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Help...need a new carseat ASAP

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Today I took Abigail to the local firestation for a tour.She loved it!!!While I was there they looked at our carseat and how it was installed. Turns out that the carseat is not fitting in our 1989 Jeep.The base part is too big and the seat belt doesn't hold it tight enough
So I have to get another seat today/this weekend. How can I tell if the seat will fit correctly? Does anyone know a website that lists what carseats fit in different vehicles? I am totally clueless and very upset that I have been driving her around in an unsafe carseat. I know I can go to Toys R Us and test the seats-but how do I know I won't make the same mistake again? I just want to do some research before buying another seat.
Any suggestions would be great!!!!
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That seems odd that they couldnt make the one you have work. Usually those firemen get in your car and yank the seatbelt so tight that it works.

maybe the base is the problem? can you just install the carseat the old fashion way? or try a convertable carseat. i dont know how old your little one is but even infants can sit in those convertable ones that eventually can be used by her when she is a toddler so it wouldnt be a waist of money. look for a narrow version. my husband and i were looking at models and there are usually one or two that are narrower then those huge models. we are going to have 3 carseats in one car soon so we were looking for the smallest carseats.

good luck.
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Ooops...I did forget to say she is 32 months old. The firemen couldn't get the carseat to stay against the back of the seat in the Jeep. So I guess the problem is the angle of the back of the seat.
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Here's a good place to start:
If you still have questions after reading everything at that site, you can e-mail Toby using the link on the page. I did, and got a timely and thorough response.

Also, I don't know where you are, but in California you can make an appt with the Highway Patrol and they will check your installation or install the seat for you. The lady we had was awesome. I'm a paranoid safety-girl, and she got our seat to fit tighter than I'd ever been able to.

A friend of mine went, and her seat didn't fit her son right. They wouldn't let her leave with her son in it, so they GAVE her a brand new carseat. These are the kinds of programs I'm glad to support with my taxes!
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I was just going to post the link that SoHappy listed. Here is another great link that makes seat recommendations. You can probably find a recommended seat from this link that will fit your vehicle by checking the database:


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I did all the research in the world, but it didn't do me a whole lot of good, cause I hada hard time getting *anything* to fit in my back seat.

I finally located the closest "Babies R Us" and just took floor model after floor model out to the car. They were very good about helping me, too.

They also have an interesting thing that works almost like a winch or a come along, you slip the seat belt through it and crank the handle, and you can SEE the seat getting pulled in more and more snuggly. It was $16 bucks and it is ASTM approved, not some cheap thing that you won't be able to trust. Don't quote me though. I got it and now Sophie's car seat can't be moved even when Maeve and I both tried to rock it. The car was bouncing on it's springs.
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I think what Moon is referring to is the Mghty Tite. This is not recommended for use by CPS techs. It can actually damage your seat belt, compromising it's ability to properly work in restraining the seat if you are ever involved in an accident. Here are a couple of quick links that discuss use of these devices:

(about 3/4 down this page)

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We only have one car, so we have an extra car seat for when I get rides. We use the Mighty Tight for that purpose since I don't weigh enough to get the seat in there super tight. But for our regulear car seat we got it in there super tight and will never take it out.

Also, Britax is really easy to get in tight. We are currently on our 4th (!!!!) car seat and I think it is truely worth paying over double for. I got a Marathon, which goes to 65 (?) pounds, so we won't need to get a booster.
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you may still need to get a booster. I for one am hoping that my state changes the law to 8 years and 80lbs. But states are upping them all the time.

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Thanks for all the suggestions It looks like I'm going to be replacing both of the girls carseats with the Britax Husky. You can use the harness until they are 80lbs-so that will be great with my oldest. Ugh....but they are so expensive.

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I had my carseat inspected and they were not able to get the seat belt very tight either. Finally 2 big guys pulled the belt, then twisted it around a few times before buckling it in order to make it even tighter. I had to clean out the car and unbuckled the seatbelt and it's never been that tight since. I worry, but I'm a 115 pound petite person, and how am I supposed to make it any tighter??

Anyway, just wanted to suggest for those on a budget that the Evenflow Convertible seat is a good option. Has the 5 point harness and has a small "footprint" and will fit in most smaller cars. We have a compact car and had BabiesRUS help us try all kinds of seats, and this one fit best. Even when my dh has his seat all the way back, the carseat fits rearfacing in the center of the back seat. She's 24 months and will remain rearfacing until she outgrows the seat in that position (which won't be long). Then we will save the seat for the next baby and put her in a 5 point booster seat that we already have.

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What works best for me when installing ds' seat is to have someone help me. I get the seat in and belted, then I take off my shoes and crouch in the seat facing the seat back. This is not very easy to do, I'm about 5' 7" and a little more than 130 lbs. Then I have someone else yank on the seat belt to get it as tight as possible. Then I tether it and it is rock solid. I just went to a seat check about a month ago and the installation was perfect which made me so happy.

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Mommasgirls, Just wanted to make sure you know the Husky only goes to 80 lbs WITH A TETHER. I don't think an '89 Jeep has tether anchors, does it? You might want to see if you can have tethers added by the dealer. Also, the Husky is huge -- 22" wide base, making it hard to fit in some cars. (But I'm getting one. I have tether anchors, and who needs room for passengers? )
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