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Warning: this is kind of whiny, but it is 4 in the morning and i am sooo uncomfortable.

Well, last night I was fairly convinced that I was dying...

I had vegetarian sushi (no fish!) for lunch yesterday, which came with some seaweed salad. I had heard this was good for UTI prevention from a friend, so i thought, great.

um, not so much.

by 9 p.m. or so i was burping up seaweed salad, shivering, freezing and soooo nauseaous. Oh, and did i mention unbelievably constipated? Yeah, tmi, but hey, it's a symptom, right? My body finally gave in and :Puke around midnight or so. The shivering, freezing and nausea went away, to be replaced by the burning pain of a uti at 4 a.m.

What the hell!?! I feel like my body is betraying me. Luckily I have a doctor's appointment today, so maybe she can help clue me in to what i'm doing wrong here...I've been eating fairly well, taking my vitamins, and drinking water like crazy...I have cranberry juice and pills, but i'm afraid the acid in them is going to further wreak havoc on my poor digestive tract...Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I haven't slept well in a week. :
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Keeta- I am so sorry for your sorrows! I can relate. What time of day are you taking your pills for prenates? Sometimes that can have an effect on it.

I think maybe a bit too much seaweed is what happened. Don't harm your friend too hard or call her at 3am!!

I on the other hand want sushi again!!!
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Did anyone mention hunger? And exhaustion - actually the tiredness hasn't been THAT bad yet for me, except that I have been passing out while nursing ds to sleep every nught :LOL I mean, literally passing right out - to wake up to my dh rubbing my back and giving me my prenatal and water what a great guy!
Also, sorry if this is TMI - but has anyone else had to use the bathroom ALOT? (i mean #2, sorry!) I dont remember that from last time, but I swear, maybe it's nerves........
Starting to feel nauseous, too...I work PT ( until December, yay!) And I am not telling YET..I hope I can keep it secret from work for a few more weeks....
Cheers to our new babies!
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Yes- doing number 2 a lot here yes it TMI for both of us. Sorry to everyone else.

I am passing out at night around 9pm most nights. LAst night dh joined me asleep at 9pm.
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I'm having much more insomnia than being super tired. Can't fall asleep, can't stay asleep. I have been taking my pre-natal at night (for months - since we were doing IF treatment) and think it may be part of this problem... so tonight, I'll switch to dinner time. (which seems hard period, everything makes me gag). I'm going to try and take a nap before i work at 1:30 today.
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keeta: ooh, thanks for the recipe, that sounds REALLY good!
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ok, my doc and I are pretty sure that I just had food poisoning. so i'm not nearly as panicked! i kept thinking, "if this is how morning sickness is going to be for the next 3 months, i don't know if i'm going to live through this..." but i was running a fever (only 99.56) and i'm feeling a lot better today. tired, but ok. maybe it was all the blood they drew (6 vials)!

and i really like my new doctor. she's very chill. i got a goody bag, and instantly thought "what will i do with formula samples?" then when I got home, i realized that there weren't any! just breast pump thingies and a sample of dreft. i can handle that. :LOL
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Turms out my IBS symptoms may have been pregnancy symptoms! Yeah! My IBS has been driving my crazy for about 2 weeks, & I was hoping I was pregnant. So, its TMI, but my digestion has been crazy lately!

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I haven't had many digestive issues... and while my stomach seems to be more sensitive than the last two I still have not tossed any cookies. I've noticed lately that things sound really good until I get them in my mouth... ... ... I've been spitting out lots of food lately. My DH it doing really well at not taking it personally. (While I love to cook, DH is wonderful at it and is really enjoying trying new stuff!) Luckily, so far, I've been able to empty my mouth out of eyeshot of the 2 1/2 yo since he'd just LOVE an excuse to start spitting food. LOL

So far the queasiness is somewhat abated by keeping something in my stomach at all times. (as I sit here munching carrots.. )
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I'm really really hungry but nothing sounds good. My stomach is making all sorts of weird sounds, but I don't know what to feed it :LOL I'm craving food items that are at certain resturants anyone else doing this? Sometimes I do feel sick to my stomach but knock on wood, I haven't thrown up any!
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For me, it is like my taste buds have stopped working. Nothing tastes like anything special and I just force myself to eat stuff that I used to love. I had the most bland apple this morning but I know it probably tasted good because it smelled woderful and dh had one and liked it.

Also, things seem to make me sick while I prepare them for dh and once they are cooked, I am starving and can eat it. Go figure.
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The most noticeable symptom is heartburn!!! I never got it this early with my other pregnancies! :LOL ....I've had some slight queeziness off and on, but that's about it.
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I'm new here and just found out I'm preg. yesterday morning. We're not that far along at all. However, I do have some breast tenderness. Not much yet. I'm hungry alot but only for what I crave. I've been craving strange things like ranch corn nuts which I know are not* good for me! And BBQ ribs... and I hate BBQ sauce! I've felt alittle disconnected from my body because of these cravings and that's how I knew I should probably test.

Yesterday after testing I did have a small around of cramping, nothing much at all.

I'm happy to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by ~*LilMamaOf2*~
The most noticeable symptom is heartburn!!! I never got it this early with my other pregnancies! :LOL ....I've had some slight queeziness off and on, but that's about it.
For the heartburn, papaya enzyme has been a miracle! It was my first symptom too, but I haven't had to deal with it hardly at all with the papaya enz.

Good luck!
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Where do you buy papaya enzyme's?
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6 weeks along here and really no symptoms. Sort of odd. The only thing is I have nipple tenderness while nursing DS#1. I haven't been sleeping well but that is just because DS isn't sleeping well, I think...
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I've been having that wierd crampy thing in the right side of my abdomen too, glad to know I'm not the only one! I had that with my first also, but I don't remember it this early. I had a super strong cramp the other night in bed when I sneezed! And that was before I knew I was pregnant! Does anyone know exactly what causes it?
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My breasts have become more sore the last day. Last night was my first time feeling alittle nausea and I was alittle lightheaded around the same time. How things smell is starting to get to me today. I just want fresh air, fresh air and more fresh air. And of course.. the air is never fresh enough. Laugh.
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loudmama - fellow IBS mama, I have found something that works amazingly well for my symptoms. My symptoms tend to get worse during pg, but are usually pretty bad on a regular basis. Several months ago, I began taking Super Nutrition's Prenatal Blend 6 a day vitamins. While it is not always easy to choke down 6 a day (I usually do 3 vits, 2x's a day), my symptoms have almost completely disappeared....for the first time in over 10 years. I thought that I was maybe crazy and when I ran out, I just used another brand and immediately my symptoms returned (of course I went and got more and they went away again). These vitamins are amazing and I wrote the company and told them. Check them out!

Tonight, I am craving chocolate like crazy! I want some brownies or a chocolate milkshake or something and we have none of that here and dh is at work so I guess I am out of luck. UGH!
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Originally Posted by doulanichole
Tonight, I am craving chocolate like crazy! I want some brownies or a chocolate milkshake or something and we have none of that here and dh is at work so I guess I am out of luck. UGH!
This is the one thing I am not craving at all. I love chocolate but it doesn't sound good to me. :LOL
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