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Oh wow what a day! Last night Kate and I went to bed at 10:30, she woke up at 11:45 to eat...ate alright, then proceded to fuss, poop, get changed, fuss some more...all the while trying to latch her on for another feeding...she'd latch on...then either cry while latched on, or let go and cry. I was also doing a lot of trying to burp her. Turns out she was just REALLY tired and pissed that she didn't fall asleep. She finally fell asleep at about 2 am...and proced to sleep until 6 am when she ate, fell asleep, woke at 8, ate, fell asleep woke at 10:30..and did it again, eat, fuss, burp, poop, eat/fuss/burp routine until she fell asleep FINALLY for longer than 30 minute at 2 pm...HOLY CRAP!

Anyway, I don't know what's going on there, it wasn't the first time she'd done something like that. but it gets old FAST. Mostly because I can't tell what is bothering her and nothing I do really helps, she just has to get to the point where she's SO tired she falls asleep...but MUST be comforted by mommy.

whew, sorry to vent. It's just been one of thoes days. Dh worked from 6 am until 10 pm, and still isn't home. But THANK GOODNESS he has tomorrow off!!! This is the 2nd time I've sat down at the puter today, so I am going to catch up on my reading!!
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Hey guys.

Life is getting routine already. Riley already has set his own little schedules for napping and eating. It's weird. It's kind of nice because he goes down at about 10 or so and sleeps a few hours, gets up, eats, and goes back down a few hours. He takes a morning nap and late afternoon nap. At least right now- and for the past several days. Let's hope this lasts... I kind of like it this way!

I am so thrilled. It's the first "chilly" day here and I had to dig a little in my closet. First of all, how exciting is it to put on clothes from pre-preg? It's like a whole new wardrobe! I put on my two favorite pairs of jeans from pre-preg and both FIT! They are tight, and my belly hangs over the top, but they definately fit. I would say it will be another week or two and they will be perfect. I must say though, nursing bras sure don't flatter the boosoms. :LOL My boobs look very droopy. But I just threw on a sweatshirt and called it done. After all, no one ever looks at me anymore. Riley is the center of attention.

I'm coping better with giving supplements of formula. And still debating whether to try the domperidone as a last resort for my milk supply. I won't stop nursing unless I'm bone dry, but I don't want that to happen. So thinking about it.

Riley has an appt at 9:45 and I don't want to wake him up- he's sleeping in the swing. I do have to wake him though and put him in a different outfit and change his diaper. Hopefully he'll fall back asleep on the 5 min car ride!

Hope all is well with you all!
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Lana's in her wrap sling right now and it's so nice to have two hands to type with! My friend came over yesterday and showed me how to wrap her up on my chest. Does everyone know how to do this??? If you don't, I'd be happy to post some resources on babywearing. With 5 yards of fabric, I made three slings. No sewing, either. (I'm sure I'm "preaching to the choir" here, since most of you guys are experienced mamas, and I'm a mama in training!) It's unbelievable...she loves it! I think she feels like she's in the womb again. She was wide awake when I wrapped her on me and drifted right off to sleep. I actually got to make myself breakfast with TWO hands! :LOL What a lifesaver.

Amanda, my night sounds strangely similar to yours! We had a rough one. She has a lot of gas (I started a thread about it) and was really fussy from 12 to 2. That's the hardest time for me to be awake and I finally woke dh up and asked if he wouldn't mind holding and bouncing her for a bit. He got her to calm down a little but in the end, I wound up nursing her three or four times before she fell asleep. I only got a few hours of sleep, so I'm feeling kind of worn out right now, but it's too early to nap. I'm sure she'll be up and alert by the time I'm ready to take a nap!

Michelle, I know what you mean about the weather. It's overcast and breezy here, but I really like it. I love fall...don't like that it goes into winter, but I'll try and enjoy fall while it lasts. By the way, you're brave! I haven't even tried to put on my pre-preg jeans yet! Maybe in another week or two.

The breeze is coming in the window...I love not having to turn the a/c on!
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Wow, I just measured Allissa. At 5 1/2 weeks she is now 23 inches tall. She was 19 1/2 when she was born. Go boobie juice! My baby is growing like a weed. Soon she is going to be too tall for her 0-3 month clothes. Yikes! I need to weigh her, but I know that she is just going to be a tall skinny baby like her sister. But I bet she is getting close to 8.5lbs - 9lbs. Any ideas other than a grocery store veggie weigh thing? Do ppl still do that? I don't have a scale to stand on then stand on with her. :

Good grief! I was excited that she is growing so fast that I forgot that I needed to post an update about life in general. Things are actually going pretty good for us. Ds has been getting his therapy for just over a week and the therapists started to actually work with him today. They had been sitting back and watching how he interacted at the daycare. Now they can kind of customize his programing. This makes me very happy. They will be coming here every Monday for a little while. I will just have to figure out something to do with dd1 and dd2. Maybe we can be in my room watching tv or something. I will figure something out.

It is ds' birthday tomorrow so we will be having a party for him at the IL's house. I will have to go and buy him his gifts tomorrow. :LOL Nothing like waiting til the last minute huh? I will check back later. Our month is almost over. *sniffle* ELV's to those Mama's waiting. We aren't leaving here yet are we?
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curlyfry - I love wearing my babies that way. The cradle hold really doesn't work well for me till they are older, funny huh.

Goldiemom - Sounds like the therapy is going well. I find it amazing how fast these babies grow. Makes me kind of sad!

Shell_Ell - How exciting that the weather is changing and you can fit in your pre pg clothes already! Wahoo!

DoulaMommy - Ian does that every night and at almost the same time! Too wierd.

Ian won't let me put him down. He will sleep fine in my arms but as soon as I put him down he wakes up. I tried swaddling and belly sleeping both with no luck. Except at night he will sleep on his belly but hes right next to me so is it the belly sleeping or me next to him? Ugh. Anyway I can't figure out how to get anything done with him in my arms all the time. Even in a sling I still can't cook or bathe the kids or do my dds hair. I have to figure something out.

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