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Hi All,
Thanks for all the kind words and advice. It is now 6.07 pm and I am still at home. I didnt opt to be induced at the hospital today. I feel kinda sad that baby is still not here. Can you get hormonal this late in pregnancy? I am a flippin wreck.

Dh and I are in the pits about it - he cant or wont help induce me using the sex method. Dont know what to feel other than aggravated and upset. I am really mad at him. This obviously isnt helping relax me......dont know what to do. I am in such a pickle.

Nevertheless, thanks for all the kind advice and sharing.

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We're all still here for you!!

You did the right thing to allow your baby to come naturally! You need to hear that!
I was so anxious for the whole 2wks. before my DD came, I was VERY emotional and sensitive about it all.
Any stress can slow labor, so just relax and just think of what a great thing you did to let your little one come when it's ready. Since you're not trying to hurry for your Dr. anymore, don't worry about trying to speed up your labor (even though I know you want the baby here NOW... )
I totally agree with all the previous responces and just want to encourage you!! I went to the hospital and was with a different midwife that I didn't know a lot about (so I had all strange things!). I was VERY direct at the hospital in what I wanted! Just like the previous posters, stick up for the kind of birth you want!! I'm a huge doormat when it comes to authority figures, and it was very empowering to know what was going on in my birth and knowing what I did and did not want done. Make sure you have a your birth plan on hand too.

Good luck and I pray that you'll have the birth you want, be pleasantly suprised with whatever Dr. you get, and of course have your beautiful little one here!
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Hi Justine,
Glad to hear you are waiting but sorry you are feeling badly about it. You and dh feeling crummy is not fun! Easy for those of us who are not 9 months pregnant to say but try to relax and not worry and baby will come when he/she comes. I am the worst in the world at "letting it go" when I am upset or worried about something but I think it would be really helpful if you could get to a place of acceptance about it. What would help you to do that? Listening to music you love? Going swimming in a nice warm pool? Watching a funny movie? Talking to friends who are really supportive? Schedule some fun stuff for yourself - massage, fun dinner out with dh (have you ever gone to a fondue restaurant?), a visit with a friend you don't see much? to keep you busy while you wait.
I had a friend who was overdue and wanted to have sex with her dh to help things along. With baby's birth so close, he was just not with the idea of having sex at that point. For whatever reason, it freaked him out. She was a little miffed but what can you do?
Maybe your baby will wait til your preferred doc comes back??
Good luck and it will turn out great when the time comes!
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Hang in there! I so remember how you are feeling...dd was "late" and every night I'd go to bed hoping the next morning I'd be in labor...and inevitably, we'd wake up disappointed. I began to take it personally, I think, wondering...why doesn't she want to come out? We tried all sorts of natural induction methods...including lots of sex - but nothing worked! And then, every time I went to the store or to work at least someone would say "you still here?" and I felt so huge and awkward...

Anyway, I'm rambling. You'll be there before you know it! Big hug...
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Thanks so much for all the kind and gentle words - it is much appreciated. DH and I walked so far today in Central Park - the weather was lovely and it was a nice romantic day. I feel much less tense then yesterday. I have reliquished and let go - whatever will be will be - my doc is gone now so it is in God's hands. I have a doula and a great hubby so I have the support I need - I trust they will take care of the meanie doc.

I just have anxiety about baby being okay now - it is sooo nerve-racking! I have a non stress test on tuesday morning - I hope it goes well.

Any advice on dosages for evening primrose? Thanks again!

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I would take 3 capsules 3 times a day orally, and use a capsule or two/a tsp. or so vaginally (get it up by your cervix).

Hang in there - no one's pregnant forever; it just feels that way! (I was almost two weeks past due date, in the heat and humidity of a DC summer, so I feel your pain!)
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In what milligram count?
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500 mg per cap. if that's too many pills you can also look for oils like spectrum complete efas; look for gla essential fatty acids. the oil is good in smoothies.
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Well, if he won't cooperate, masturbate! Yes, the sperm can help soften the cervix, but orgasm produces oxytocin.
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We went for our non-stress test today - everything looks fine. We go back on Friday for another. Baby still isnt here and mama is depressed. Started evening primrose oil yesterday...maybe Santa will bring her for Christmas? Wishing you all a great holiday!
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Originally posted by blueviolet
Well, if he won't cooperate, masturbate! Yes, the sperm can help soften the cervix, but orgasm produces oxytocin.

I totally agree! Hang in there, you can do it!
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Baby Aya has arrived! It was a long journey but worth the wait.

My labor was 37 and half hours long, at the 27th hour I was still only 3 cm and 70% effaced. I broke down and got the epi - I am a little sad about that but I still feel I tried my best.

I think the evening primrose actually did help induce - two days after taking it I lost my plug, followed by another day and half of intermittent contractions, on the third day I was in full blown labor. Thanks for the advice - at least I avoided the petocin induction and/or augmentation.

She is gorgeous, a little moving peanut, I am in love. Thanks for all the kind words and support. Happy new year to everyone!

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Congratulations! Don't beat yourself up for anything about your birth--just learn from it and enjoy your baby!

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I'm so happy you are both doing well! I just love her name too!
Thanks for posting about the evening primrose.
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Congratulations! We're looking forward to seeing you on the other forums!
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Congrats good cents!! I am sure she is divine!!!
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