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ok ladies-due-in-may-who-happen-to-be-capricorns!

if you wanna get really freaked out---i SAVED OUR horoscope for sept.

soooo scary how right it is!!!!

For September 2005:

On the 2nd, Pluto, a powerful force for change, moves direct. It’s as if the lights suddenly come on again! Now you can see where and how you fit into an important situation. You can actually finish a puzzle, make sense out of it and be amazed by how well it’s turned out.

On the 3rd, a two-week period (UM...2 WW ANYONE?) of planning and preparation begins. This could culminate in the realization of a dream, just so you know.

Yes, you’ll be nervous, all right – but you’ll also be thrilled and excited. Once things start to break open, it’ll all happen very fast. Between the 11th and 17th, something dear to your heart manifests. (BFP ON THE 17TH!!) And after the 20th, it’s no longer a secret. (ON THE 21st I TOLD DH!) (long story i was out of town til then!)

~horoscope from bridgett