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Anything wrong with down comforters? Ikea?

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I went to ikea and got me a down comforter. Is there anything wrong with down? I am assuming is safe. The only thing that got me wondering is that it says contents (AKA feathers) sterilized. I am assuming they would have to be since birds are not the cleanest things. Anyway... other than that I am planning on an all cottom duvet cover and 100% high thread cotton sheets.

Anybody have any experience with Ikea Down comforters?

I know Ikea does not use some of the most questionable chemicals since they are a European company and they seemed pretty into recycling etc... in the store. Gives you hope!
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We had an Ikea down comforter a few years ago and ended up getting rid of it. It was a good deal but the feathers were always coming out, drove me crazy. Everytime I would vaccuum our bedroom or take off the cover for washing it was feathers, feathers everywhere. I gave it to a friend while I was pregnant because I didn't want a new baby breathing all that in.

Sorry, that probably wasn't what you wanted to hear! It's possible that they're better now or that we just got a defective one. Hopefully you won't have that problem. Now we are using the synthetic comforters from Ikea and I love them!
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That is good feedback. I dont want feathers floating around either.
I looked at their synthetic down ones but it said "silicone" treated and I always tend to run away from anything "treated" as I think chemicals
We might give them a try and see how they do?
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Maybe get two covers for the comforter, and always leave one on (sort of like a "mattress cover" that you leave on when you change the sheets.) That might help to keep the feathers in the inside cover, rather than all over the room.
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I'd have one (and a feather pillow) if dh wasn't allergic to them.
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"Wrong" in what way? I don't buy down because I don't kill animals and because it's trickier to wash.
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Wrong as in chemical treated. I got a down comforter from IKEA - it says sterilized and that makes me automatically think.... sterilized with WHAT?

I honestly want a comforter made out of 100% organic cottom or wool that i can put inside of a duvet cover. Does that even exist?
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Barcino - Silicone is the most inert mineral around, which means that it is extremely stable and doesn't react with other elements. This is a very good thing so don't be worried about it. They use Silicone to make fake organs for people because it doesn't leach into the body at all.

They are probably sterilized with bleach and water and then let to sit so the bleach disitegrates.
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From what I know, they're most likely washed first, then sterilized by steam or hot air. This is Ikea, so probably whichever way is the cheapest.
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Well the down became a non issue... I was totally allergic to it.
I did contact Pacific Coast another very popular down company... they gave me some info some of you might find interesting on their Hypoallergenic treatment called Hyperclean:

Thank you for contacting Pacific Coast Feather Company.

We have devised a washing process where detergents and hot water temperatures are used very efficiently at the start of our wash cycles to clean and sterilize the down without damaging the fine filaments. To back up our Allergy-Free guarantee, we thoroughly tested our washing process to find the correct number of rinse cycles to bring pH to 7.0
(neutral) before we dry the down. We do not use perfume agents in any of our washing processes, preferring to make sure the down is simply fully cleaned and naturally fresh-smelling.

Some details of our washing processes are trade secrets and cannot be disclosed for competitive reasons, and unfortunately this includes the exact chemicals used in our detergents. Some companies in our industry used to use formaldehyde, but we never used that, being aware that this chemical has caused some sensitive individuals some trouble even in very low concentrations. We admit that we use one sterilizing chemical in our detergent wash bath approved by the USDA as virucidal, which also kills fungus and molds. This chemical is toxic to humans in high enough concentrations. However, even in our sterilizing wash bath it is never present in concentrations higher than those sold in household cleaning solutions at your local grocery store. Furthermore, it is completely water-soluble, and we are sure that our rinsing process is thorough enough to remove all but the scantest trace of this chemical by the last rinse cycle, as our pH data over many years of production lots support this conclusion.

If we were not sure, we would not offer our guarantee.

I hope this helps you!

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

I might consider the polyester treated with silicone - or I might try to find an organic cotton comforter that will cost me an arm and a leg Or I might just try to find some nice cotton blankets and quilts and forgo the duvet type look that I like so much. We will see... I have a hard time not having allergies at night so I am trying to come up with the healthiest possible bed. I thought down woudl be nice because is not synthetic but I didnt think about being allergic to down or its dust. DUH
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Aw, that's too bad. My DS 1 is allergic to down comforters, too and we had to get rid of ours since he's still co-sleeping. He's just fine with comforter filled with synthetic stuff, though.
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I have a synthetic comforter from Land's End which is very luxurious.

I am very allergic to down and feathers, sterilized or not. And anyway, I'm vegan, so I wouldn't buy them even if I wasn't allergic.
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Is it a baffle-box construction comforter? It should say on the packaging. The baffle boxes are "supposed" to keep the down and feathers under control..... I use the word "supposed" to loosely since my department store (on sale!) baffle-box construction comforter has leaked down and feathers EVERYWHERE, even with the duvet over it. : I did a lot of research and bought the one with the right kind of thread count, baffle box construction, percentage of down vs feathers, etc and it still leaked.

If I could do it again, I would go synthetic. The small pieces of down make us cough.
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