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For those whose Morning sickness isn't as bad this time.....

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If your morning sickness is not as bad this time as it has been with previous pregnancies (or the reverse) why do you think this is? Do you have any ideas?

My sickness is about half as bad as my previous pregnancies. I am still feeling it but it has been much more managable. I am so curious about this.

I have a theory that for me, the thing that is different this time is my level of stress. For both my previous pregnancies, I was much more anxious and stressed than I am now.

Do you guys have any ideas what made the difference for you?

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This could be total wishful thinking on my part...

But I am hoping that gender has a lot to do with it. My first three pregnancies, I was sick as a dog. One was a miscarriage, so I don't know what I was carrying. But, my other two were boys and they were carbon copies of each other (down to the day I got sick).

This pregnancy, I haven't been sick (so far, I might add -- I am just eight weeks). I am thinking/hoping/praying it is b/c I am carrying a girl.

Other things for me also. My other pregnancies, I broke out like a teenager. None now. Also, this pregnancy has extreme fatigue. None before. (The fatigue could be that I have two little kids and am 39.) My mother was also never sick and she had three girls.

Who knows, really.

Let's just hope that those of us who are sick, feel better soon and that we all have healthy babies.

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I agree ND, that stress can have a huge effect on m/s. Also for me the amount of sleep I get directly relates to how bad the m/s is the next day. If I have a rough night's sleep (the kids waking up, my pregnancy insomnia, or a combination of both) I am so nauseous the next day I can barely function. If I get a decent night's sleep, I will just be a bit quesy, but can manage ok.

Also, gender w/me is connected to the throw up factor, as well as migraines - w/my girls I was throwing up for 7 months each and had constant migraines. W/my son I never threw up and my migraines practically disappeared. I am thinking this is a boy bc I have only thrown up once and have had minimal migraines (knock on wood).
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I don't know...this time I'm really really sick, but with my son, when I was going through an intensely stressful custody battle over my first DD, I wasn't sick at all. I'm wondering if it has to do with gender too, since I was pretty sick with my second DD as well. If so, woohoo! I'd love another girl!
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It's probably different for different people. I feel awful - but I would say I feel *less* awful than I did w/DS. Partly, I think it's time of year - my exhaustion was just WAY worse in the heat of high summer (got PG in May/June) than it has been in the moderate heat of late summer/early fall. Partly, I think it's that although I have had a *little* spotting this pg, last time I spotted heavily and intermittently for a long time. And partly, I think I've been eating a MUCH healthier diet this time than last. I've been eating almost 100% organics since about May, and I haven't been ill at all in that time (before I had a cold almost every other month for years).
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Oh man you guys.......

I shouldn't have posted this thread,

I think I jinxed myself but good :Puke

Aw Man, what was I thinking? So much for my theory.

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Oh no ND!!!!! I hope it passes soon! I don't feel NEAR as bad with this one as I did with the girls, but I think it's because of the Unisom and B6 that I'm taking. I'm afraid to stop taking it, I don't want to know how bad it might get!! :LOL
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