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I'm in

I succeed to the best of my ability in my Tae Kwon Do class

Money comes to me and my family effortlessly

My life reflexts my environmental, spiritual and philosophical beliefs

I am the mother I want to me

And what the heck, I have flowing and abundant hair
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I will maintain high energy levels for optimum mothering and winter cocooning.
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I am an excellent financial manager.

I've banished anxiety and worry from my life. My family is healthy and safe today.

I am a thoughtful, creative, and kind mother.

Decluttering and order are achievable. Perfection isn't worth the price.


Thanks, Red. This is good. Maybe I should use some of these on a marquee line as a screensaver.
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meemee, I've been there! The book I'm reading says you'll have to help find what will work for you. So, (aside from hubby shopping ) what do you want? You could work at home, or at a local place where you could keep an eye on the kiddo. (I did family daycare when I was forced to work. I was home, poor, but home)
Start making small changes that will help you get where you want to be. Look in the paper every day for something better, and BELIEVE you'll find it! Do you have a talent you could market? Cake decorating? Sewing? Good cook?

Hey, want my "if I ever gotta find work again job"? Cooking. Delivering dinners to people who work. A bunch of cheap styrofoam coolers, those re-useable but disposable dishes. People order dinner a night or two in advance. You have a menu, Monday is Meatloaf, Tuesday lasagna, etc. You cook and pack a meal for 4, for say $25.00 or $30. (you could even get started doing this only on weekends to see how well it would go.) Get a deposit for the coolers and dishes. If they're returned the next time you deliver, they get their deposit back. Uh, I have most of the details worked out, I've been thinking on this a lot! PM me if you want to dream about it too!

Life DOES get easier! It's so hard to leave little ones when you NEED to eat! But don't say, "I want..." Say, "I AM...." or "I have..."like it's already happening. BELIEVE IT!

Ohhh, I love teh screen saver idea, niblet! Cool. I think I'll do mine.

My life is full of fun and adventure!
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I heal and I learn quickly and easily. I enjoy robust good health and energy.

I declutter easily. I am gentle with myself.

I enjoy my transformative process as I improve my life and my family life.

My income is constantly increasing. People love to give me money.

I now accept the perfect home for us and the abundance to buy and care for it and myself and my family.
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So, how is this working? My update... (and I'm looking forward to YOUR updates!)
For the last three weeks, I've put away all of my DH's overtime. Until these 3 weeks, he hardly GOT any. In the last 3 weeks, he made 2 full weeks pay in overtime, and I stashed every bit of it!

My mental attitude is 100% better. I BELIEVE that good things are going to happen. INstead of waking up and thinking "Ugh! What do I have to get done today" I think, "My life is full of fun and adventure" or "SOmething wonderful is happening to me today...I can FEEL it!" What a difference! I bounce out of bed and am eager to get started. (And my very best friend came out and spent a whole day with me, just hanging out! That's the most fun I can imagine! We live far away) I'm not at all depressed and instead feel freaking great!!!

Every day, I'm eager to work on my novel and suddenly, it seems to be coming together. I have the 1st chapter finished and am working hard on straightening out chapters 2-6 this week. Things had been at a standstill, I knew it was wrong, but couldn't tell where or what to fix, and now I can!

My goal this week will be to send the first 3 chapters out to agents.

My affirmations will be ....
Agents LOVE to read my book, THey are eager to get it published.

People love to give me money (I just like this one!) I have an abundance of money.

My life is full of fun and adventure!

I make friends easily, people like to get to know me.

So, how's it going for YOU. Update us!
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It's going quite well!

I've had a few days in a row where I fought my anxiety and *won.* Very new and very powerful. It's interesting how that choice is an almost *physical* one for me - it feels like a physcial stuggle - a wrestling match.

I joined a curves gym and i have a training session tomorrow.

So i think i will focus this week on:

I am an excellent financial manager.

Meaning: pay myself, examine our credit card debt :Puke , and start a budget. All in baby steps, 15 minutes a day.

Does anyone else get symptoms of physical strss when dealing with the financial stuff? My heart is racing and my stomach clenching just from typing this. It makes me feel like such a freak show to admit this.

Thanks for asking us about updates, Red!
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Heck, I've always gotten sick thinking about money and our lack thereof! That was one of the reasons my oldest told me about that cook, and that tstarted this thread!

And I think that's a big part of it. Do you think Donald Trump ever ONCE got sick thinking about money? I don't. I think it's just a puzzle he works to solve, something the rich or wealthy see as a problem to be worked.

'Course, they have that cushion of cash to soften the blow!

I know this isn't the popular financial advice, but I found that paying myself first was HARD and that I need to do it even if I owe a credit card bill. Otherwise, I never get ahead.

Oooh, I 've wondered how Curves would be! I've beeen workingout for a few months and I have MUSCLES! Small biceps, a waist, shrinking saddle bags. You GO!

I find the 'mmod' stuff to be a physical fight for me. "My life is fun and full of adventure": is something I have to really think on and I often feel a rush when successful!

I'm hoping to keep this going so we get to share our success!
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Can I join? I saw this thread last week and it got me thinking about this stuff again. I have the book "Creative Visulization" which I've had for about 10yrs and about once a year I pull it out and have a read and set some new goals.

A few weeks ago I did this and visulalised money, well within a week I noticed that my work (I'm currently on maternity leave), had paid me out a $1300 bonus even though I haven't worked there for 9mths!! How cool!!!

Anyway, Red, I've borrowed some of your affirmations (hope you don't mind?):

People love to give me money. I have an abundance of money.

My life is full of fun and adventure! (I REALLY like this one, my life can feel a bit dull and ordinary most of the time).

I make friends easily, people like to get to know me
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Can you join!? The more the merrier!

I'm trying to keep the energy levels in this thread high, so more people=more energy.

I got my affirmations out of a book too. So, feel free to use them!

And congrats on the delicious bonus!
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One thing I learned is not to say "I want." Instead say "I will do" or "I will have." I read somewhere that if you want and you don't receive all you're left with is the wanting.

It's much more powerful to say "I will" when you want something.

I will get out of debt
I will buy a home that I love
I will lose 5 lbs this week
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So, how's it going? Are you remembering to say your affirmations everyday?

IF not, put them up on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, on a scrap of paper in your back pocket or in your wallet.

If so, how's it going? Any progress? Feeling any better? THings happening at all?

I feel terrific and wish I'd known I could change my 'head' years ago! THis week, I'm going to try to trick myself. I'm going to say, "I always pay my bills on time" : and "I work on my writing every day, and enjoy it!" AND "I earn $100 a week" (which I'll change to $200 as soon as I hit that goal)

I'm also going to continue to pay us FIRST. That's the hardest thing I've ever done and the most rewarding! ANd I'll continue, probably for life, to say something along the lines of, "My life is full of fun and adventure."

Hey Jennifer, I read that if you say 'you will', you might find you DO, but alot further into the future than you desired. I read that you should try "I am' or I have" or "I do" as if it were alredy happpening. For instance, I've been saying "Ill pay my bills on time' all my life! But I don't. (Oops) So, I'm going to convince myself that I already DO, and then I will.

Also, (my random ramblings)I've been thinking about all of this a lot. I remember thinking as a teen, that I wanted to find great love, have a large family, but thaat money wasn't an object, that I'd sew our own curtains (I remmeber thinking JUST that, too. :LOL ), and we coudl get by on love. I could cook everything from scratch and we'd save money and make our own fun.

After a number of years missing the great love and tiring of the lousy apartments with homemade curtains : I started dreaming of seeing my kids running around on the lawn of a house we owned, not an apartment, but our own place. It was very important and I thought about it constantly.

I didn't specify, apparantly, WHICH kids should be running across the lawn. I would up having the house, but the kids I was imaging running about were older and I had 3 more!

So, I really believe I can dream up whatever life I want.

Where have your dreams taken you? Anyone with similar experiences?
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Thanks for checking on us Red!

Right, I need to write my affirmations out and keep them on my mirror in the bedroom I think (not that I spend all my time looking in there or anything...) :LOL .

(OK, now for my random ramblings).

Since reading Creative Visualization all those years ago, I have "created" the houses I've owned or rented. Of course in the beginnigng I didn't get all the details specific enough. One place I flatted with others and "asked" for a warm, dry, friendly place to live in (because my previous wasn't) BUT, I didn't factor in that one flatmate compromised our security by leaving the windows open when she went out. So my next flat I added security and low and behold the perfect place turned up and had all of the above and I discovered there was even a security alarm and the guy I flatted with was very security conscious - I lived there for 2yrs.

I found an old list the other day from years ago of "my perfect house" and the place we're in now meets the requirements.

I really need to work on the friends side of things. I'm not particularly outgoing in a large group, I'm not overly shy, but just feel boring - this morning I took my son to a birthday party and I feel I did well but could have done better. Wish I'd had my affirmations in my head before I went though, it would have made a huge difference I think.

I'm going to keep it simple for now and focus on the same affirmations below since I have a lot of work to do and in themselves will really enhance my life.

People love to give me money. I have an abundance of money.

My life is full of fun and adventure!

I make friends easily, people like to get to know me.
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I haven't replied in a while because I have been completely engrossed in a FABULOUS book. It deals with what we are trying to accomplish here, but with meditation. The author explains how to create change from within and then everything sort of falls into place.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. It's called Working Inside Out - Tools For Change by Margo Adair.


It comes with a guided meditaion CD.

I'll post again when I have finished it and let you know what is happening.
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What a wonderful and inspiring thread! I'm subscribing now and will be thinking about my positive affirmation.

For now, I'll use a simple Louise Hay affirmation for someone like me with some obstacles to overcome: "I'm willing to change."
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Just joining in I really need to do affirmations and change my thinking, it's worked for me in the past but I haven't done it for quite some time.

Mine are:

I am beautiful and exciting and people love to be around me
I am young and desireable
We will have plenty of money
I will have adventures
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...sort of.

Does anyone have this problem -

you start with your affirmations and good intentions, have a great couple of days and then crash. Sooo disheartening.

I know that if I keep working on them, those better days will be more frequent and the bad days fewer, but boy is it hard!


I will manage our finances excellently.

I will make time for myself during the day to recharge.

I will make time twice a week to work out.

My home is neat, clean and welcoming. Not perfect.

I can tame my anxiety.

Thanks for the book suggestion, Red. I'm off to check it out.
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just had to report back that I did your affirmation RED for "people want to give us $$" and out of the blue a total stranger came to my house last Friday and gave me an envelope with $500 in cash. I normally don't open the door to strangers but something told me to that day. He told me his name was David and that he had collected it from the bar my DH liked to hang out at. (and where he was last seen the night he died) he said it was for our family. I could just cry.
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April - That is totally awesome!! Yeah!

Positive thinking is totally cool. Changing all my thoughts to positive and not allowing any negative thoughts helped get me out of a HUGE depression last winter. It is amazing the power our thoughts have on our lives. Practice, practice, practice! Thanks for reminding us Red!

I highly reccomend this website. The exercises are great!

One exercise example:

It's All Bull - Imagine that your fears, your self-recriminations, all the agonizing "I'm-so-Stupids," and "I'm too fats"; every painful "I-can't-I-have-it" or "I-can't-do-it"are huge raging, hurtful bulls snorting and charging at you. You see them coming at you and you hold out your red matador's cape at arms length and simply let them charge right by. Every time they come at you, hold out your arm with the red cape and let them rage and snort and go right on by you.
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Oh, here's a good one that has to do with money.
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