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rainbowmoon, I'm so sorry about your DH. Life isn't fair. However, it's wonderful that they took up that collection.

It's good to see so many people joining in! Left to my own devices, I'll forget to keep with this. As I said, I need a support group! :LOL

niblet, I don't share your problem, because I didn't really expect this to work! I had tried only a couple of affirmations before, one of which seemed to have no effect. I had never considered that my attitude toward money, could actually affect how much money I had. I mean, NOW i do, but it just never even crossed my mind.

I don't expect to change myself quickly, but a small change in the way I think, to be able to control more of my life (I LOVE control!!! :LOL ), to be able to see the change happening, is mnd-blowing for me.

I think part of it is that for me it's tangible. I'm concentrating on my attitudes toward money. Not because I'm greedy, but because I thought it possible that MY attitudes were adversely affecting the lives of my family. College looms, a wedding...maybe two. My dh is soon to be 55, and soon to be unable to do his job. He's simply not going to be physically capable of carrrying and climbing, etc, forever. We are tired of poverty! And suddenly, I have some money saved. More than I have ever saved before. In less than a month.

Each night when I go to bed, I leave my dh a note for the morning. This morning I said, "How about today, I hope it rains so hard you get sent home early with pay, and with your check. People love to give us money" He always has to go chase his check, never gets out early on a fFriday or due to rain.

So, he called at 2;00 to say he was out, with pay, and on his way to cash his check, cause it rained enough that they got really wet! Oh, and his check for $20 dollars more, though he couldn't see why. and

I'm being very, very careful about what I put in my notes from now on!

heldt123, thanks for the great reading recommendation. I need lots of reading onthis subject. I like the bull visualization a lot.

Let's keep this going. Try writing down what you want. But be careful!
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[QUOTE=Red] I had never considered that my attitude toward money, could actually affect how much money I had. /QUOTE]

Red. Your post mad me think, and look back over the past few days. My attitude was bad. I wasn't practicing an "attitude of gratitude" for what we do have, and the skills I will acquire about money, budgeting and spending.

Also, hldt123, love the "Its All Bull" exercise - very effective!
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Rainbowmoon, It's nice that there are people thinking about you!!! Sorry for your loss.

I have a new one. Without nagging my children will pick up after themselves.

and, I found $50 in a stack of old bills.
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I need help! The things that I want to create, I don't believe can happen, even though I know that it's possible.

Here is an example: For various reasons we have downgraded our home several times, and each time the market rises and there is no way to go back. Anyways, I dreampt last night that we were living back in an old house, and it was wonderful. My extended family was there for a party, and I wanted to continue living there. Then the owners arrived and I knew in my dream that I had to create a situation that would allow the house to be ours, so I told them that the house was never put into their name and there was some glitch that made it reverty back to us. Then he said that he kept it out of his name for security purposes and I knew that there wasn't a senario that would allow us to own this house again, even in my dream.

I know that there is a way to have material things, but if I can't come up with a senario in my head I dismiss the idea. So how do I change my thinking to believe what I know?
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OOh I want to try I can never stay

positive enough...

I want to envision that the things in my dream the other night materialize.
We won some sort of lottery or something akin and moved to an Island. the Islanders were strange in a stepford but not stepford way but it was something we could live with and they could live with our oddities. The house was way high up and two story but white BRIGHT and airy. It had a pool too that had the therapy jets dd and I need. And we could walk to the ocean off our deck.
Dh was happier than he has been in a long time and oldest was out on his own successfully.

I don't usually buy tickets so I am going to visualize this as happening somehow though!

I am going to envision that this rough financial patch will aright itself quickly and we will be back on even better footing..
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Is anyone else having the luck I'm having? Can simply changing my thoughts actually change my life?

This week I started telling my DH, he loves his job and good things happen there every day. He's hated his job for years and years, but can't seem to make a move. : (despite my *gentle* urgings. )

The first day, I wrote that little bit in his note, along with our other affirmations for the week. He blew it off. Tuesday, I did it agin, he ignored it. Finally, tonight, he mentioned how we've saved so much money over the last few weeks, because he's been "working so much". I said, you've always worked this much, our attitudes have changed. He considered and agreed, reluctantly.

So, I said, so, what have you got to lose? How about you love your job and good things hapen there every day? After a second, he said, good things HAVE been happening there every day!

I think it's important to keep your goals within reach. Winnnig the lottery is fun and possible, but unlikely. You have a much better chance of finding a good job, than of winning incredible money. ( or of having somene give it to you. Or of digging up treasure in your backyard!) But it's fine to try and to want! How about, "I win big and I win often"?

I also, desperately want to live in a house I had years ago.

But not enough to actually get a job and save for it.

So, I'm not going to have it. I DO want an RV to tour around in with DH, badly enough to really try to write and sell my book. And I really, REALLY don't want to have to get a job at my local Walmart, which is also motivation to write more.

Hmm, I'd love, LOVE to live on the ocean again. MAybe I need to learn to dream bigger?
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breathing deeply ,
Dreaming Big
thanks again Red

I think positive expectations are rewarded somehow
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Sounds fantastic Red! Believe in what you want and definitely dream big - it all starts with the dream, without dreaming it will never happen. Cut out inspiring pictures and write the scenario out.

Well I'm having success in believing that I am doing well with my friends affirmation. I am reasonably outgoing (have worked on this for years) but lack the confidence to maintain friendships or I'm always questioning where I stand with them. Well I've been reaching out to a few friends who I've let slide a bit, have invited one family to dinner tomorrow evening (a big fear of mine is entertaining/cooking a meal for others for some reason) - so it's all going well and "I will cook a wonderful meal, and provide a warm, welcoming home to entertain my friends".

Sticking with my current affirmattions:

I have an abundance of money.

My life is full of fun and adventure!

I make friends easily, people like to get to know me. I nurture my existing friendships
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I have noticed a change as well, Red. All of a sudden there are quite a few properties that interest us that have "popped" up on the market. My PMS was almost nil this month

I have been trying to affirm myself into inner peace, but I have run into a lot of suppressed things that I need to tackle one at a time.

I just keep telling myself that Rome wasn't built in a day. :LOL
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Me too...

As a result of reading this thread- I will begin affirmation(s) tomorrow. I know that I'll NEED to wake up to it everyday via printing it and posting ip on wall to be seen when I wake. I think to do this and it usually only lasts a day or two, but I'd like to continue this indefinitely, I do believe in this and the power of positive thinking. Unfortunately often times you get sidetracked and the negativity creeps in and takes over- wish me luck!
...and thank you all for your stories- I'm inspired!
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I am trying to think myself well

someone shared their URI junk and the head pounding/raw throat/hack/etc
I have told it is free to go elsewhere and leave me.
It isn't listening yet but I am trying lol
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I still don't understand how this works! I tell myself I pay my bills on time, that I have savings, that we're financially stable, and soon, we are?

I spent the last 27 years BROKE, BROKE, BROKE and then discover t's always been within my power to begin to change it?

And not just, as I was always told, by finding a job and working! I don't mean that I think I should sit around eating bon-bons and expect to make nmoney, but working at those low-level jobs wasn't doing it either. Dh's overtime, which hasn't ever been available before (?), sticking with my budget, putting away ALL the OT, every week, and believing that I will do all the above, is what works.

Someone should teach this in high school! I mean, seriously.

nathansmum, invite ME to dinner! I love everyone who ever cooked for my family. I hope your dinner was a great success.

CrazyRed, I know what you mean! I hate it when 'old' stuff comes up and needs dealing with. So troublesome. I used to really sort of concentrate on all of it, immerse myself in it. NOw I try to give it a few hours, and move on. Feels SO much better once you get thngs dealt with though, huh?

CerridwenLorelei, I have that same nasty throat and cold thing. I've been telling myself for days that I'm better now...?

eve143, welcome to the group! My friends IRL would think I was nuts if I called them once a week to discuss our affirmations. THis thread provides me with a daily reminder that I'm doing them.

THis week I'm adding: I pay all of my bills on time (I got lazy, and paid late fees this month. )

I live in New England where it has already rained WAY too much. And "Wilma" is visiting us now. Can I will teh rain to stop?

Dare I?
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Whoo, hoo! Chief just told my hubby that they have a $35,000 surplus in their overtime budget to use up by the end of the year! : We've never made that much in a whole year. My hubby's going to be getting some overtime too!
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Hi Ladies! i'm willing to give it a try...thanks for the inspirations...

We will be able to afford for me to be a SAHM
I will hold my sweet babe in my arms in our home this Spring or sooner.
People love to give us money!
Good things happen to us everyday (they do, we just need to become more aware)!
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Yay and I'm glad to be a part...
well yesterday was my first official and it went well.
today... we'll see.
I know my affirmation NEEDS tweeking,
I know it's pesonal and should be tailored to me n my needs and what I'd like to accomplish- but-
this is what I've come up with (so far)
...and of course i've borrowed...

Today will be a productive day, my life is full of fun and adventure...

I'll share more of my story later, mabe we can work on a good one for me dot dot dot...kids are a calln check in another time.
-have a positive day all...
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Hey! I got some things done this morning ,
I read somewhere that it helps to get right out of bed when you wake in the morning(or mabe after affirmation-s).
I woke up, had a good thought, and got OUT of bed. Kiddies were still asleep so I swept, mopped and picked up a bit in the LR. Yay for me! Usually I would stay in bed til one of the kiddies forced me to get up- then of course feel flustered that I couldn't sweep, mop, pick up without major/minor interruptions, more mess etc.
This started my day off right!

Tody will be a productive day!
My life is full of fun and adventure.
I'm in love( he he he)
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I want a try!

Money falls into my lap all the time...just a little extra here and there for luxury spending!

My son and I are adorable, lovable and fun people! Men are lining up for the chance to be our loving partner/co-parent!

And one more just for me: I am a carefree and worry-free person who accepts her life as it is Now and realizes that I am blessed in every way possible. No harm can come to us. The future holds joy and connection and harmony.

I like this

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G-d is good to me.

I worried about money and worrying does no good. I trust for money and, guess what? It comes that way.

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Originally Posted by meemee
hah red!!! i am facing depression for the first time in my life and i am struggling. i just do NOT like the hand life dealt me this time. and it is a torture having to work ft and just see my dd for a couple of hours at night. single but not divorced working low paying job.

so here is my litany. i want to be home with my dd. i want to hs her and i want to move to hs friendly city nearby. and everything just has to fall in place to allow me to do that. whether it is the lottery (alas dotn buy tickets), a great job that i work at night from home or a rich life partner it is up to the higher power as long as it is not negative.
I hear you Sister! You could be me saying all of that...circumstance for circumstance....
Hey, are you me?

Sending you love....here's to Dreams.

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love this thread! thanks to all who have kept it going!
here's what I'm thinking these days...

Healthy food is delicious & I love to eat it!

I love to cook healthful meals for myself & my family!

I express myself creatively & feel fulfilled every day!

My DH loves his job & good things happen there everyday!

My DS loves new foods & loves healthy foods including vegetables!

"I know that I am pure spirit, that I always have been & I always will be. There is inside me a place of confidence & quietness & security where all things are known & understood."

that last one is a quote from a book, but I throw it in there even tho I can hardly recite it from memory.

So how often do you all do you affirmations? Do you write them, chant them, think them?
thanks! Maria
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