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Funny I'm a vegetarien to and the other night Dh was eating a stake I was up half the night thinking about the leftovers in the fridge. ROLF :LOL
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I am never surprised anymore how one mama can eat raw veggies like me and throw up at the smell of steak and then another cannot eat the raw veggies and pig out on the steak ROFL.

Seriously w my dd I would not even be able to stand in our veggie garden without puking. My DH had to do all the canning since the veggies made me sick. I could not eat fish for months and I crave it this time

Last night at my ILs house they had this beautiful roast pork w apples around it. Thankfully my mil made string beans and sweet potoatoes and wheat buns or I could not eat. I bit into an apple and tasted the pork- and I almost gagged. She laughed when I pigged out on the string beans since I normally do not eat as many.

The night before we were at my brothers house for a bbq for my nephews birthday. They had sausages, burgers etc. So I just took care of all the kids so their parents could eat. I ate earlier. DH grillled me our last eggplant and wrapped it around goat cheese (not alot) and out it on a bed of lettuce w kalamatas, and chopped tomatos. I inhaled it. Again- there was no way you could have gotten me to eat that with DD.
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The nipple soreness has set in here. It isn't really too bad. Feels kinda like a light case of thrush. Just some discomfort at the beginning of the nursing and then kinda worse after it is over, but not too bad. Last time it was the nursing aversion that was worse for me so we'll see if that comes up this time.
Getting a little sleepy in the afternoon (what IS IT about 4pm?) but I'm still able to sleep though the night without needing to get up to pee. The ravenous hunger is subsiding though (a little earlier than the last 2 times) so I'm a little worried how far the other way I'll go... I've never puked with m/s, just didn't feel like eating for about 6 weeks. Maybe I'm having a girl this time... : We're still not done yet so I guess I don't really care... though it would be nice to use all these girl clothes my sister has been saving for me... :LOL
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I had that crampy thing too and was afraid it was something bad.

Nausea yesterday afternoon.


Swollen nasal membranes.

And that full feeling, KWIM?

With dd I had NO m/s, but the nasal membrane thing.
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No symptoms yet, other then a missed period. I am 5 weeks today! I am have a really nasty cold right now that is driving me crazy I think with my others I started feeling yucky around 7 weeks!
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I have some mild nausea and I'm using the bands and they really work well.
Big time heartburn and the papaya isn't working.
Needing to pee all the time and then...nothing.
Sore, sore, sore boobs. I went out and bought a stretchy sport bra in a bigger size and I wear it all the time.
My clothes are getting too tight! I've already put 2 skirts in the "Can't wear for a year or so" box.
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I just ordered a Bravado no nursing bra. It comes in today- I will let you know how it is. But I am outgrowing my bras.
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Really I dont have much symptoms yet just a little bit tired and mood swings and craving ramien noodles and I usually dont like those.
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I love Bravado bras... I have three from my pregnancy/nursing with DD and I'm going to order more for this one! Love them!

I'm tired, but I also haven't been sleeping well.

peeing a lot, but I usually do anyway.


Slightly tender boobs, but not horribly.

I'm hungry, but I'm hungry most of the time anyway :P

So I pretty much feel like myself, but more so! LOL.

But I'm only 4 weeks along. Last time I didn't really get symptoms until 7-8 weeks, so we're getting there.

And Amys1st I'm not the most versatile cloth diaperer out there, but I always get mine from NaturalBabies.com. I like that the shipping is cheap and she is so good about getting things to you fast. My newborn stash was pretty much infant prefolds, Prorap covers, and some Kissaluv fitted diapers. This time around I decided I like pocket diapers so I'll probably pick up some smallish fuzzibunz as well! (omg... I get to buy wee baby diapers again )

There is a lot of cloth diapering info to be had at MDC. I avoid the diapering forum because I don't want to be sucked in to being cloth-obsessed But they are nice, and easier than you'd think.
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Originally Posted by Twilight
So I pretty much feel like myself, but more so! LOL.
I love that, Twilight! That's a very good way to describe how I'm feeling, too.

I'm hungry, but I'm always hungry. I think my sense of smell is starting to be heightened though, which is a weird sensation! A little tired, but I also haven't sleeping as well/as long as I normally do - I think I'm too excited to sleep!

I just contacted a new doctor that I would like to switch to, and I get to go see her next Tuesday! It feels good to have the ball "officially" rolling, kwim?
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I feel a little light headed and tired, but that is about it. I never really felt pregnant with dd either, so hopefully this one will be the same. I had heard breastfeeding while pg was very painful, but so far I can't tell the difference.

I am a vegetarian too but dh just cooked bacon and it is smelling very good to me.
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well the exhaustion is setting in. I do not feel like going to the gym today so now that dd is in school, I can nap for a while. Also I;m getting a bit of the nausua that seems to just be there in the background. But after I eat something, it seems to pass for a while.
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I am grumpy!

Certain smells make me want to hurl - changing a poopy diaper today almost did me in.

I have been really lightheaded/dizzy & off-balance - very annoying...
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I have been dizzy too. I ate chicken today for the first time in almost 15 years, I was at a wedding, and it was the only choice at the moment, and I needed to eat, desperatley. I gagged it down. but I'll take all the symptoms
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I'm 5w tomorrow w/ #1. I've been irritable. And my nipples are huge and painful. I've been dying for butternut squash and nutritional yeast. And spicy things like Indian and Mexican and buffalo wing sauce. I feel a little congested, and I have little pulling cramps in my lower abdomen + peeing more and bloat. Basically, things feel just a little off. I hear I have plenty of time to get queasy still, oh joy.
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Originally Posted by mommitola
I've been dying for butternut squash and nutritional yeast.
mommitola, have you tried attila the honey's recipe for squasheroni? I got it off the food boards here at MDC. We made it last week, and it's sooo good! I've been eating it all week, and I'm thinking of making another batch. If you use that higher protein barilla pasta, it packs a better nutritional punch

Here's the thread link: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=349724

The recipe's the second to the last on the 1st page.

I bet it would be great if you added a little nutritional yeast, too! :LOL
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Mommatola & Keeta

to MDC
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well not much here yet. just a few odds and ends of things:

Weird dreams galore...sheesh where do they come from!

the crampiness and weird abdomen pains

munchies galore!

not really sore nipples yet but my milk supply is diminishing (not that we did a lot of nursing but still she is near weaning )

I also have that "full feeling" like some mentioned. Guess its a good thing right?

I also have a feeling Im gonna be "popping out" sooner then later. Being over weight as it is, I showed really early with my first I was HUGE and all out front with her - very little weight gain but holy cow! I was all baby! So Im kind of dreading that this time around and excited all at the same time. Dreading the having to find maternity clothes that fit, but loving that baby belly!

Sooo thats about it. Im glad to have you all to share the journey with. We still havent told our family yet so its nice to be able to share.
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Originally Posted by seekermage
I also have a feeling Im gonna be "popping out" sooner then later.
That would be me too. I already am feeling a bit of popping action down there. I also switched to some maternity jeans since my regualr jeans start to bother me by the end of the day.
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Heartburn and severe hunger, pretty much the same as the first time. I'm waiting for the food cravings, the first were pretty weird so I'm curious what it's going to be now. :LOL

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