time and really began to aggravate her.

Between the two of them they figured out that their account numbers were one number off, and the friends money was being deposited into my mothers account.

I don't think the bank required her to pay it back. I should ask her.

The point is that she beleived she would have money in her checking account and she did!
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Kerry! That's a great story! Good for your Mom.

CrazyRED, I love your humor! IT's jsut that I have this image stuck in my head now of that skit on SNL. I'm just imaging myself sitting in front of that mirror, saying, "I'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me."

Don't forget to keep repeating those affirmations!
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I am just pulling out of a MAJOR bout of ppd and this has come up at the right time. I have all of these urges to make some big changes in my life. You can want all you want to, but it won't get you anywhere. I have begun to ask myself little questions whenever I do something. For example, whenever I am out shopping, I ask myself if I really need it. I have said no several times and I was pleasantly suprised when I balanced the checkbook this evening.

I have also started going through all the junk in the house. Again I ask myself if we really need something. The boxes of crap are piling up in the basement. As the clutter in my home disappears, the clutter in my head is going too.

I desperately want to move. I was raised a farm girl and I live in town. I desperately want to be back in the country. I have begun to formulate a plan to do this. I have little conversations with myself about how to acomplish this. I have come to realize that this is do-able.

Since I homeschool, I call these conversations parent-teacher conferences.

Thanks Red.

P.S. I'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me.
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Well, CrazyRED, I've been debating whether I should tell you this or not. I'm going for it.

Everytime I see your name, I think of this smilie.........

How depressed can you be if you look like THAT!

Just so you'll recognise me, if we ever meet, here's a pic of me........

I get the same relief from throwing out clutter. Weird, huh? My cellar is terrible.

The country is cheaper than town! You'll be able to garden, have a few chickens maybe, inhale the fresh air. If we're going to wish a house up for Adina, why not a move to the country for you?

So, is about to find the perfect set-up, for herself and her family, in the country! Describe exactly what you want, write it down. YOu can't have it if you don't KNOW it. Tell me and I really will use my 'powers' to conjure you the perfect home. (I'm feeling particularly powerful today!)

I've fought depression for years. I'm tired of it. I'm not doing it anymore! From now on, I'm going to control my head, not the other way around.

My life is FULL of fun and adventure! I enjoy sending out ships and they bring me BIG money!
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hah red!!! i am facing depression for the first time in my life and i am struggling. i just do NOT like the hand life dealt me this time. and it is a torture having to work ft and just see my dd for a couple of hours at night. single but not divorced working low paying job.

so here is my litany. i want to be home with my dd. i want to hs her and i want to move to hs friendly city nearby. and everything just has to fall in place to allow me to do that. whether it is the lottery (alas dotn buy tickets), a great job that i work at night from home or a rich life partner it is up to the higher power as long as it is not negative.

i hated my car and wanted it gone. was falling a part using up my money. well i got into an accident and got enough money to be able to buy me a car. just at that time a friend of the family decided to sell his good car for the same amount i got for my other car. now that is not the way i want it.
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