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Honestly, I dont know what to do anymore.
We have like very limited closet space. Two
bedroom house/ one floor. I have some clothes in the back closet near the doorway (suppose to be for shoes-I just put in a tubberware container). A pile in the girl's room, a ton on my dresser in our bedroom. Stuffed by some in our closet. Help!! I am drowning in clothes. I got rid of some, just recently because I had to go through everything. What can I do to get it all in the drawers? They are filled to capacity. We are expecting a captian's bed with drawers and we are going to get another dresser. But other than that, I feel very overwhelmed, I have to sort this stuff away. Like TODAY.

Oh, and I have a laundry basket in the living room waiting for me to put away the clean clothes...
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I don't have any suggestions for you, just hugs cuz I am going though the same things. DD is outgrowing so much and she is only a year.
Tell me it gets better some day!
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Do you have an attic or basement for storage? I separate my kids clothes by season (summer/winter) and store them in big Rubbermaid containers in our basement, labeled by size. Right now we have the warmer clothes in the closet and summer/spring clothes are packed away. My girls are 4 and 9 and I am expecting another girl so I am saving a lot of stuff to pass on to the little ones but I went through the things again this weekend and was able to put together 3 huge bags for Salvation Army (some of my stuff too but not much). I am still shocked at how much clothing we have but I hardly ever have to purchase clothing for the girls since we get hand-me-downs and pass things from one girl to another but it was nice to get organized and see what we have. Good luck!!
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I have been living out of laundry baskets becuase I just can't get stuff organized. I have given away lots of stuff but I feel like I have clothes everywhere. i do have an extra closet that I use for hanging stuff that doesn't fit into drawers but I just wish I could let go of some of the clothes.
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We have the same issue. I'm interested to see some suggestions. best wishes as you dig through your clothes! We're in the same boat.
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By chance are you storing seasonal clothes in your dressers and closets? I don't have seasonal clothes really because I live in the bay area but when I lived up in Washington, I used those vacuum sealing bags to store the out of season clothes and that gave me room to put my clothes I wear presently in drawers and closets.

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